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  2. http://quizzes.howstuffworks.com/quiz/which-classic-scifi-character-are-you?acct=act_10153036824292945&utm_medium=paid&utm_source=facebook&asid=6088750642764&adid=6088750663564&mkcpgn=107e7a63eda74c3fb65e4ab4eb8d85dd&sg_uid=107e7a63eda74c3fb65e4ab4eb8d85dd Are you "Darth Vader"? Can you do a "Warrant Officer Ripley" gig? I don't own a game system, so I couldn't finish this questionnaire, so I'm "Scruffy the Janitor.";)
  3. PlayTape Voice Mail?

    Return with us to the late 1960's, as Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" is about to change the way we think about long distance communication. Enter Smith-Corona, putting the typewriter business aside to solve the problem of high priced long distance telephone calls. For the record, I saw more of the 3.5 inch reels of 1/4 inch tape headed for the post office than these cartridge-based "voice mail" items. I also recall seeing Compact Cassette mailers for very long-winded "messages from home.";) Bonus: The Bacon Express!
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  5. "Raindrops keep falling on my head..." Does that bring up memories of the movie, "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid"? May I introduce to you, an interesting YouTube video maker, Jerry Skinner, who's been making posts about interesting people, from singers to movie stars, to at least one iconic character ("Casey Jones"). I first ran across him when I followed a "What happened to _?" post about Gene Vincent, which led "down the rabbit hole" to Clark Gable and Steve McQueen. Then there's what happened to James Baldwin on his walk to conquer fear among potential Black voters in 1966 Mississippi. Submitted for your approval, a videographer who can take you into the "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" and consider the career of Wyatt Earp.;)
  6. Eva Cassidy - "Cheek To Cheek"

    For me, this is the best version of the song. Cassidy had a classic sound that put her on the same level with the Dinah Washington types that could deliver these standards.
  7. Just Once More?

    This is a tough one, since most artists who can still make music are still making music (didya know Petula Clark is still at it?). But a guy who is still out and about but hasn't done any original material for a while is Smokey Robinson. Someone give that guy a pen and an analog studio, then see what happens.
  8. Just Once More?

    What classic artist would you like to hear something new from...Gene Chandler?..Carla Thomas?...Jerry Butler?...let's get em in the studio!!
  9. Our favorite Irish panel try Japanese alcohol, which should always be drunk With Food! See what happens when the Facts staff don't provide chasers for "Japanese Romulan Ale."
  10. Eva Cassidy - "Cheek To Cheek"

    Listening to "October" songs is depressing. When that happens, unlike the great clown, Grimaldi, I put on some Jazz. Some say that Amy Winehouse's "October Song" is (sorta) happy, but let's go to the Blues Alley Jazz Club in Washington D.C. and go dancing.;)
  11. Hmm, an interesting episode, which brings up a "Star Trek" observation. Episode #1 was uneven, unfocused, and did a "Hail Mary pass," which sounds a bit like the first 'Star Trek" movie. Episode #2 was more Serious, dealt with a Vorlon-like race, and featured an unusual trade for "Omicron Persei 8." This makes it as good as "The Wrath of Khan." Uh-oh, are we on the "odd-numbered-ones are crap, even-numbered-ones are good" path? (I wish they'd lay off the lame jokes, "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" this isn't, more like "Planet Express.";)
  12. MOOSTR - "Let's Go"

    Here's something to take the edge off your manic Mondays. With storms on the horizon, take a breath and sing this to your significant other. It will make the day of putting up storm shutters and packing for "evacuation from low-lying areas" go faster/smoother.;) Ernie Cruz Jr. & Imua Garza introduce "Let's Go" (HI Sessions Live)
  13. Drunks eat "drunk food"

    Do things taste better when you're drunk/hammered/wasted? The Facts Irish panel gets drunk, THEN tries various kinds of "drunk food" with the usual hilarious results. (Some of these "foods" must have been crated by a drunk!)
  14. Polaroid is back!?

    I was touring YouTube when I came across several posts to the effect that "Polaroid is Back!" I've been aware that The Impossible Project has been marketing so-so instant photographic film and cameras for Hipsters. (Whatever they are.) Compared to Fuji's Instax film, Impossible film was sub par, taking a lot of time to finish developing and subject to fading away over time. So, "Hipster Photography" has belonged to Instax...until now. Promising better quality and lower prices for 600-series Polaroid film, plus a new camera and film, at first glance it looks like Impossible has become Polaroid. I always looked upon "Polaroid squares" as part of the short-attention-span-photography/ethereal prints scene now known as "Hipster." I've always been a "got a negative/print/slide?" photographer who preferred stuff that lasts/lasted. The only Polaroid I miss is 100- and 600-series Pack film that was used by professionals to check exposure and layouts before using "real film." So, is your Polaroid experience of the "James Garner & Mariette Hartley Polaroid 600" variety, or do you remember "Polaroid P/N, Type 55" which could produce either a good black-and-white print or a good negartive. (But never both.;)?
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  16. Hawaiian Blend - Cane Fire

    The Peter Moon Band's title track to their "Cane Fire!" album was a radio favorite for months back in 1982, and cleaned up at Na Hoku Hanohano awards the next year. Without percussion or drums, this trio brings back the days when local Marijuana growers would hide their cash crop from prying eyes and sugar plantation operations. "Gotta save those 'children."!
  17. Oktoberfest Rock!

    Looking over September-into-October events, Oktoberfest came up on a Google! search. A Classic Rock approach to "Oktoberfest" came up with the Ramones song. (If you're gonna drink everybody under the table with just beer, it's the right tempo.;) What does an Oktoberfest band make of The Ramones? "Oktoberfest"? Rocktoberfest!
  18. I've been Watching CBS' "Salvation" to see how an "Extinction Level Event" is handled by official Washington D.C. The latest wrinkle reminded me of this 1973 TV movie about what happens when the #2 man is a "babe in the woods" advised by Machiavellian plotters. "Salvation" on CBS: Where is "President John Beck?"
  19. Whatever happened to handheld TVs?

    Gee guys I'm getting sad over here,because I too miss the small tv's...too much technology-sigh!!
  20. Hey, what did your dog/cat/kids/significant other find in your "junk box"? An old mix tape that you haven't played for years! (For the Y2K generation, a mix CD.) But what to play it on? The last ccompact cassette player died years ago, the capstan wrapped in ribbons of "eaten tape." Trust "Techmoan" to discover Sony's latest multimedia product, CD+cassette boomboxes. One is a simple, somewhat round thing that has the look and feel of a local discount store. (With sound to boot!) The other is a "domestic-market-only-Japanese-character-labelled-controls" version that can do "the clock radio" thing. Listen as "Techmoan" tries various cassette tape formulations Without Dolby Noise Reduction to determine a winner. Then thrill to the Puppets at the end!
  21. All That Glitters?

    fuel - shimmer ive been looking for this song all night. i finally found it but it took me longer to log into this site. wtf. why the ******* is the security so high, i just wanted to respond to a 12 year old post. i didnt want to waste 20 minutes confirming my email address. i mean seriously why
  22. Irish vs. American Barbeque?

    I love Ireland and the Irish, but their taste buds are adapted from the potato famine when they had to subsist on mildew and tree bark, which is what most of their food tastes like. The "Irish Breakfast" is foul indeed. Great beer though.
  23. Are by chance meaning "I won't stray" by Chris Goulstone"/
  24. "Facts" on YouTube has people trying various things from around the world. However, the Irish are roped into this "try this and tell us what you think of it" most often, with hilarious results. (The Irish guinea pigs in this studio setting aren't hard drinkers; some even react negatively toward Guinness brews!) Submitted for your approval, several Irish folks dig into American barbeque with varied results. An Irish person DOESN'T like Guinness brews!? How "Irish" are YOU?
  25. Ne'ene'e Mai A Pili

    Here's a 1930's Charles E. King composition, which is all about cuddling.;) "Cuddle up closer" from Huapala
  26. September Gurls

    It's early September, and there's been no wind all day. The hot August nights spill over into the next month. And now for a spirited cover of "September Gurls" to cool things off... Big Star's 1974 non-hit (?)
  27. Music Lists A-Z

    Popular Artists of the 60's Archie Bell and The Drells Buffalo Springfield Creedence Clearwater Revival Doors E The Fugs G H I Jefferson Airplane K Led Zeppelin Mamas & the Papas, The N Oliver P Q Richie Havens S T U Van Morrison Who, The X Yardbirds Zombies, The
  28. Celebrity Initials Game

    Peter Jurasik O S
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