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  1. In 1966 I first heard "Reach Out I'll Be There" by The Four Tops.James Jamerson of Motown's in house band "The Funk Brothers" was the bass player.I was hooked by the power of Jamerson's playing.It is definitely in my top 10.
  2. Hey there RonJon......That old strat belonged to Rory Gallagher
  3. I thought it might be George Harrison but couldn't find any photos of him playing this particular model.lol
  4. Hi Edna I think I figured out the red guitar. It's Joe Satriani's Ibanez JS1200 Signature Guitar.
  5. Hi Bluesboy.That axe belonged to Jerry Garcia
  6. Your right.This should be in Fun And Games.I don't mind if someone wants ta move it
  7. Edna you got it right:) It's Eric's psychedelic 1964 Gibson Les Paul SG Currently owned by Todd Rundgren. Link Another Link
  8. Say it....that guitar was Eric Clapton's
  9. I think Scott was right.That is Brian Mays guitar.
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