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  2. Submitted for your approval, a "Techmoan" video! Here Matt uses a "free camera" provided by the UK Kodak instant picture patent holder on a sunny day. Will this "peek aboo" camera produce good results, or is the Zink paper system camera disappoint? How long between prints. (It's still a "when can I see the picture?" slow dance.) Can you use the camera as a printer for your Smartphone? How much does each Zink print cost? (The usual question, "is it available for sale on this side of the Atlantic?" isn't answered.)
  3. Some computer games never die, even if the creators move on to something else, or the original company is acquired and allowed to die. So, "Roger Wilco," janitor ordinaire, is back via fan fiction to face the apparently-unkillable "Sludge Vohaul." It's been some time since Roger was a spacrcraft pilot, but, as the story begins, things are about to get romantic...
  4. Along with 50Hz power and amazing AC plugs, the UK does things a bit differently than the U.S.A. 45 RPM 7 inch singles in the UK (Europe as well?) had LP-size small holes, unlike the RCA "doughnut"-size spindle holes. "Techmoan" takes on the question of adapting the small hole 7 inch 45 RPM disks to a U.S./RCA-spec. Jukebox via vinyl hole makers/enlargers. Warning! The ham-handed results may horrify vinyl record collectors! Proceed at your own risk!
  5. Christmas Muzak got you saying: "Scrooge was right!" these days of "black Fridays, small biz Saturdays. and cyber Mondays"? Fear not, The Ghost of Christmas Past has found an outrageous audio Trifle, made of Black Powder, Rotgut Whiskey, and Cattle Drive Stew. Make a plate of mediocre Spaghetti, open a bottle of your worst wine, and get ready for the audience chorus. It's time for Ennio Morricone's "The Man With No Name Mega Suite." (Spittoons optional.;) The Danish National Orchestra does "A Fistful of Dollars"
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  7. It's December 7, but the year is 1941. You are "Petty Officer Jiro Matsui" of the Imperial Japanese Navy, on an aircraft carrier sailing near Hawaii. As a naval aviator, it is your mission to attack the "lazy, degenerate, Americans" at military bases in Hawaii and cause as much damage as possible. You don't know it yet, but this operation is part of a multi-pronged operation to attack the colonies and bases of the colonial powers in Asia and establish "The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere." It's time to take off to test the mettle of the Americans and sink their Pacific fleet. Banzai! Chins, 1937 Poland, September 1939 France, May 10, 1940... Britain, the Summer of 1940... Russia, late Summer, 1941
  8. And now for something completely different (again). Have the current crop of Horror/Survival games got you wound up like a Timex wristwatch? Fear not, Xenon's intrepid Space Janitor, Roger Wilco, is back to tickle your funnybone. After his 15 minutes of fame have ended, Roger is back on the job...until he is whisked away by Pug Uglies! Who. what, why, WTF goes through our hero's mind as he is brought before a "Bond-worthy Villian." What will the mop jockey do?
  9. The chaos pf Christmas/Holiday shopping is enough to drive one crazy, especially looking for parking or navigating The Mall. Take off those soggy shoes, set your packages down, pour yourself something to take the edge off, and play this "Meet Me In St. Louis" movie classic song. See you in 2020.;)
  10. It's that time of year again, Christmas parties, family gatherings, after work stops at the old watering hole, and PSA. Cash in your designated driver ticket, and call a cab if you can't remember where you parked your car. Save travels.;) On the other hand it doesn't have to be that way...
  11. Submitted for your approval, a movie about car trouble, scuzzy locals, and an unlikely "good Samaritan." "Dead tree" map reading skills aren't needed in these GPS navigation system days, are they? You are so wrong, kids, especially in the backwoods. Are you ready for this, "Sarah Connor"?
  12. Submitted for your approval, a survival tale in the deep woods on Earth. Where's the rest of the airplane? Where's my son? Where am I? It's "Daniel Boone" time, where you need to assess the situation, gather materials, find out if the natives (if any) are friendly or not. Who was that "red man" who took my son?
  13. Submitted for your approval, a Sony Compact Cassette player-recorder that ISN'T a Walkman! Decrepit, er, Classic Tech seeker "Techmoan' found a long piece of "needs repair/for parts" Sony portable cassette tape machine that also "does shortwave radio." As expected, a "disintegrated into goo" rubber belt needs to be replaced and the circuitous path that drive wheel and guides lie upon require hard work. Did you know that LED lamps interfere with radio reception? Oh well, two steps forward, one step back. Big news! The "Moan Family puppets" are back, and "tech talker Zack" makes his debut, along with the Higgs-Boson particle!
  14. Once upon a time, a family of four lived near a lake. The parents and their sick daughter set out for town...and never returned. The sole survivor, Nicholas, was found at home alone, later by people of the small fishing village. Living conditions were hard, but the village decided upon a unique living arrangement for the orphaned boy. Thus begins a tale of the season, a bit early, but quite interesting.
  15. Nice! Thanks Carl...I knew I recognized the voice..just couldn't think of it at the time...
  16. I dig the funky stuff from the late '60s - "Cloud Nine," "Ball of Confusion" era.
  17. We interviewed him not too long ago! Very interesting guy: https://www.songfacts.com/blog/interviews/jesse-colin-young-of-the-youngbloods
  18. Thanks Edna! I will check it out when I get a chance! Did a youtube search and found it!
  19. Thanks Edna! I will check it out when I get a chance!
  20. Hey Temps fans..as this Legendary group heads towards it's[60th]year which grouping do you dig? do you go back to the early group with Al Bryant[1961--63]or the classic period of David Ruffin[1964-68]maybe it's the psychedelic 70's with Dennis Edwards or the smooth [80's]group of Richard Street,well which ever you like you can't go wrong with the-Emperors Of Soul!
  21. Submitted for your approval, a complete Spaghetti Western for dinner. Most of the time, even "premium" cable TV networks show a "fullscreen" version of this "wider than the Wild West" movie. That very broad scene where "Nobody" is "Noodling/Bashing" fish is one I've never seen. Excuse me, I've just got to see what happens when "Jack Beauregard" faces down "The Wild Bunch" alone...
  22. Submitted for your approval, an early 21st century TV series about time/space anomalies that allow ancient animals to run amok and gobble up unsuspecting moderns. First up, a fan video celebrating young animals frolicking through the modern world to "The Hamster Dance.'";) Then, it's "reduced/picture-in-picture time for this "midnight SF channel" show. The SF channel stopped broadcasting the series, so I never did figure out what was behind the "spacial anomalies" that allowed these post-"Walking With Dinosaurs" to run rampant across the UK. Get your "Jurassic Park" Tranquilizer gun out, we're gonna hunt, er, Run For Your Lives! Top Ten "Primeval" Creatures.
  23. What was I playing instead of "Leisure Suit Larry"? I was stumbling across space and time as janitor "Roger Wilco" in "Space Quest 1," that's what. (With Roger's dodgy footwork, escaping from danger was an adventure in itself!) What's different about this version? This player had/has a Roland MT32 sound card, which fully realized the soundtrack. (A Sound Blaster sound card was better than the PC speaker...just.) So, put away your mop, danger's around the corner!
  24. "The Fiddle Man," a song written for composer Sam L'ia
  25. Submitted for your approval, a 40th anniversary Sony Walkman without headphones and a never-ending "Cassette Tape" display for 400 English Pounds Sterling! (Say what!?) "Techmoan" imported this thing from Japan and got an Android without either cellphone nor camera. (WTF!?) Just play the video, Mr. Phelps, and imagine what the Impossible Missions Force at Sony has to do to sell this product...
  26. And now for something completely different. I saw this game at computer stores in the 1990's and...passed on it. (I'd rather get smoked by Sariens as "Roger Wilco" than play a "40-year-old-balding-Lothario" trying to bed a buxom woman.) However, if you'd like to swim in this part of the gene pool, be my guest. (Double entendres, Sexism, and "dirty old man moves" are rampant in this Sierra Online digital world.) You have been warned! VGA point-and-click version.
  27. The previous Gixie clock was a quality control mess: One tube socket not glued, the clock would dim if "shaken or stirred," and one tube was DOA. (Dead on arrival.) The manufacturer contacted "Techmoan" and sent: A replacement tube and TWO Gixie clocks! These "2.0" versions are much better built and no amount of "earthquake shakes" dim the display. See the video for particulars on the revised version...
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