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  1. RonJonSurfer

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Ange, Otokichi and Carl...thanks for the replies. Carl, you better be here a fair amount. Ron
  2. RonJonSurfer

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    After all these years I still can't make everything work right. Thus...see a quote from the one and only Edna dated 9/23/18 in my last reply.
  3. RonJonSurfer

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    I was wondering if any of the old Songfacts gang (you know who you are) checks in to the site much these days. Every once in while I come back searching for you guys but come up empty. It was a vibrant and crazy place when we all joined close to 15 years ago and it remained that way for a long time. Frankly I miss it. If any of you stop by, leave a comment. I'd love to know how you guys are doing. RonJonSurfer (Ron)
  4. RonJonSurfer

    Chasing the name of a song and artist.

    https://www.last.fm/music/Hanson/+similar Good place to start.
  5. Edna always making great choices...even for funerals.
  6. I was here 13 years ago and I know it's never too late to give an response.!!
  7. RonJonSurfer

    Three Word Story II

    in downtown Oakland
  8. RonJonSurfer

    Sing The Conversation IV

    Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground.... Mother Earth will swallow you lay your body down...
  9. RonJonSurfer

    Sing The Conversation IV

    How can people be so heartlessHow can people be so cruelEasy to be hardEasy to be cold
  10. RonJonSurfer

    Three Word Story II

    and farther on
  11. RonJonSurfer

    Three Word Story II

    to float slowly
  12. RonJonSurfer

    Sing The Conversation IV

    Ride Captain ride upon your mystery ship...
  13. RonJonSurfer

    Top 10 Acoustic Songs

    Humorously, to me, 1 COOL DOG CAT increased the elapsed response time on this thread from 2/27/10 to 7/12/17. I guess it is cool that I'm still getting activity from something I first posted over 10 and 1/2 years ago.
  14. RonJonSurfer

    Sing The Conversation IV

    It's a family affair.......
  15. RonJonSurfer

    Three Word Story II

    is an experience