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  2. The second part of "CinemaStix" in-depth look at "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" caught my attention, so I looked for Part One. Press PLAY if you want to find out what makes this 1975 movie iconic.;) Here's Part Two...
  3. Gamer "The Last Bacon" dives into "Influxis" while waiting for "Subnautica 2" to take shape until 2025. What's lurking in the shallows of this unexplored planet?
  4. Kickstarter programs seen on the internet have a "silicon snake oil" air about them, promising much and sometimes delivering, but often not. Matt signed on as a Backer for Miniot's Wheel in 2017, waited...and waited, wondering what had happened. Press PLAY if you want to find out what Techmoan's over-2,000 UK Pounds got him, if you dare.;)
  5. Two interested YouTubers interviewed Alex Hirsch of "Gravity Falls" fame on the show and cartoon production. What's next after the cancellation of "Inside Job"? Press PLAY if you don't mind sailing into a 78+ minute slideshow/Podcast to find out about how "Next on 'Gravity Falls" sold the show to Disney and how Jesus the Handyman became "Soos.";)
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  7. https://www.youtube.com/@bobsburgersoutros3737/videos "Bob's Burgers" has a number of great songs to close the episode. I should have linked to a video, but sometimes you have to go to the source and pick the one you like. Click on the above link and see if there's something to like here.;)
  8. Summer is just over the horizon, so it's time to visit the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Oops! Dipper and Mabel have been shrunk by Gideon, what will you have to do to "get big again?" Press PLAY to go Up/Down/Side-to Side in this 2D adventure game.
  9. You're a PDQ Bach fan and...Oops, too far off the mark! Here's a way to judge another's taste in Classical music. Press PLAY if you want to find out if your Richard Wagner-loving friend is a bit too "obtuse" or worse.;)
  10. Do you watch Blu-Ray movies late at night and want to hear every sonic nuance? The neighbors will lynch you if you do? "Techmoan" had that problem, so Old Tech came to his rescue. Press PLAY if you want to find out how much of a sound bubble Techmoan got and if there's any modern solution to the "torture the house cat" problem.
  11. I don't like SmartPhone videos and especially hate companies that format their content for such devices. (That's why I rarely view Microsoft Edge stuff!) Still, beauty just is, regardless of format. Press PLAY to hear what talented players can do with Chapman Sticks... What is a Chapman Stick?
  12. Pour yourself an after-work cup of coffee or Tea, it's time to wind down on Friday. Press PLAY if you've ever wondered what Disco sounds like slowed down to Ballad tempo...
  13. I was looking around YouTube for other-than-the-original music and I found one! Yessir, Bubba the coal miner's got some new duds. Press PLAY if you want to hear: "No more coal mines, a Pirate's life for me!"
  14. Here we go again, a mix of two very different music genres turned into something worthy of "Weird Al" Yankovic! Press PLAY to hear what Simon & Garfunkel make of "postmodern mucis.";) 1992 Sir-Mix-A-Lot Original
  15. Some things just pop up and catch my eye on YouTube. Ron Goodwin's "Aces High" is a great triumphal march for the we-just-won-the-battle-of-France Luftwaffe in itself. Press PLAY if you want to hear what the Luftwaffe ground crews and pilots were singing after a bottle or two of French Vin Ordinaire...;) "Dixie" sung by Texas-German Confederates...
  16. Keyboard player NOJAH looks at the "Star Wars Cantina Band" and wondered how a selected set of performers and composers would wind up with. Press PLAY to hear what Bach, Chopin, etc. would play...;) How about Bach on the "Krusty Krab" theme?
  17. Are there any long-term "Bob's Burgers" fans out there? Press PLAY to see things mentioned/seen in earlier episodes that pop up much later. (It beats Trivial Pursuit, I guess.;)
  18. I've been watching the FX miniseries, "Shogun" and have gotten to episode 4, where "John Blackthorne" is back in Ajiro village and is showing Samurai how to aim long range guns taken from the "Erasmus." Things are ever-so-slightly different from the 1980 miniseries, but at least we have English subtitles for Samurai elocution. "Metatron" is an admirer of all things having to do with armor, weapons, and culture. Here he takes a very deep dive into the current version of "Shogun." Press PLAY if you want to find out if "they got it right," in spite of having to shoot scenes in places other than Japan.
  19. It's till 3/13 out here, but I'm sure that 3/14 will arrive to be celebrated. Press PLAY to learn "The Pi Song.";)
  20. I'd seen this posted on YouTube for a while, but preferred to look at other videos. It's late at night and a Rapper just discovered Billy Joel's "Piano Man," and it's cool rainy night. "Piano Man" brought me down, so it was time to see what Fil of "Wings of Pegasus" had to say about this cover. Press PLAY if you're a Karen Carpenter fan, you won't be disappointed.;)
  21. Sad I heard about this from Songfacts facebook page on my commute
  22. Shocking! These two sisters died exactly one day apart from each other! Carly Simon's sisters Lucy and Joanna die one day apart from cancer (usatoday.com)
  23. Eric Carmen, lead singer of Raspberries, dies at 74 – NBC Los Angeles
  24. It's 1982 and it's Spring Break or just before Summer and you want to "play your own kind of music," how do you do that? Techmoan to the rescue, with a Sony cassette player that spreads "the music all around." Press PLAY if you want to be exposed to Matt's portable Karaoke machine! As usual, the secretary is out to lunch and doesn't know anything about your shenanigans...;)
  25. Our Canadian Chinese movie commentator put up a poll and guess what won. Press PLAY if you want to know what a Meme in Chinese language movies look like. Would you believe that you can kill an enemy with an insult? Swearing in Taiwan Chinese is...smoother? Chinese SmartPhone art is something else...;)
  26. How goes the state of "Star Trek" fan fiction tales? Press PLAY to see what can de done in less than 30 minutes on a tight budget. Note: This tale was a "Dave Cullen" recommendation.
  27. A Daily Wire correspondent interviews actor/writer/director David Mamet, who has choice things to say about newspaper reviews of his plays and the desire for audiences to hear a story told, not a "Cod Liver Oil" lecture. Press PLAY at your discretion, it may change your mind about the world today.
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