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  2. Otokichi

    Reversed channel RCA plugs

    "Techmoan" hasn't seen fit to post a video about audio/video foibles, so here's his sometime-U.S.A collaborator. Here is a public service announcement from "VWestlife" on goofy/strange/wrong RCA cords. I'm not sure if I have a problem of this kind, but Murphy's Law applies everywhere.;)
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  4. Billy Joel's version of "All Shook Up." He does a bang-up Elvis.
  5. Otokichi


    I was looking at the movie listings on Spectrum when I spotted "The Ring 2" as something to see besides "Dunkirk." A quick Google! search for the movie "covering the same ground as "The Ring," made me realize that I hadn't seen the original. A YouTube search for "Ringu" led me to this movie, which was new to me. As usual, Beware of strange links or unlabeled VHS cassettes, something might visit you when you least expect it and...
  6. Otokichi

    Bone Fone

    It's 1980, and your at-home stereo headphones won't stay in place as you go about Jogging, walking the dog, or mowing the lawn. What to do? There's an answer to this problem, the wonderful "Bone Fone." which channels radio through your body instead of speakers. "Techmoan" takes a look at the "bone conduction" AM/FM radio appliance for the young and mobile. Can this over-the-shoulder-and-around-the-neck audio device live up to the brochure's many claims ?
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  8. Kippiis

    Top 10 Acoustic Songs

    Same here, mate!
  9. Robert Szymanski

    Looking For Sound Effects

    I'm looking for information on the song Admiral Haisely/Uncle Albert by Paul McCartney... what is the vocal effect on the part where he sings "Land across the water "wa-ter".....the part where he says "wa-ter" ..sounds like when one drops a pebble in a bucket of water...I'm in dire need to get information on this.. I write songs and I need this vocal effect for my song..
  10. Robert Szymanski

    Quick question about the Beatles

    On Paul McCartney's song Admiral Haisely/Uncle Albert.....the track where he sings "Land across the water "wa-ter".... what vocal effect is he using on that one word " wa-ter" ? Sounds like a pebble dropping in water a unusual vocal effect. I've been trying to find info on it.. I write songs myself and I'm in dire need to get info....
  11. RonJonSurfer

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Come on over Edna. We'll leave the light on for you.
  12. edna

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Hi everybody I'll be dropping by when I can. I became a hard working class hero... Now all my family lives in the US and I'm still in Spain with my Spanish hubby and three spanish cats. And Spanis friends. What am I doing here??? 😎
  13. Otokichi

    70s Missing Lyrics Quiz

    Quite an interesting site for music trivia from the 1960's to the present. The Cat quiz took me back to "reel" cartoon felines of the past.;)
  14. Carl

    Best Workout Songs

    And 15 years later, we finally have a category: https://www.songfacts.com/category/popular-workout-songs
  15. This commercial is actually old and was released on May 12, 2017. The URL is: www.TENAsamples.com. The song starts with “Dream by the...” or “Dream from a...” or something like this? I can’t really understand the exact words in the song in this commercial because the riff is so short between the time the song starts and the time the Narrator begins to speak. This commmercial begins with this song and shows a man and a woman getting on a motorcycle before they ride off. I really like the singer’s voice and the mood of the song. If anyone happens to know, I realize this may be a long-shot, the songwriter, name of the song and/or the name of the album, please reply. I would really appreciate your response!!!!! Thanks!
  16. Carl

    On The Radio

    A Tom Petty tribute tune
  17. Otokichi

    The First Grader

    In 2003, 84 year-old farmer, Kimane Maruge, set out to enroll in school to learn to read. He faced an uphill battle with officialdom, resisting efforts to place him with less-than-studious adults. This film has Turkish subtitles, but this is the largest, clearest, non-fee version on YouTube. So, why does Kimane need to read?
  18. That could be really serious. You need to get that checked out.  A S.A P

  19. I felt that I really needed to post on this as my mum recently told me she wanted to have 'I did it my way " when she passed; it is a beautiful song and it does really reflect well on mu mum as she can be known to be... shall we say " Quiet Stubborn " lol. We lost my dad quite suddenly in July 2018 after a four month battle with cancer 😪 We were and still are shattered, my dad chose to have Macho Man by the Village people as he was taken from the church, the whole place was laughing hysterically; that was my dad though; always wanted to make the best of a bad situation, and as it was my mum and his second marriage, it was a fairly casual occasion and they had Macho Man as their wedding song lol, very romantic. LOL I miss you Daddy
  20. Ange

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Thank you for the compliment OL55 ; and thank you for sharing your Christmas photo. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and your New Year is full of love , health and great things. 😊🎉. Cheers; Ange
  21. OLD 55

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Thanks Ange. I'm like an Australian Abraham Lincoln - the father of his country. Nice pic of you and your Grandson. Hi to a lot of 'old' friends whom I see have posted recently, Dear Edna, Laurie, Carole, Tim, Ken..... special congratulations to you. I also saw EYEgor drop in briefly. Had to get my DVD of Young Frankenstein and watch it again. Hilarious. Pity that most of the actors in it are deceased.
  22. Ange

    Anti-"Rocky Mountain High" song?

    WOW , I was only in primary school way back then. But I do remember hearing various stories of being a horrible man that beat his wife. ... BUT .. I wasn't there, I cant say for sure. What we COULD do was document everytime she had a bruisenon her . My m.i.l was today. That's a good sign.. Goodnight. I love you xxx
  23. VinylJunky67

    70s Missing Lyrics Quiz

    hello I thought you would like this 70s Missing Lyrics Quiz https://siliconhell.com/can-you-find-the-missing-lyrics-for-these-songs
  24. Ange

    Old posts

    Thanks Ken 😊
  25. Ken

    Old posts

    This place was *way* ahead of it's time. Songfacts was a kind of facebook before facebook was facebook, but for music freaks. Then a few things happened. We had a server change and the format of our beloved Songfacts boards changed. They weren't like what you see here. Then facebook came along, and with it a songfacts facebook thing. I think the posts became fewer and farther in between. I still come here, I don't always "officially" sign in, but I am usually here once a day. There was a tight vibe for quite some time. A tribal vibe, kind of a family type deal.
  26. hiphopza

    Happy New Year 2017...

    Its Now Happy New Year 2019! Eyadini Fakazamusic
  27. hiphopza

    Why does music move us?

    It connects to our inner self Kabza De Small Umshove
  28. I thought it was Rod Stewart as well That sounds about right, I vaguely remember him talking about an older woman that he slept with she was his first she was older and she broke his heart
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