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  1. Thank you Ron. My google account remebers my passwords... yet I'm always connected to SF though I rarely come over. I love your poem, that was UncleJoe... I have opened a thread for Dear Joe: https://forum.songfacts.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F19855-unclejoe-is-gone-we-will-always-love-him%2F&fbclid=IwAR0WOZOWEXeVGzUSxpA32YiRG6Uyc_-iUcP4-a3UUQHjtrCJ_AksAA_akaA
  2. "It's amazing how our love for music has brought so many from all parts of the world to come together as a family and share our experiences with each other". I coulnd't say it better, Laurie. Love you Uncle Joe.
  3. We learned through his Facebook that Joe died today. His son posted a sad and warm text. I don't know if I should copy and paste or just let people say how much they loved him. I'll leave it up to you. My very first post in Songacts, was in 2004. My first answer was sweet UncleJoe's... ❤️ ❤️
  4. I want to check more often as well. I just did and sent a message announcing a sad knew some of you must have learned through Facebook. Uncle Joe passed away today. Very sad. He was our Guru. We loved him. ❤️ ❤️ Maybe we should call the fishies on facebook and open a thread for him... it would be fair...
  5. Why don't we forgert a bit about Facebook and come back here for a while? It was mucho more fun and interesting. I wish we could start to have a great time here again...
  6. I feel like Songfacting lately... I don't quite remember how to post a song... So Merry Christmas everybody and happy Hanukah! 🥰 Pls, how can we delete posts now...? Thank you! Some music..I feel like Songfacting lately... I don't quite remember how to post a song... So Merry Christmas everybody and happy Hanukah! 🥰
  7. Yay!!!! Bravo Laurie I think we should songfact more often. What if we give it a try? Facebook isn''t that cool. Songfacts is the best!!!
  8. I'm afraid I have some homework for you, Laurie... https://www.lyrics.com/lyrics/morning
  9. I do that with shower gel and it works...
  10. Hi everybody I'll be dropping by when I can. I became a hard working class hero... Now all my family lives in the US and I'm still in Spain with my Spanish hubby and three spanish cats. And Spanis friends. What am I doing here??? 😎
  11. "I Don't Care"- Helen Shapiro The train was going to Perth, which I believe could be Australia...
  12. RonJon is always right... 😄 and you're the best, RonJon. Carl was missing the good old times here... (on facebook) And I said I wished we could Songfact like 14 years ago... That would be great. A very happy New Year, my friends!!!! I love all my Songfactors!!!! 💚 💚 ...and it's really warm to see your avatar here again, Old55!!! Happy New Year everybody! 💚 I couldn't fight nostalgia... so I surrender and I drop by sometimes wishing I'll find all the fun we had...😃
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