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  2. I stumbled across this while looking at "Weird Al" Yankovic videos of YouTube. Submitted for your approval, the best Country Doctor on TV or at the movies...
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  4. "Techmoan" asked his audience if changing a capacitor would change the speed of the slow-running Hipac background music player. The volume of "Yes!" to "No!" answers led him to observe something about good vs. bad advice. A couple of expert open reel tape tinkerers said "Yes!" which led to... Press PLAY to continue.;)
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  6. A naive YouTube movie reactor crosses over into the Monochrome Zone, unaware of the Bates Motel or Norman Bates. Hipsters will be horrified at seeing a (Gasp!) BLACK-AND-WHITE movie! The "why isn't this movie in color?" crowd will be drawn, irresistibly, to the Black-and-White Zone. Submitted for your approval, a Classic Halloween Horror movie, where "creepy" is only the beginning...
  7. So, Game God, "Subnautica" didn't leave you with a case of Thalassophobia. eh? But you've developed withdrawal symptoms, looking for Peepers or Bladderfish in the local pond? Fear not, there's another "unknown world" on the horizon. "The Last Bacon," an about-to-leave-Uni player, has something for the constant skin diver. Take a deep breath and jump in, the one person development shop has something to show you...
  8. Halloween is approaching... Bobby Bare - Vampira https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUFBJEVDeiM&list=RDMdQzq1lNH0M&index=3
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  10. Not quite "Bardcore," as I understand it, but with musicians playing in the Medieval style. Hear ye! Hear ye! A song by Messers Simon and Gurfunkel of someplace called "New York." 'Tis a wonderful song about The Future in an undiscovered land somewhere West of Portugal.;)
  11. I was looking at naive YouTube reactors looking at "Firefly," and I happened across a much longer, free form version of "The Theme from 'Firefly." With Hollyweird trying to re-imagine cult TV series and failing miserably to understand what made them great, this was a welcome grassroots original. So, if you get stuck in traffic or a long line somewhere, here's a song for that occasion. It's almost as interesting as "Weird Al" Yankovic's "The Saga Begins," and you might get a "Jayne Hat" from a fellow Browncoat.;) Here's something Shiny: Kaylee's Song
  12. One of Turner Classic Movies' "TCM Imports," described as an "experimental film." Imagine being one of the 1965 "sisters near the road," only to find out in the next century? Press PLAY to continue.
  13. Surfing around YouTube, I came across a question: "Which was the first Space Opera film"? Australian SF movie fan, "Terry Talks Movies" posed the question, then pointed to a 1918(!) Danish(!) silent movie in the pre-"Flash Gordon" style above. Strap on your attitudes and break out the Grog, this is an interesting tale that is doubly UnHip. ("Black-and-white"! "Silent"! Oh Horrors!;)
  14. Fellow Hipsters, there is a great disturbance in the Hipsphere! Otherwise saavy/Hip movie reviewers have crossed over to the BLACK-AND-WHITE side! These deluded people are watching and Enjoying OLD movies. This deviation from the "All Movies Must Be In Color" campaign must be stopped. (This movement may neutralize the "The Shall Not Grow Old" Technicolor Tsunami.) Remember: It's Not Hip if it's not in color!;)
  15. I had a "plastic/fantastic" Fisher boombox with detachable speakers that sounded...meh. But "Techmoan" has been sent "for his consideration" a 1980's boombox with something extra. What does this otherwise-ordinary looking "component boombox" have that makes it special? Press PLAY for the reason for your next eBay search. (Christmas may be short on Chinese junk, so start searching NOW!;)
  16. Hollyweird has been messing, er. re-imagining classic movies with uneven results. Will Neebs Gaming's "re-imagining" Nintendo's "Duck Hunt" go any better? Press PLAY to see what goes on "behind/inside the green screen" world of Neebs Gaming.;) Do you prefer 2D, instead? Duck Game!
  17. Eventide - Spirit off the Model Shop album (1968)
  18. So the TV's speakers in your Man Cave's cinema corner has gone all buzzy or your audiophile friend says you live in the Dark Ages of audio? Fear not, for way too much money, furniture moving, and wire routing, you too can hear every movie nuance in Dolby Stereo. How much did all of the $ony Pro$umer $tuff co$t? If you gotta ask...just press PLAY and marvel at audio perfection.;)
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dxnr9fV-Ts&list=PLUe8em2Mh3V2g3jojOKn2CrwPXriadJIr&index=13 Five Blind Boys From Alabama - Way Down In the Hole
  20. Courtney Granger - Beneath Still Waters Sierra Ferrell - At The End Of The Rainbow (2021)
  21. Could it be this song? Where It All Begins by Hunter Hayes? Well, I didn't know me, like I know me now Sometimes you gotta get lost so you can get found I've been scared of the dark I've been scared of the light But if you never get knocked down, you'll never learn how to fight Imagine all of the dreams you're too scared to chase You spend every last tomorrow looking back on yesterday I've been where you are so many times before These are moments when you find what you've been living for This is where you fall This is when you get up This is where it all begins This is where it hurts This is when you learn that This is where it all begins Where it all begins
  22. I'm not sure how YouTube recommendations led me to "Alfo Media," but he's always on the lookout for "music out there." An interesting website, the Global Network of Discovery (GNOD) has a number of branches that lead off to movies, things, and, of course, music. A sub branch asks you to list three favorite bands/ artists, then presents you with "you might like" artists. Another sub branch asks you what your favorite band/artist is, then generates a "scattergram" of artists/groups that are similar or outliers. I'm not a Rap or Hip Hop fan, but the fellow who is "Alfo Music" likes Kanye West. Let the search begin...if you dare!
  23. "Techmoan" supports Kickstarter projects, some of which turn into Vaporware, while others deliver something tangible. This German-made, battery-powered, Bluetooth/cord output, disc player arrived at his lair for amateur analysis. Press PLAY to see if "Techmoan" has made a wise investment.
  24. And now for something completely different. I started off looking for Dirge music. got depressed, found Gonoud's "Funeral March of a Marionette." then on to Harry Chapin's "Circle" from "Greatest Stories Live," and came across this unknown-to-me instrumental. Here's something to start off your weekend,even if you hate cats...
  25. Jose Felciano works his magic on The Doors' "Light My Fire" and it slowly becomes a Hit. Press PLAY to see what Fil has to say...
  26. Smooth. Here's something my friend Colin turned me onto.
  27. The Nightstalkers - Soulgroove '66, Pt. 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yT-YxSp09g
  28. That is sad. He was a Philly guy. He was a good guy even though he never wore pants. This is Phil. I haven’t posted in years. I still have my Songfacts T-shirt. Still fits. RIP Joe
  29. We just watched the Jennifer Hudson Aretha Franklin movie... Moves you in so many ways https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGN64GwVIRM&list=PLUe8em2Mh3V2g3jojOKn2CrwPXriadJIr&index=748
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