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  2. Submitted for you approval, an old YouTube video about a popular TV show that has been made into a stunt performer-friendly movie. If you remember Lee Majors' TV theme short version, press PLAY to hear what was the #1 song in Germany at the time.;)
  3. It's early Saturday in 1970's Japan, and you're gonna record TV audio on the Sony VT-M5 in your component stack. "Techmoan" in 2024 wonders what he can do besides just recording mono TV audio. Press PLAY if you want to follow Matt's "down the rabbit hole" to see if a Japan domestic TV tuner can display modern video signals! (Otherwise, TV audio looks like vertical squiggly lines on the CRT.;)
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  5. It's a cool, windy, rainy day outside, with dark skies that will last through the weekend. So, here's something submitted for your interest, with an eye-catching picture. Press PLAY if you want to re-live the early days of "Futurama," when episodes were fun, thought-provoking, and , at times, science-oriented;)
  6. So sorry, my sir, there is absolutely no doubt that the correct answer is ceiling wax. This is because this poem, like everything in Wonderland, is a cipher. The song describes a "simulacrum," like in Deleuze's Thousand Plateaus. This is the Platonic, geometric symbol underlying rhetoric. One maps imagery over this symbol. To describe this symbol, Cicero once said, "The Epicurians thought the most beautiful image was that of a pyramid, a cylinder, and a cone. The Stoics thought, why not a circle, because it contains all that and more besides." An common example of mapping symbols on these points is Heaven (the summit of the pyramid), Hell (the cone), and the Earth (that which connects). This symbol of the providential eye and unfinished capstone is on the back of the dollar, and was popular with Masons around the founding to represent the three mixed branches of government held in balance. Deleuze came up with things like the monkeys, vampires and the sun. In this song, we know we're in for some nonsense. The first simulacrum is the sun, the line of the sea, and the ocean. This is the most basic simulacrum called a "proem" or creation myth, and we see it at the start of Genesis. However, in this case, night is day, and the whole symbol is turned upside down. Then the next set is the sea, the sand, and the sky, which has no clouds and no birds. Then come the Walrus and the Carpenter, which in the movie Dogma by Kevin Smith, Loki interprets as Jesus and Buddah. The Walrus then says a full simulacrum Kings represent the pyramid, just as they do in a republic, and cabbages represent the inverted summit, because cabbages are of the earth and the common folk. He says the sea is hot like the sun, which is inverted, an that pigs have wings, when we know they are animals that root in the dirt. Therefore, shoes touch the earth, ships sail on the sea, and ceiling wax goes in the ceiling. Sealing wax would make "no sense" in this poem because it goes on a letter, and has no symbolic value here at all.
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  8. im still looking for this song to bert do you still have it


  9. did you ever get a copy of the song


  10. I remember coming across Mary Chapin Carpenter's never-recorded song about opening acts some years ago. Lo and behold, here's a live, low audio, raunchy version. Press PLAY if you're not a "Snowflake.";)
  11. Do you want your music/movies/games to "rock your world" like living inside a Bass drum? "Techmoan" looks at a heavy duty bass vibrator that "Kaylee Frye" might own. Press PLAY for other uses for this thing that runs on batteries...;)
  12. I clicked on this video expecting an acoustic instrumental version, Then she began singing and I closed my eyes. The Greenvines Duo sound like Karen and Richard Carpenter left the business early and settled in the UK. Press PLAY for a very pleasant experience.;)
  13. I was on an instrumental tour for a while on YouTube, starting with Montreux' "To Be," remembering a custom music CD made for funeral with Tangerine Dream's "Tiergarten," then remembering a technological terror of the 1980's with John Themis' "Final Cruise." And now a band and tune that I'd almost forgotten that capped this Thursday night. Press PLAY for a trippy instrumental that sounds like Surfer Rock, but could also be a 1960's Western theme...
  14. Submitted for your approval, an interesting 1980's instrumental gem from Windham Hill's house band, Montreux. Press PLAY to float on New Age velvet clouds. (Probably better than and more legal than MJ, eh?;)
  15. Here's something for hard core "Alien" fans from "Minty Comedic Arts." Some actor replacements and other details that make for endless "what-if?" discussions. Press PLAY if you want to find out why Sigourney Weaver almost wasn't "Third Officer Ripley" if you dare!;)
  16. What are people looking up on YouTube? Video Bingers, of course! I prefer to watch one episode at a time of a limited run series on DVD, but then. that's how it was done back in the day. Press PLAY if you have a spare four hours and can stand laughter, guffaws and rude observations. You have been warned!;)
  17. Do you have a Sony Walkman player that only lets you use the radio? Fear not. "Techmoan" goes where modern repairmen won't go to replace gummed up drive belts. Press PLAY to find out if Matt can get this old Walkman to play a tape!
  18. Here's something completely different, an in-depth look at the first four seasons of "Bob's Burgers," episode by episode. Press PLAY if you want this video to play in the background as you go about your life or try to fall asleep.;)
  19. Most Sony Sports audio players came in yellow, right? Not so, says "Techmoan," the Sports players of the 2000s were "white goods." Press PLAY to find out about these lesser known "turn of the century" Sony Spotrs units.
  20. What do today's teens think of "Weird Al" Yankovic? Press PLAY to find out.;) Original Artists on the "Weird Al" parody song...
  21. I find this "Surfer Rock" version of Jay'Z's "99 Problems" positively ROTFLMAO! Press PLAY if you want to "ride the wild surf" over a Rap song.;)
  22. So you think that Japanese Samurai movies are all alike? Take a look at this put-in-context review of "Samurai Hustle," where a relatively poor Edo-era clan is given five days to get from the North to Edo in five days. This clan doesn't have the money for food, official fees, and river portage charges; this "required by the Shogun" journey normally takes EIGHT days! Press PLAY if you want to see 18th century "running a five day marathon," assisted by a legendary Ninja.
  23. The second part of "CinemaStix" in-depth look at "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" caught my attention, so I looked for Part One. Press PLAY if you want to find out what makes this 1975 movie iconic.;) Here's Part Two...
  24. Gamer "The Last Bacon" dives into "Influxis" while waiting for "Subnautica 2" to take shape until 2025. What's lurking in the shallows of this unexplored planet?
  25. Kickstarter programs seen on the internet have a "silicon snake oil" air about them, promising much and sometimes delivering, but often not. Matt signed on as a Backer for Miniot's Wheel in 2017, waited...and waited, wondering what had happened. Press PLAY if you want to find out what Techmoan's over-2,000 UK Pounds got him, if you dare.;)
  26. Two interested YouTubers interviewed Alex Hirsch of "Gravity Falls" fame on the show and cartoon production. What's next after the cancellation of "Inside Job"? Press PLAY if you don't mind sailing into a 78+ minute slideshow/Podcast to find out about how "Next on 'Gravity Falls" sold the show to Disney and how Jesus the Handyman became "Soos.";)
  27. https://www.youtube.com/@bobsburgersoutros3737/videos "Bob's Burgers" has a number of great songs to close the episode. I should have linked to a video, but sometimes you have to go to the source and pick the one you like. Click on the above link and see if there's something to like here.;)
  28. Summer is just over the horizon, so it's time to visit the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Oops! Dipper and Mabel have been shrunk by Gideon, what will you have to do to "get big again?" Press PLAY to go Up/Down/Side-to Side in this 2D adventure game.
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