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  2. Otokichi


    Submitted for your approval, a tale of a time long ago, when the fate of Europe hung in the balance. A group of Polish pilots get to Britain in 1940, spoiling for a chance for revenge against the Germans. Initially mistrusted and denigrated by RAF, they struggle with the English system of "gallons, feet, and pounds." Not to mention that their aircraft don't have fixed landing gear. But, if you've seen "The Battle of Britain" movie, you know that these "undisciplined, rowdy, cocky" lot "take it to the Germans."
  3. Otokichi


    Submitted for your approval, a hot, energetic instrumental from Taimane. With Jazz on guitar, Taimane serves up some Spring spice.;)
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  5. Hey, SongFacts may have not heard of this artist, but he was a very viral star on his way to prominence, until it came to a sudden end. Here I wanna request another song: "Tattoos" by Speaker Knockerz Here on this song, in the hook, he raps: "Ain't nothin' like a bad b**** in designer shoes. / On top of that, she got a whole lot of tattoos.", which he fantasizes of a woman in expensive pumps and filled with tattoos. However, throughout the entire song, S.K. also dreams about having sex with a woman who he claims is "bad", teasing listeners about his dream girl. The song, from his mixtape, Married to the Money 2, was recorded and the mixtape was expected to be released in 2014, but unfortunately, Speaker Knockerz died on March 6, 2014, at the age of 19. Thus, this song was released soon after. Luckily, the mixtape (which also included the YouTube hit, "Lonely"), peaked at #50 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart.
  6. Carl

    "Sunflower" by Post Malone

    This is very elegant in look and sound. Love it.
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  8. Carl

    Grundig vs. Philips: Cassette Wars!

    Wow, I've never seen those Grundig things before. Wonder if they were like Beta, better but doomed.
  9. Submitted for your approval: Moan Family Puppets! Seriously, "Tenchmoan" has dug up a little-known battle in Europe between Philips and Grundig over tape cassettes in the early 1960's. Would the musicians (Grundig, Telefunken, Deutsch Grammophon) prevail in the markerplace over The Dictator (Philips)? In addition, the puppets are back! A YouTube copyright strike has been brought against "the old geezer." How will the sometime YouTube video maker fare against the Mighty YouTube Monster? Tune in for details.;)
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  11. Otokichi

    Everything Will Be Alright

    Submitted for your approval, something a lover says when things are FUBAR. Aidan James sings! And he's got other musicians to play along in the Hawaii Theater.;)
  12. Ron 750

    All That Glitters?

    It’s a Dan Seals song. Its from 1985, and it’s called Everything That Glitters.
  13. Otokichi

    "Sunflower" by Post Malone

    Usually, I find something that "Techmoan" has unearthed some unusual/unheralded/justly forgotten tech. This time, I saw this video by Post Modern Jukebox, and I figured that Music is more interesting than Tech. Submitted for your approval, some Bossa Nova to remind you that Summer awaits...
  14. Otokichi

    Walking On Sunshine 2017

    Winter has been defeated, and Spring is trying to arrive. So here's a blast from the past, courtesy of Philip J. Fry. A spirited performance at Children In Need Rocks the 80s. Here comes the sun...
  15. Otokichi

    Mr. Rogers on Discipline

    Submitted for your approval, almost 30 minutes with "Mr. Rogers," kids, and a gathering of parents. When "discipline" comes up in the family, were you sent to you room? Were you spanked when you "misbehaved"? Mr. Rogers and a several family members talk about "because I say so!" to "I'm disappointed in you" approaches to parenthood and self-discipline.

    I want to create a playlist based on all the annual publications of the station Q104.3, tongo the ones of several years, but I am missing a few (years 2001, 2002, 2008, 2012, 2011, etc.). Do you have some of these? Thanks and kind regards.


  17. Otokichi

    Maggie Delaney's story

    Submitted for your approval, a tale of an Indentured Servant in Colonial America. When the phrase "Indentured Servant" comes up, I picture a minor child serving a master in the 17th or 18th century American colonies. This tale is somewhat different, as a family of evicted Irish tenant farmers sign Indenture papers and end up in Philadelphia for sale to the highest bidder. If you have an ancestor who was an Indentured Servant, this tale will open your eyes to the "Pre-Steerage" Irish before the Irish Potato Famine. Warning: The "Onion cutters" are ready for even the most stalwart descendant.
  18. I heard a song maybe in the early 2000’s and it’s annoyingly running around my head and i have NO IDEA who sang it - please help - the lines I remember are “every night, everyday, gonna be a holiday - c’mon baby are you ready for love” I am almost sure it’s a Euroband.....
  19. Otokichi

    Mini Retro Electronics

    Submitted for your approval, electronic appliances for "the little people." A box arrives in the mail which is smaller than usual, in it are three "must have" items for half-sized people: a radio/cassette players, a phonograph, and a vintage TV. As you activate these items, you find the room you're in getting bigger as you grow smaller: next stop, "The Twilight Zone"! "Techmoan" has discovered a triple threat to your (rapidly diminishing) spare time from Showa electronics, in the form of toys/novelties that can make your Smart Phone less productive and a radio/tape player for short-attention-span folk. Beware, fun ahead!;)
  20. Otokichi

    Clean that dirty LP!

    To misquote a long-ago article from either Stereo Review or High Fidelity, "does your favorite LP sound like it was recorded at a pistol firing tournament?" If so, it's time to clean the "microdust" off your record. "Techmoan" tried a Gel, pressure washer, the kitchen sink, and "spray & rub" to clean a superfine- and regular-groove LP with...Oh, that's a "Spoiler," isn't it? Check it out for yourself, if your LP collection has gotten "too dirty for general audiences." Sorry, no puppets...again.
  21. Dee tate

    Big Bad John

    It was Dottie West who sang the answer to Big John
  22. Otokichi

    "Across The Bridge"

    Two men meet on a train headed for the U.S./Mexico border. One owns a dog and appears to be a decent, ordinary fellow. The other is a financier fleeing Scotland Yard for embezzling company funds. Thus begins a story full of twists and turns, as gray as real life. Who's the "good guy"? Who's the "bad guy"? Does the dog, Dolores know best? Check out this fine 1957 GB Film Noir tale...
  23. Otokichi


    Submitted for your approval, here's a lively love song from Anuhea inviting a lover to "put your head on my shoulders." It's a little something to start off the weekend and March 1st.;)
  24. Otokichi

    Project Lightening

    For those whom the crack of rifle fire is it's own kind of music, here's a rare collaboration between two YouTube "Gun Channels." I ran across the C&Rsenal site during their crossover with The Great War channel, with Othais and Mae's focus on the firearms of World War I. Curiousity about (somewhat) more modern firearms led me to "Forgotten Weapons," with Ian McCollum. With a very interesting piano theme to accompany the (occasional) rattle of 100 year-old-weapons-of-mass-frustration, have a look at what Pierrot Le Fou, Tommy Atkins, Alvin York, and Paul Bauer tried to use on the Western Front. What does "Gun Girl" Mae have to do with this? She's about the size and mass of the average World War I soldier...and her grin gets bigger along with the guns!
  25. Otokichi

    The Red Baron

    Touring YouTube, I came across a German film about Baron Manfred Von Richtofen...in English! Submitted for your approval, a 2008 movie about World War I Germany's "Red Baron" that is "soapy" on the ground, but has dynamite flying sequences. (In this case, "The Blue Max" good, with a number of "departures from History" found in other war movies.) "Prussians don't complain."
  26. Carl

    RIP Peter Tork of the Monkees.

    I love that the Monkees were revived in 1986 on MTV. And it wasn't a "reboot" with new actors trying to re-create the magic - they just showed the same episodes again.
  27. Joyous

    Nobody But Me commercial

    Long John Silver’s, friends!
  28. Peter Tork of the Monkees has died. Now there are only two Monkees left.
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