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  1. Wrong. The next poster is surprised I was the next poster?
  2. Uncle Joe was surely one of the good guys. Always funny and friendly to everyone. (Thank you to Edna for letting me know about UJ's passing). You know, this Topic is like an actual wake. You don't see family and friends for years until somebody dies...then you realize you miss them all. I do miss you guys.
  3. We should all check in more often. Wishing you and Carole the best. Thanks for keeping us updated. I will do my best to check in more often. It was always fun and I always learned about something new (to me anyway).
  4. Happy New Year to all my "old" friends from SongFacts. I hope you all have happy, health and prosperous times in 2021 and beyond. Ron
  5. I'd like to wish everyone at Songfacts a wonderful Easter and Passover holiday. Enjoy!!! Ron
  6. Carl, Thanks. Of course I follow SongFacts too. I have a lot of fun with it. It's really just the way I'd be talking about music with friends and whoever else is in earshot. The marketing aspect fascinates me too. I like when I figure something out and get a big response. Ron
  7. If anybody cares about my daily ramblings about music via Twitter...you can find me at Best Song I Heard Today @bestsongIheard I do Top 10's, songs of the day, photos of my vinyl collection and lot's of random nonsense. Much like I did on SongFacts. I'm almost up to 4000 followers and I get some play from some rockers like Tommy James, Eric Carmen, Dave Davies and others. It's fun for me.

    I want to create a playlist based on all the annual publications of the station Q104.3, tongo the ones of several years, but I am missing a few (years 2001, 2002, 2008, 2012, 2011, etc.). Do you have some of these? Thanks and kind regards.


  9. Well it's good to see you stop by and check in. Ron
  10. Come on over Edna. We'll leave the light on for you.
  11. Hey look...we're starting to gather together again...maybe in 2019? So good to hear from Edna. Happy New Year to all my friends at Songfacts. Ron
  12. Wow, what a great looking family. I hope Christmas was wonderful and 2019 is even better. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Ron
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