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  2. Band Name Game III

    Not interesting enough? Is there anybody out there? Carl Perkins
  3. Name Something

    So everybody cleans house with eBay? Oh well, let's try it again... Name your favorite Winter time drink or activity.
  4. Corrupt a Wish

    So, the Minidisc wasn't that hot back in the 19190's? Here we go again... I wish "Futurama" returned for another season.
  5. Quest?on game....

    Sam Cooke - On the chain gang How to handle a woman
  6. Alphabet Game (Non Music)

    Things you would do if you owned an expensive yachtABang rich chicksChallenger Deep DiveDeep Sea FishingEat caviar and sushiFGHunt whales with the Japanese Cetacean "Researchers"Invade and occupy the Spratly Islands for Exxon.Jump the boat over Somali pirates trying to catch you for ransomKeep trying to jump off into the waterLie around on deck, ordering "Cuba Libres" while anchored off Havana harbor Most likely crash the f***in' thing into a lighthouseNOPick up rich chicksQuickly sail around the California coast lineRace the Coast Guard to rescue missions. (Then record it for YouTube.;)Shoot refugees on overloaded boats for sport.Throw Donald Trump the finger while I blow past him and his wimpy little yachtUpload videos of you and your friends stealing, er, "rescuing" artifacts from R.M.S. TitanicVisit Isla Nublar and hunt PterodactylsWater ski up the Thames river and blow a kiss to QE2. Xerox my title in case the original gets wetYacht cleaningZig zag through "Chinese territorial waters" between the Spratly islands.
  7. Where's that "Hot Child"? American Pie
  8. Sing The Conversation IV

    Well, long tall Sally She's really sweet She got everything that Uncle John need
  9. Three Word Story II

    with "Rapid Roy"
  10. Word Association IV

    Cat Stevens - "Into White"
  11. Celebrity Initials Game

    One possible "O.S.": Oskar Schindler R.B.
  12. Alphabetical Artists game

    This is like "Jeopardy!" where you post a song and the next person posts the artist. As in: "The Sign" Answer: Ace of Base So: "You're No Good" Band/Artist is:
  13. Music Lists A-Z

    Popular Artists of the 60's Archie Bell and The Drells Buffalo Springfield Creedence Clearwater Revival Doors E The Fugs G H I Jefferson Airplane K Led Zeppelin Mamas & the Papas, The N Oliver P Question Mark and the Mysterians Richie Havens Strawberry Alarm Clock T U Van Morrison Who, The X Yardbirds Zombies, The
  14. "14+ First Love" (2015)

    For English (or other language) subtitles, go to "Settings" and select the appropriate display. Return to the days of Loud Music, Sleeping Late, Going to School, and Sexual (?) encounters. Yep, Sex isn't just a Communist Plot at all.;)
  15. "Orelob," backwards LP!

    Step tight up folks, put this LP on your turntable and start from the inside! Marvel that the stylus moves toward the rim and plays something Angelic instead of Satanic! It's 16 minutes with Maurice Ravel! "Techmoan" has found yet another way to best that pesky music CD and celebrate "properly recorded bombast." (There are other "inside-out" LPs as well.;)
  16. Earlier
  17. There's a DVD out now from Robert Plant's performance at the 2016 Festival of Disruption, a David Lynch joint held in LA (probably not the guy you want asking for your ear). There's only a snippet of it on this trailer, but if you get a chance, check out what he did to "Black Dog." He doesn't go after the high notes anymore, but the arrangement is incredible, with all kinds of instruments I can pronounce thrown into the mix, courtesy of his backing band the Sensational Space Shifters. Keep in mind, he's nearly 70.
  18. This morning, the rain came back with a vengeance, after a day of "mostly sunny" conditions. But, after the "morning soak," it was "blue skies, sunshine, and a few clouds" as northerly winds took hold. Here's Ben Vegas and Maila Gibson, two Wedding Singers, rocking along with an island original.;)
  19. One Armed Bandit!

    Here's something that will take your across Space/Time...for much longer than you anticipated.;)
  20. "Trancers" review

    I ran across this "horror review" site while I was looking over vlogs about the "Alien" movie franchise. His taste in movies and what he finds good/bad is questionable, but at least it's entertaining. Submitted for your approval, a vlogger who looks over obscure/SF?B movie/Horror flicks and dares to say outrageous things about them. You may never look at a less-than-Academy-Award-nominated movie the same way again. (Proceed at your own risk. Weyland-Yutani has deemed this a "toxic/no-go" site!;)
  21. Bastille - "Pompeii"

    The crew doing major plumbing work on the house likes this band. I've been a bit curious about them and their songs. Here's a Vevo playlist collection of "music for our time.";)
  22. You probably heard about Elton John's farewell tour, but did you know that two weeks later, Paul Simon and Ozzy Osbourne announced their last tours? Ozzy's tour is a sequel to his first farewell, the No More Tours tour in 1992. After deciding that life off the road didn't suit him, he embarked on his Retirement Sucks tour in 1995 and has been on the road ever since. His tour comes with the caveat that it only applies to "global touring," so he can still play lots of shows. The No More Tours tour wraps up in 2020. Elton John is giving himself three years to wind things down. If by the end of it he wants to keep going, it won't be his first farewell tour fake-out - he announced his last show in 1977. Simon seems most sincere, with an understated announcement that signals he's put some thought into it: "It feels a little unsettling, a touch exhilarating and something of a relief." All there are certainly of retirement age: Ozzy is 69, Elton is 70, and Simon is 76.
  23. One Armed Bandit!

    Sweet. Good to know that movie made it to Japan.
  24. Superscope PSD 300 Pro CD

    Just when Apple and other high tech companies/individuals have announced "the death of the music CD," along comes "Techmoan" with something to put these "visionaries" in their place. Also sold under the Marantz brand, this is a Professional Musician/Music Educator-level unit that wasn't found at the local Wal-Mart. With TWO CD drives, you can "play the one on top" and "record on the one in front." There are enough buttons, jacks, slide switches to satisfy the studio musician or control freak. This episode features music by an Indie band for folk in search of something "Candy Apple Blue.";)
  25. One Armed Bandit!

    https://www.terapeak.com/worth/back-to-the-future-laser-disc-japan-ld-sf098-1168-2disk/171987649465/ Nope, it's a Japanese Laserdisc "Back To The Future" cover.
  26. One Armed Bandit!

    Is that Chinese Back To The Future poster on his wall?
  27. One Armed Bandit!

    I passed through Las Vegas twice before I was of legal age to gamble, so I'm not interested in games of chance at all. That said, "Techmoan" has a Slot Machine Jones, going from "plasticy things made for kids" to a real coin+steel ball machine. But for real fun, there's nothing like a "fruit machine" where you might get more coins than you started out with if you pull "three cherries." Got your English coins at hand? Good, start feeding YOUR "gambling jones.";)
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