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  2. "In My Life" - Beatles. "Days" - Kinks
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  4. tomssf

    Who Sings This Song?

    Otokichi: I cannot believe it someone took off every single star spangled banner from trump rallies. I cannot find it anywhere, i will keep looking, if you happen to hear it before or after one of is new speech's please let me know, Thank You
  5. I was here 13 years ago and I know it's never too late to give an response.!!
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  7. You probably already found this but I had everyone singing these camping the other day from memory and decided to look it up to find the rest of the songs.. lol I'm 38 now but used to love these.. They are on amazon prime. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FBL6QH8/ref=sr_1_1_rd?_encoding=UTF8&child=B07FBD2G33&qid=1536976701&sr=1-1%3C/a%3E Hopefully you're still paying attention to this old thread.. lol Cheers
  8. I agree Carl ; Joey is totally appropriate, every time I hear that it reminds me of a past relationship, no matter how much you want things to be perfect in that relationship you know they never will be 😪
  9. Maybe not perfect for this occasion, but "Joey" by Concrete Blonde is a pretty vivid description of being in love with an alcoholic.
  10. Dennis A Pope

    Earliest Birthdate of an Actor on Film

    Though not a movie (in the true sense) "Roundhay Garden Scene" which is the oldest piece of surviving film has Sarah and Joseph Whitley, Both of whom are listed as being born in 1816/1817. For the oldest person ever to be still photographed, my money has to go with "Conrad Heyer". He was over a hundred when he was photographed in 1852 (born in 1749). He was a Revolutionary war veteran. (Isn't THAT awesome!)
  11. Carl

    Song/Video of the day

    Battle rapping is a media cliché perpetuated by people who have likely never seen one in real life. Unless Eminem is involved, it's rather contrived. Snickers is particularly uninspired in this commercial. What a waste of Elton John.
  12. Carl

    Down to Earth Cool Chick

    Don't see girls that are gearheads like this very often. Ed Sheeran would approve.
  13. Submitted for your approval, Philips' VCR and Video 2000 systems that took on Beta and VHS in Europe. Once again, "Techmoan" presents an obscure/unsung technology. Philips aimed for the PAL system video European market, while Sony and Matsushita aimed at the world. So, did the superior video format lose to the VHS mass market giant, or was this doomed by the parochial aim of the manufacturer?
  14. dedindi

    "Taurus" vs. "Stairway To Heaven"

    it seems that piece is a public domain written in baroque era by harpist O'Carolan https://musictales.club/article/celtic-baroque-roots-stairway-heaven
  15. tomssf

    Who Sings This Song?

    Otokichi you are correct they wont let you play it back for some reason, i looked at some other trump rally videos that definitely had the star spangled banner either before or after and some one replaced it with a different song. i will continue to look for it and get back to you, I want to thank you for your reply, please check back to see if I found another of his rallies with the song in it? Thank You
  16. Otokichi

    Down to Earth Cool Chick

    Some musicians can do one thing, but others can do nearly every thing! (Hi Sessions never ceases to amaze as it showcases local talent.;)
  17. Otokichi


    It's the most wonderful time of the year, as the kids go back to school. The heat of Summer is going away, so get out and enjoy the outdoors!;)
  18. Submitted for your approval, a student film guaranteed to make you swear off "the military life"! (I ran across an SF magazine version, "The Starsloggers" in 1965.) A farmboy runs across an recruiter for the Imperial Space Navy and meets "Deathwish Drang," the drill instructor from Hell, learns what "Bowb" means, finds out a fellow soldier is stranger than he can imagine, nearly gets fried, becomes a Hero, winds up a sanitation worker, then things really go South. Watch out, "The Chingers" are gonna eat you or marry your sister!;)
  19. Otokichi

    Who Sings This Song?

    I tried the usual "highlight and paste," but nothing happens on YouTube. Please re-check this link.
  20. It's 1998, and Apple's OS 9 and the first iMac has landed. How will 2018 teens react to this 1990's "cutting edge technology"?;)
  21. Hello,, Could someone go to this video and scroll to the end of it and let me know who is singing the "Star Spangled Banner". I cannot find who this group is any where. please let me know and thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U5N9wAFpms
  22. My choice/Choices for my exit songs are into my arms( Nick Cave) and God is in the house ( Nick Cave
  23. :frown:

    Absolutely devastated on the sad passing of CONRAD SAVAGE  of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds; I'm sure he will be greatly missed by Nick his fellow band members, his family and his loved ones. My love and deepest sympathies are with Conrad's family and loved ones; your talent will live on forever 

  24. Nikki

    All That Glitters?

    Foxy— its Bad Company Blue and Gold you’re looking for. Drove me crazy too. Hope you already found it, this is an old post
  25. Hey! I know it's like 13 years too late but I'm fairly certain the song you were looking for in 2005 is "I'll Fly with you" by Gigi D'Agostino that came out in 1999 I believe. ?????
  26. Otokichi

    Dr. Demento Y2K

    If it was a hit your grandpop knew, if "dead puppies" are your thing, and you thought there wasn't enough comedy in radio, Dr. Demento had/has the cure! These were the "Weird Al Who"? days.;)
  27. Otokichi

    Jose Feliciano - "Billie Jean"

    Who's "The King of Pop"?
  28. Otokichi

    20000 Days on Earth

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