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  2. "Ku'u Pua Sakura"

    Sorry, but Huapala.org doesn't have "Ku'u Pua Sakura" lyrics in the database. However, it is a song about Japanese cherry blossoms (Sakura).
  3. Amelia Earhart's Last Flight

    I forget where I heard this (comedic?) version of a song tribute to Amelia Earhart, but, in spite of the subject matter, they pull it off. Later, I heard the original and realized what had happened; the SNL treatment. (Long before NBC unleashed Saturday Night Live.) But it's better than Adam Sandler's "Turkey Song" or an angry Native American Thanksgiving message song, I'll bet. 5 Definitions of Love For Lovin' Me
  4. And now for something completely different. The end of this Summer camp experience features a Thanksgiving skit/playlet. The "beautiful campers" get to play "civilized Pilgrims," while "the outcasts" play the Native Americans. But Wednesday Addams has a surprise for the "civilized people"!
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  6. The Oddball Game

    Joplin has an even number of letters in her last name, the other three have an odd number of letters in their last names.
  7. Music Lists A-Z

    Eagles Flaming Lips, The Grateful Dead Heart
  8. Alphabetical Artists game

    Eagles A much better Tunnel Of Love was by Dire Straits. "Live Now, Pay Later"
  9. Celebrity Initials Game

    Chuck Studley...now there's a blast from the past. Boy, did he suck!! Dominic Chinese (pronounced Kee-A-Nay-Zee)
  10. Top 10 Thanksgiving movies

    I was OK with this list until "Home Alone" (1990) came up. On December 21, 1992, a barefoot 9-year-old girl in distress called on her next door neighbor. The bathtub had overflowed, and the smoke alarm scared her into calling 911, then going next door for help. "Mom and Dad" had left her in charge of the house and her 4 year-old sister while they went to Acapulco, Mexico for a vacation! Even before this, I'd wondered why people found it hilarious that a preteen child had been left alone at home to face down two burglars. That aside, any other one of these movies should fit in well with Thanksgiving.;)
  11. "9 To 5" (Ordinary Man)

    Submitted for your approval, most of the original members of "War," continuing the make music as "The Lowrider band." The legal details on "War"
  12. "Killing Me Softly"

    The "Roberta Flack" version, with Acapella chorus to start the song.
  13. "Oshin" TV series

    During the early 1980's, NHK launched a series that has "circled the globe," dubbed into many languages across Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. I recall seeing this on KIKU TV at the time, but didn't record it due to the large number of T-120 tapes it would eat up. Nevertheless, this tale of "child laborer Oshin" became a must-see favorite, in spite of it's downbeat subject and the numerous ways that "Superior People" abused her. By the way, Shin starts recalling her life as a maid from episode #4. Wikipedia has this to say about the Meiji to Showa era survivor. The "Oshin" Theme
  14. Hollywood character actors

    Jerry Skinner has started a new series of videos on YouTube, "Hollywood Character Actors." If you've watched Westerns movies or TV series, Strother Martin, L.Q. Jones, Dub Taylor, and Slim Pickens are familiar faces filling out scenes with the Big Stars. Strother Martin of "What we've got here is...failure to communicate" fame was an "overnight success" after many "Oaters," as Western movies were/are called. L.Q. Jones was told that "Justice McQueen Jr." wouldn't go over big in Hollywood, so he "got inventive." Dub Taylor, like the rest of these actors, has toiled away as a sidekick in many Westerns. "Slim Pickens," of "Major 'King' Kong," riding a nuclear bomb like a rodeo horse in "Dr. Strangelove," was a real cowboy on the professional rodeo circuit before "doing it for the cameras." See you at the movies.;)
  15. "Wreck It Ralph" blind review

    Wreck-it Ralph was a palatable movie. After that, film of this ilk got really hyperkinetic (see: Lego Movie).
  16. "Wreck It Ralph" blind review

    "Wreck It Ralph" has been showing up on the "family" cable channels lately, and, in spite of this reviewer's remarks, is a pleasant way to spend time "behind the scenes" at the video game arcade. Got you quarter(s) handy? Drop them in and "Get Bad.";)
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  18. USN Corpsman Interview

    Not all veterans carry weapons and "go over the top." Others come running when "Corpsman!" is heard over the "rattle of battle." (This is Part 1 of 4)
  19. "The Road That Never Ends'

    Keali'i Reichel isn't an unknown artist/musician in Hawai'i or in parts of the world. However, submitted for your approval is a set of songs in English for those non-Hawaiian language listeners. "For The First Time" "Every Road Leads Back To You" "If We Hold On Together" "Wanting Memories" "Fields Of Gold" "I Will Be Here" "If I Had Words" "Now And Forever/Sweet Memory" "Goodbye My Friend" "In My Life" "Come Sail Away"
  20. "Go For Broke"

    For Veteran's Day 2017, Jake Shimabukuro performs "Go Fot Broke," honoring the service and sacrifice of the 442nd RCT in World War II. It has been suggested that you thank a veteran for his/her sacrifice rather than their service.
  21. Technology marches forth and things change, not always for the better. I ran across this lively, full blown version of MTV's first Video Stars, which will make you forget the laboratory-sterile-studio-version.;)
  22. "Leopard Skin Phones"

    So, you've got your music library on The Cloud, all 256GB worth, and your Bluetooth headset is buzzing to the beat. Pshaw, you ain't heard nothing yet! Back in the day, stereo headphones were huge things weighing at least 500g, and keeping time to the music was a workout. Here's a group you've heard of, doing a homage to those Koss Pro 4a's and AKG K240 studio monitor headphones. Rock if you dare!;) Brought to you by your "neighborhood small business merchant"
  23. Krystm, sorry for the late reply. go to the main page. At the bottom in the gray area, there's a vertical tab "Contribution." click that. You'll see "Suggest a Songfact or Artistfact." Just follow the directions. :-)
  24. Lyrics

    Hi Suzie! I'd never heard this song before, but I found it on Youtube and jotted down the lyrics for you. Hope this helps. :-) Dreamin' dreams that never could come true Dreamin' dreams was all I'd ever do Just going nowhere [everything was wrong] Just going nowhere [then you came along] Melinda love I found the dream in you Melinda love until you came my way Every day was just another day I was just nowhere [no direction known] Just going nowhere [looking for a home] Melinda love I found the place to stay Saw the world through empty eyes Little did I realize All the beauty you can find When love becomes your state of mind Melinda love I never thought I'd see All my dreams become reality But you are here now [nothing can go wrong] Yes, you are here now [right where you belong] Melinda love I love you loving me Saw the world through empty eyes Little did I realize All the beauty you can find When love becomes your state of mind Ba da ba da ba da ba Ba da ba da ba da ba [to fade]
  25. kylie minogue - can't get you out of my head
  26. Natasha Jenkins

    Sometimes, you're in the right place at the right time to witness Perfection on the street.
  27. Reflex 1 modular camera

    https://www.shutterbug.com/content/new-reflex-1-camera-claims-be-“-first-fully-updated-35mm-manual-slr-25-years” Imagine a 35mm Single Lens Reflex film camera that can do the following: 1. Change lens mounts from M39 Praktica/Pentax to Nikon F to Canon FD and back when needed. 2. Allows you to change film in mid-roll via a modular film back 3. Is as basic as possible, for those wishing to graduate from "Smart Phone Photography." It also claims to be the first updated/original camera design to appear in the past 25 years. It's enough to depress the Pentax K1000 used camera market all by itself. (Imagine that, a brand new film camera that isn't a does-it-work used camera!) So, are you itching to try Kodak's relaunched Ektachrome slide film line if/when it arrives next year? Are you looking for a camera that won't have it's sensor destroyed at LASER shows? Are you ready to step up from fuzzy/light-leak-prone LOMO "Hipster toys"? Check it out, "Decisive Moment" fans!
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