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  2. Mal's song

    Once again. music is the randm thought this week. As SyFy kicks "The Expanse" into the trash bin, and talks with Amazon about season 4 continue, here's a pre-Summer "Firefly" to buss around with the Termites.;)
  3. Paint It Black

    Nothing like dropping into Medieval Japan, some time after 1615, where a slightly malfunctioning Shogun holds sway. I've been on the other side of the fence, in basic/enhanced analog cable TV world, so this is my first look at HBO's "Westworld." Fortunately, these folk aren't infected with "save money, don't bother to light the set" disease practiced by the likes of Ridley Scott. A Koto-based version of The Rolling Stones "Paint It Black" isn't exactly exotic to this viewer of NHK's "Blends" short films, where Pop tunes have been covered by Japanese musicians playing traditional instruments. But it is an interesting touch; reminds me of what the Jazz/Pop band "Hiroshima" has been doing since 1979.;)
  4. Il Posto (1961)

    A little masterpiece of life on the job. Domenico wanted to be a surveyor, but it's off to work he goes, while his brother stays in school. The aptitude and other pre-hiring tests weed out all but a few, and he's a temporary messenger. A girl he met at the job tests is now a typist, and, as the new year arrives, he's "in the mood for love." The total digital TV conversion by Charter has opened up a world of movies to see, but this Neo Realist tome by a documentary film maker is far more interesting, and a reason to tune in Turner Classic Movies. Let the "fast and furious" race into oblivion, the zombies feast on whatever, this is another "stays in your mind" after the movie ends kind of experience.;)
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  6. Hawaii Five-0

    This sounds great. Was going to say I "lava" it, but fear that might be in bad taste.
  7. Hawaii Five-0

    Submitted for your approval, a cover of Morton Stevens' iconic TV theme, "Hawaii Five-0." Something to get your weekend off to a lively start just before Armed Forces Day...
  8. GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

    It's the middle of May, and people are just getting used to the idea that Summer is a hop, skip, and jump away. However, school is still in session, and it's time for a snooty private high school to hire a new teacher. A window clearer harbors the ambition to be "head of the class," and an old friend points him in the right direction. This isn't "Mr. Chips" at all, marching into battle for sudent hearts and minds.;)
  9. The Bluetooth Blues

    Just when I thought it was safe to use the Windows 10 ThinkPad. the-it-worked-this-week-but-not-this-week Bluetooth dongle doesn't see the Bluetooth 2 computer mouse! Win10 says it's paired, but it doesn't connect; the Bluetooth 4 mouse connected, but not the other. Bluetooth and me have a dog vs. cat history, with this wireless utility working (usually) with Ye Olde MacBook, but not with an older Core2 Duo Lenovo ThinkPad. So I'm back to using the USB mouse, silently cursing King Harald Bluetooth, for which this "modern marvel" is named. Windows 7 may be old, but it works most of the time, not like this "touchy-feely" Windows 10!
  10. Yew Yanks Tawk Funney.

    I was looking for a "Techmoan" obsolete tech find video, when I stumbled across proof that "Americans don't speak English." Have "a giggle," as Mrs. Peel might have said to "John Steed," and see what YOU know about our apparently incomprehensible American dialect.;)
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  12. Not quite the same thing, but a two-record LP set that I think was interesting is Canned Heat's Living the Blues. Record 1 = Sides 1 and 4; Record 2 = Sides 2 and 3. The purpose was "Refried Boogie (Part I)" and "Refried Boogie (Part II). Each part is 20 minutes plus. If you had one of those old old school vinyl record changers that would drop one on top of another, you were able to listen to all of the epic "Refried Boogie" without having to turn a record over.
  13. Thanks for finding that for me! Although no one there seems to really know why this is either. I suppose a better question is to ask you various Songfacts members, does anyone have "Charmed Life" on CD, LP, or cassette? Does it have a 7 and 8 on it somewhere? Does anyone have a "Cyberpunk" with a 9 and a 10 on it? And does anyone know of any other artist who did this?
  14. Looks like the answer is in the third, fourth, sixth and ninth posts to this thread on another forum.
  15. This may seem like a stupid question, but I have a LP record of "Rebel Yell", and noticed that the label has a large 3 and 4 printed on the A and B sides. I didn't think much of this until later on, when I bought a cassette of "Whiplash Smile" (his next album) and it had a 5 and a 6 printed on the case insert instead of the usual Side 1 and 2 or A and B. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this something that was once regularly done on records and cassettes? And does anyone know if this continued on Idol's "Charmed Life" or "Cyberpunk"?
  16. the funk/soul thread

    Kool and the Gang - Kool and the Gang
  17. Everyday People

    That IS Jack Johnson! And a bunch of other famous folks. Love that Keb Mo got choreography. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Song/Video of the day

    Odd but excellent. Sounds great on headphones. Found this when researching our interview with Tim Wheeler of the band Ash. Best use of cheerleaders since Nirvana.
  19. Song/Video of the day

    A decidedly odd piece of music. Moodswing Sonata - The Aqua Velvets
  20. Everyday People

    And now for something completely different. Music! Music? (This is a website where music is discussed, so why not get some?) Submitted for your approval, "Everyday People" by people all over the world. Seems like a trend.;)
  21. Nightbird

    I've been meaning to take a closer look at Eva Cassidy's "Nightbird" collection of Blues Alley recordings ever since I heard of it a while ago. What makes this collection interesting is a number of unreleased live tracks for this unknown-Washington D.C.-performer, which Apple classifies as "Pop." (That's ironic, since Eva Cassidy once answered Blue Note A&R flacks so: "I Don't Do Pop Crap!")
  22. Space Trucker Bruce (2014)

    So, you admired "Dark Star" for it's concept even though the sets were homemade (and showed it)? Movies are supposed to be Life "without the boring parts," right? Hail the space truck Nessus and get on board for the most-definitely-not-faster-than-light run to Titan Station. Pass me a fresh box of "Mostly Meat" and I'll bake you a pie.;) This is why "Parker" and "Brett" signed on with Weyland-Yutani for the "Nostromo" voyages.;)
  23. Bees of Naupaka

    A speedy instrumental that features both Guitar and 'Ukulele. Watch out, don't disturb those honey-makers.;)
  24. I miss you, Fishies...

  25. Techmona's been at it again, importing a domestic-only Cassette Deck from Japan! Submitted for your approval, an "Up Convert" Cassette/CD/USB/SD card deck that runs on AC, in spite of having a carrying handle. Good news: The Puppets are back! Bad News: TY-AK1 performance is underwhelming.
  26. I forgot to look for an English language version of "Jupiter" when I wrote about music from "Rikuoh." Some have found this song quite inspiring/uplifting/anthemic. So, do you "trust the voice in you"?
  27. May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

    On May first, it's traditional for schools and Hawaiian social groups to celebrate the wearing and giving of Lei. The May Day programs have been a part of schools since Territorial days of the 1940's.
  28. Robinson Crusoe on Mars

    Return with us now to those early days, when Mars was an Edgar Rice Burroughs literary concept and the only way to see The Red Planet was through a telescope. Before satellite photos 1n 1965 revealed the true surface of Mars, it was thought that an explorer could find the requisites (air, water, food) should they seek "My Favorite Martian." I recall seeing a TV broadcast of this movie when WTBS was just getting stated. So, get into your space suit, and fasten your safety harness, Mars awaits!;)
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