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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr-Zz5HbO7Q&list=PLwGzY25TNHPAtgsHJ6CnH-pn38anqOwzH Submitted for your approval, a Russian TV series set during World War II. Here's a look at the Russian air force (VVS) at the squadron level operating off a grass field near a forest. (Conditions resemble World War I, complete with novice pilots and tents.) English subtitles via CC. It's time to defend Russia during The Great Patriotic War and turn back the Nazi horde that seeks to exterminate "Untermenschen." (Us!)
  2. School has been out for some time what with "Lockdown and Social Distancing" measures in place. The "Home School" is a common thing these days, where Education comes in all shapes and sizes outside the classroom. Submitted for your approval, one of the most interesting/milestone "teaching events" seen on network TV. How will WKRP Deejay "Venus Flytrap" turn a reluctant student back to school?
  3. Submitted for your approval, a mellow cover of a U2 signature song. Have a safe weekend and Memorial Day. (The next door neighbor's kids had a somewhat noisy/spirited celebration.)
  4. John Hammond has persuaded the original team (Dr. Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm) to return to Isla Nublar to repair Jurassic Park. With a confident business representative standing in for John Hammond, can your team rebuild Jurassic Park? If that's too dull, join TheWaffleGalaxy at "Ark Park" in VR: "Ark Park VR": Interact with the animals if you dare!
  5. A song about Summer by Gordon Lightfoot. Here's hoping that Life can resume before the Summer of 2020 passes into Autumn and Winter.
  6. Submitted for your approval, the decades-long search for Nazis who tried to implement "The Final Solution" on "Untermenschen" in conquered territories across Europe. This is an audio-with-few-photos-kinda-podcast. Starting before the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945, prominent Nazis sought various ways to elude capture by the Allies by changing identities or with help from Vatican officials. Will the likes of Klaus Barbie, Adolf Eichmann, and Josef Mengele escape to "die in bed"? Roll tape...
  7. Submitted for your approval, the further adventures of "Techmoan" in the Land of Discarded Tech. Are ye interested in big bags of decrepit electronics? See what one can bid on at the Jauce auction site. Is there anything that can be brough back to life, or has Mat bitten off much more than he can chew? Stay tuned for a long video...
  8. A spirited instrumental from a visiting French 'Ukulele artist.;)
  9. Submitted for your approval, an HMV windup gramophone running at 78 RPM. How does it sound? Scratchy, tinny. and awful? Are you sure about that? "Techmoan" takes us back to 1946 to hear if a HMV 102 sounded awful... This just in: The "Moan Family" Puppets are back!;)
  10. Submitted for your disinterest, a Parker Brothers board game where females start out with more money and collect $240 when they pass "Go." Males start out with less money and collect $200 passing "Go." Inventions by women as investments and snarky "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards round out this not-exactly-Woke board game. For a unique game experience, the sound cuts out early but is restored before the 5 minute mark. Pick one of the different game tokens, it's time to "play like a girl."
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/may/09/the-real-lord-of-the-flies-what-happened-when-six-boys-were-shipwrecked-for-15-months?utm_source=pocket-newtab Submitted for your approval, a tale unknown/ignored by Hollyweird that took place in the mid 1960's. Six teen boys scheme to "see the world" and sail off into a storm and shipwreck on a tiny island. Did these 13-16 year-olds turn into the "tribal savages of the 'Lord of the Flies" book? " Steal the most rickety outrigger canoe and stock it with minimal supplies, you're off an a much longer than "a three hour tour."
  12. Submitted for your approval, "a gem found in a bundle" from Japan. It's "MiniDisc time with Techmoan' again, with an "end of the line" portable play-only model, the Sony MZ-E620. Got your vintage MiniDisc in hand? Let's start unwrapping the little sucker...
  13. Does it help to be a kid to play "The Impossible Game"? How about a variation/successor? Got your "inner rug rat" on? Fantastic. Let's jump through "Geometry Dash"!
  14. I was cruising YouTube, when a segment of "The Bob and Tom Show" popped up in my recommendations. I found them interesting, then a segment featuring "The Electric Amish" (!) popped up. So what do these "plugged in Mennonites" do? They sing, of course, and write about "things Amish." Uh-oh, a friend of theirs is falling under the spell of a "English" girl! How dangerous is that?
  15. Submitted for your approval, a very simple game that has been driving gamers crazy for years. All you have to do is jump over obstacles and avoid traps as a Techno soundtrack and faster scrolling exposes the depth of your "expletive deleted" vocabulary. Are your relexes good? Can you discern patterns? Start playing the "Easy" level... Speaking of "going crazy over a simple game."
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