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  2. It is a dark and foggy night, somewhere in Japan. You are working the night shift at the local convenience store. It's a routine, boring job, but somebody's gotta do it. You have CCTV cameras to see what goes "bump in the night, so what could go wrong? What's that about strange things going on in the neighborhood? Just another urban legend or ghost story to enliven your routine life. Time to take the expired food items out to the dumpster in back... Stigmatized Property Gab Smolders plays "Subnautica"
  3. A performance for "The Music Makers," filmed at RET Tv's Dublin studios.
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  5. Hi there buckazoid kids, it's time to look at comic book ads and the merchandise that arrived at your doorstep. Who needs the machinations of TV's "Mad Men," when you could get an education on the difference between advertising hype and reality for as little as $1.25? The "Nigerian Prince" had nothing on these hucksters!
  6. As February draws to a close, March approaches, in cadence, to a popular song (or two). Please excuse the wretched excess, I just saw episode #6 of HBO's "Avenue 5," and I'm feeling revolted; it was so funny I forgot to laugh.
  7. Arrgh! It's a priate's life for me! Submitted for cubicle dwellers and other indoor workers, an adventure in tropical seas in search of pirate treasure. Note: Neebs Gaming is an ensemble of actors, so there is colorful dialogue aplenty. Got your keg of Rum, loaded pistols, and trusty Cutlass? We sail with the tide...
  8. Say what!? Your "little bundle of joy" dropped your does-everything-but-vote Smartphone into the ocean/river/down the sewer? After some harsh words and histrionics, you settle for a "burner phone" until the next SuperDazzle Gen. 7 phone arrives. The "burner doesn't do music"!? What's left? Enter the uses-a-Sony-OS "cheaper Walkman" NW-A55, which will let you FLAC through the workday. "Techmoan" found that the "cheap Walkman" is different from the top of the line NW-100 series, and not just the price. Was this a "built on a Thursday/just before the weekend" glitch? Take a look/listen as "Techmoan" investigates.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Rri8GblvS4 Submitted for the approval of folks with strong stomachs and a "need to know" curiousity, Part One of a Mark Felton World War II tale. Starting in 1942-43 on Borneo, British and Australian POWs were gathered into labor camps by the Imperial Japanese Army to serve as slave labor. This is a tale of resistance to enemy authority on the level of "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence," as Borneo's unhealthy climate wore down the imprisoned soldiers. The previous War Stories with Mark Felton began just after Dunkirk, when Operation Sea Lion was being fed by barge traffic that RAF Handley Page Hampden bomber squadrons attacked at low level through increasingly heavy German Flak. Should you choose to seek out this Mark Felton tale, be advised that there were cliff hangers aplenty over nearly 20 segments. Got your rotting boots and work tools at hand? Your very-angry-conscripted-into-the-Japanese-army Taiwanese guard will whip you into shape!
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  11. "Groove Is In The Heart." It's as good as I remember it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etviGf1uWlg
  12. Hey there, Colonial Marine, did you ever wonder what was going on in The World while "Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley" was drifting through space after the "Nostromo" was toast? Fear not, it is 15 years later and Engineer Amanda Ripley is still searching for mom. Weyland-Yutani also wants to know what happened Out There, and you, Amanda Ripley, have been recruited to find and bring back the flight recorder of the "Nostromo." It's just another boring trip to "Sevastopol," a trading station on the Outer Rim. What could go wrong?
  13. Submitted for your approval, a near -space-faring race from a stable that has chosen the ensemble approach to game play through. (Their indescribable version of "Subnautica" is unique, where the "lone survivor" on planet 4246B is "helped" by the loopy/ignorant/lazy Alterra staff at the home office.;) This time. things are as interesting/improbable/mind bending as the movie "Arrival." Are your four eyes functioning? Don't try to "jump over the "Black Hole" and look for trees to supply Oxygen as you explore a constantly changing moon. "I don't need the launch codes," you say? You got them yesterday? Isn't that a case of deja vu... "Subnautica" by Neebs Gaming. (The eqivalent of tech support over a party line...)
  14. https://www.nbc.com/new-amsterdam/video/in-the-graveyard/4111580 Submitted for your approval, a tale about "dying wishes" on the second season of NBC's "New Amsterdam." I've been watching this "latter day 'St.Elsewhere' medical drama and found it interesting, provocative, loud, angry, full of grace, and many times better than "grey's anatomy." I've posted the NBC streaming link because, for a tale about Palliative care and dying, it's "all about Life." If you're new to the show, there are references and and scenes that "go over your head." But the last scene may "make you feel as light as a snowflake."
  15. Submitted fr your approval, a pricey (7,500 Pounds Sterling for the unit, 163 per hour via your ISDN connection.) "for business use only" British Telecom video phone. Who is that strange man singing the benefits of digital video compression? (He looks familiar...;)
  16. Something for the shortest month on the calendar.
  17. What we've got here is "failure to communicate..." Anyway, rock the weekend away with this spirited Rock song.;)
  18. And now for something completely different. Can you make a song out of Puns? Click on the "Play" button and find out...
  19. Hear ye, hear ye! The prisoners at the town jail are revolting over "Lobster every day." Is there a way to disguise this "cheap trash fish"? John Townsend and his guest preparer will produce "Lobster Fritters" fit for a scofflaw.;)
  20. Otokichi


    I bought the game when it finally came out in DOS, but left this "software toy" for others to play with. So, did you ever play "MYST" and solve the puzzles/get something out of it?
  21. Google Translate can be unintentionally funny/opaque/inaccurate. Once again, here's what happens when Google Translate is run through African (and other) languages and back. (Imagine if this happened at the United nations!)
  22. I was "going with the flow" on YouTube, when this NBC TV pilot popped up in my notifications. "Great, another 'stealing love in the broom closet' show, but on NBC," was my first thought. As the tale unfolded, the "workplace dramedy" began to pall, and I was about to do something else, when a medical procedure turns this "mousy coder" into "an emotional state detector/receiver." Where is this going? A street full of people doing a Beatles song? This is something else. Where had I seen/heard of this before? "An Occurrance at Owl Creek Bridge"? Not exactly. "Cop Rock"? Hmm, looks like I'll tune in for episode #2, since there's nothing like an acapella version of Cyndi Lauper's "Treu Colors" to keep me off Fox and ABC TV.;) Here's "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist"
  23. "Subnautica" is/was a most interesting game of the 2010s because you are not "armed and dangerous," and not "the top of the food chain." Find out how this game of exploration/survival developed and how it succeeds without a "map of the world" nor much in the way of "do this first."
  24. I wonder if there's a good chance it might be out-of-print.
  25. You've been sent to an unknown planet to scan, exploit and (hopefully) leave this dangerous place "suitable for colonization." Unlike "Subnautica," you are "armed and dangerous," but so is every other organism on the planet. It's been described as a cross between "Subnautica" and "Satisfactory," though getting around is a learning experience. OK, "Hernando Cortez," it's time to "pacify the planet" in the name of Kindred Aerospace. ("We're #4!) Here's hoping that your ship's "helpful'/sarcastic computer doesn't drive you nuts in the process. Gun ready? "Blast the hostiles!"
  26. This might be a tough one to track down. Sorry I don't have any better ideas.
  27. Submitted for your approval, a postwar Vienna tale of two people who met in a Nazi death camp. Max, the playing-doctor-in-the-camps SS officer found his favorite toy among the "about to bathe" inmates, while his quarry "played for time." What does the "American woman" do when she meets and recognizes her old tormentor? What do the "members of the mock court" think will happen to them if Max is exposed? Do Nazis appreciate "Art at the canteen"? Watch if you dare, this movie awarded one star by Roger Ebert and denounced as "Bad"/"Nazi Porn." This is no "three penny opera," just Turner Classic Movies' first Sunday foreign film feature, followed by "Come and See."
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