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  1. "Bob's Burgers" at the movies

    References to movies pop up in TV shows all the time, which run from subtle to "bang your head" obvious. Submitted for your approval, the many movie references to be found in "Bob's Burgers" over the years.;)
  2. Pete Seeger wrote it, The Byrds soared high with it, and here's an a capella + Bluegrass version from a movie. An interesting plus are the Spanish subtitles, in case you want to practice this song for a Karaoke session at "Cinco Hermanos Cantina.";)
  3. The Father's Day song

    I considered a number of Father's Day-themed songs, but this simple one made the cut. Just imagine what the house looks like after Junior channels "Dennis the Menace"! So what was #2? "Outfit" by Drive-By Truckers
  4. The Warsaw Concerto

    Submitted for your approval, an old piece of music that has transcended the World War II movie from which it came. Film buffs might remember "Dangerous Moonlight," but the powerful opening of the "Warsaw Concerto" thunders into the sky.
  5. A long time ago (The 1950's) there was a music class for elementary school that featured songs like "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean." One song was a perennial fave of the music teacher, and I recall seeing that it was a Sicilian folk song. The opening line ran something like this: "Come out when the moon is full and the wind is fair, come out into the open air." The song was almost like the German song, "The Happy Wanderer," speaking of walking hither and yon, singing and dancing all the way. Sorry, I don't remember the Italian title, and online lyric searches have led nowhere. It's almost as if I imagined the whole thing, but one can't forget: "Columbia, the gem of the ocean" back just before Sputnik and just after the original Mikey Mouse Club on TV. How's this for a musical mystery?
  6. 1980 Technics Co-Deck

    Here's a gift suggestion for the parent "who has everything." (Not all households are headed by a "father" these days.;) In 1979, Sony debuted the Walkman stereo cassette player for "private listeners." Other electronics companies cogitated on how to capitalize on this rising wave. In 1980, Technics came out with the M1 (tape player only) and M2 (Plus FM radio) stereo cassette "bricks." Since these were Japan/domestic-market-only products, there's little chance that your "Jimmy Pesto" neighbor has/had one. (Who's "Jimmy Pesto," you ask? The bete noire of Bob Belcher of "Bob's Burgers" who pushes Bob's competitive buttons just by being across the street.;) I'll let "Techmoan" tell you the rest, as another commercial Sunday approaches.
  7. The Sons of Liberty

    Submitted for your approval, a string trio that plays George Washington's Hit Parade! This "family group" also plays Bluegrass, though their repertoire is to be found in 18th century sheet music.;)
  8. Happy Father's Day

    For the fathers on this forum board, have a good one! Here's a cover of Lukas Graham's "7 Years performed live for parent battling Cancer.
  9. 1962 Triplecorder

    So you haven't got ten that "it gift" for Pater? Step right up folks, here's something that dear old Dad will find fascinating and frustrating at the same time! (Nothing like getting "the most memorable gift ever," right?) "Techmoan" was tipped off by a podcast viewer and imported this "three-way-'52-pickup" item from Japan and proceeded to "improve it" by any means necessary. There's also a sidebar on Japanese year/era numbering, and this item was patented in 1962, but made it market in 1964. Sorry, no puppets again.;)
  10. The elements

    Submitted for your approval, a song about The Periodic Table of Elements by Tom Lehrer. If some of this sticks in your brain, more power to you.;) Too tame? How about "Peanuts does 'Barracuda"?
  11. Calculator game!?

    Is Math class far too dull? Can't wait for school to end so you can "pump coins at the arcade"? Fear not, there's a game hidden in the calculator! Yes, you can waste time and not learn higher math until the teacher catches you doing a "numbers game." So get those fingers limber and clear your mind of theorems and proofs, it's Game Time!
  12. Greta Van Fleet

    "Rock 'n Roll is Dead!" Well, this "lively corpse" is just having a great time.;)
  13. Cow Dee On Us Eager Tour

    I wasn't too sure about this show, sight unseen, but the DVR didn't disappoint, delivering a vaguely familiar tale. A 1953 short story by Alfred Bester came to mind, and a Google! search for "Cow Dee On Us Eager Tour" delivered the tale of Ward T. Presenting, the patients of Ward T! And now: Karaoke "Gaudeamus Igitur"!
  14. "Highway Star" (In "Belter"!)

    Some songs are great in any language. Here's a Rock traveling music song in "Belter language." And, for once, this is a good news video: "The Expanse" will be back!
  15. Stirling Engine Kit

    "Techmoan" is back with a pricey "heat difference" engine kit. This up-and-down-piston-action engine operates via the difference in temperature between one surface and the other. It even works under bright sunlight! If the conditions are right, setting it in the palm of your (warm/hot) hand will start a "mechanical magic" show.;)