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Things and people you miss...

Uncle Joe

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No, I don't think so, but...your answer just seems so obvious. You know, a bit like "I'm hungry" "Why don't you eat something?", which isn't funny in the least, but with the confused smilie and all that....:laughing:

I guess Radhika can't buy any where she lives, at least not right now...that's what I think.


I'm sorry. I didn't sleep much last night.

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I interpreted it as what one of my ex-girlfriends always said:

"I really like those sweets"

"Well, why don't you have some"

"NO! I'll need to loose weight! ... but they ARE tasty..."

Arrg! :crazy:

Oh nooooooo!!! No no no no no!! I never DEPRIVE myself of nice things... least of all After Eights.

No, Fintan is right... they are really hard to come across and cost the earth. :( I am not so rich. And as gorgeous as they are, they just aren't worth it.

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I miss being able to stay up past 9 without my butt dragging the next day.

I miss my friends in San Diego.

I miss a time prior to 2005 when my mom was healthy and there was so much less stress to carry around.

I miss my high school romance.

I miss my son being a baby and being able to pick him up and hug him.

I could go on and on and on and on. But then there'll be more that I'll miss because I'll be too busy typing about missing stuff.

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Oh yes, Shawna, I couln't agree with you more. Although my children are still young, I miss holding them and snuggling with them on the sofa when they were infants. They grow up so quickly.

Other things I miss:

Buddy Holly - he wrote so many wonderful songs during an all too brief career.

Star Trek


The Rockford Files

The Carol Burnett Show - Sweet Jane was so right about this show. It was one of the few TV shows that my entire family made a point of watching together when I was a kid. Monday night at 8 o'clock.

The Beatles

The Three Stooges

The Far Side

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Age is a state of mind, or something like that. For a better discussion on a somewhat different but similar subject, check out the "I'm never getting married" dialog near the end of "Murphy's Romance." And there's "Murphy Jones'" answer to "Emma Moriarity." When you've arrived at that age, I'm sure your load will be...lighter! :jester:

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I miss my first true love, what a wonderful time that was in my life, something new and exciting.

I miss my Dad. I always want to tell him something about my life or my little girl and I have to remember he isn't here to tell.

I miss the Woolworth store from when I was a teenager. I could spend hours in there, buying 45's, teen magazines, cheap jewelry, and just hang out with friends and not really spend more than 5 bucks!

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