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  1. edna

    World War II songs

    Thank you , Oto
  2. edna

    Clean that dirty LP!

    I do that with shower gel and it works...
  3. edna

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Hehehe... I'd love to...
  4. edna

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Hi everybody I'll be dropping by when I can. I became a hard working class hero... Now all my family lives in the US and I'm still in Spain with my Spanish hubby and three spanish cats. And Spanis friends. What am I doing here??? 😎
  5. "I Don't Care"- Helen Shapiro The train was going to Perth, which I believe could be Australia...
  6. edna

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    RonJon is always right... 😄 and you're the best, RonJon. Carl was missing the good old times here... (on facebook) And I said I wished we could Songfact like 14 years ago... That would be great. A very happy New Year, my friends!!!! I love all my Songfactors!!!! 💚 💚 ...and it's really warm to see your avatar here again, Old55!!! Happy New Year everybody! 💚 I couldn't fight nostalgia... so I surrender and I drop by sometimes wishing I'll find all the fun we had...😃
  7. "In My Life" - Beatles. "Days" - Kinks
  8. edna

    Searching for 80's song

    I still find the link I posted before: http://www.kadenharris.com/blue-steam-cortina-cowboys/ "Cortina Cowboys" - Blue SteamMore info here
  9. edna

    I miss you, Fishies...

    I have the intention to drop by more often, I could never forget about Songfacts.
  10. edna

    I miss you, Fishies...

    It's good to find Radhi, Carl and Laurie here... I wish we could make it work again... I still have Songfacts as my fave site, even if I go to facebook every day. It's just that my family and friends are on FB. But it would be so cool to find sammy, RonJon, Old55, carole and all the others here...
  11. I miss the good old times when Songfacts was the current Facebook... Hope you all are doing well. And maybe one day Facebook will be a bore and we'll come back to our first fave site... <3
  12. edna

    Fats Domino dies at 89.

    Hello my fishies.
  13. edna

    Songs About Destiny or Fate

    "There But For Fortune"? "Born to Cry"? "The Day Before You Came" ABBA "When I'm Gone" - Phil Ochs
  14. edna

    Kids react to...old stuff!

    I have a typewriter or two... and an old Grundig turntable. I also have a Pioneer amplifier yet all my vinyls are in boxes and I can't listen to them. Maybe one day I will... I wish I had my old Polaroid Wait, the PC I am using now is 17 years old... hard to work with it, it won't load most of the interesting stuff.
  15. edna

    Song/Video of the day

    Hello Just checking if I can log in, but I don't see my name under my picture