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  1. Submitted for your approval, the less grim movie commissioned by a Hiroshima teacher's union, to portray the Hiroshima Atomic bomb' and it's effects on people years later. This was the first of two movies screened by Turner Classic Movies this Sunday, 12 July, 2020 to commemorate August 6th, 1945. The teacher's union was upset that this movie failed to indict the Japanese and U.S. government for failing to meet the needs of A-Bomb survivors. A second, more graphic movie, showing people "blasted into rag dolls," and children trapped under a collapsed wooden classroom, titled "Hiroshima" (1953), got the point across like a lead pipe "upside your head." Warning: this (or the other movie) show graphic depictions of the effects of A-bomb "Little Boy" on civilians.
  2. Hear ye, hear ye! Neebs Gaming takes a look at the world and game play in the third edition of "Watch Dogs." London has been taken over by unknown forces, and you need to recruit a diverse team to combat them!
  3. Submitted for your approval, a hot July night in Nurnberg. It's time for a movie at the Drive Inn, and The Hooters are playing! "Karla with a K" Live!
  4. Red Alert! Solo violinist ahead with nostalgic intent. Watch out for "Seven of Canine," a real work of art! "STar Trek: Enterprise" Theme (extended) Vocal by Russel Watson.
  5. Submitted for your approval, a spirited cover of Ledward Kaapana's medley of Slack Key instrumental tunes. Even in the Summer heat, this tune is cool...
  6. Submitted for your approval, a 1,000,000 subscriber special video from "Techmoan." What could the well-heeled audio enthusiast buy in the late 1970's/early 1980's that could rival a professional recording studio's output? Technics presented state-of-the-art digital audio recording systems that were far too good for dubbing tapes or LPs of the late 1970's. This unit appeared on the Japanese domestic HiFi in the Spring of 1981 as "affordable professional tech." Why didn't "top quality audio on a T-120" take off? Take a trip into the past with "Techmoan," where the music CD is just over the horizon and the "Beta vs. VHS" video format war is starting...
  7. The Earth is toast. A 67 minute nuclear war has left few survivors, who fan out across space in search of a "Class M" planet. The Scout ship "Utah," the second-to-the-last survey ship, has found an uninhabitable planet and is returning to the fleet of ships after a 7 year quest. The "Pegasus," the final Scout ship, is running low on antimater fuel in it's assigned sector. The crew, which has become quite motley over the 7 year voyage, is less and less motivated when sensors detect a drifting ship of similar design. Where is the ship from? Is there a habitable planet in the target system? Can the crew "keep it together" long enough to complete their mission?
  8. Submitted for your approval, an all-star Science Fiction series with a "Gene Roddenberry"-like approach. This series looks at disposable "synthetics" in a world where Human blue collar workers no longer exist. Is the "rescued from a mining company's metal smelter" synthetic going to ignore Asimov's "Three Laws for Robots"? Will the ex-hotshot helmsman rise to the occasion as the "uninhibited synthetic" threatens the primacy of Homo sapiens over "metal heads"? Sign on with "Space Command," you have nothing to lose but daily boredom...
  9. Submitted for your approval, a 1975 pioneer Compact Cassette deck with a "flip down" clock! "Techmoan" unveils his latest Japanese import and traces the evolution of Compact Cassette decks from the dictation quality Norelco to the "high fidelity component rack" look of later years.
  10. Tobias Elof of Denmark is a student Hawaiian Slack Key music. Submitted for your approval, a delicate instrumental for someone.;)
  11. I ran across this on YouTube, another Neebs Gaming play through. As usual, this bunch can make the grimmest game a light-hearted romp through a northern forest. (Cannibals? Bash 'em and kill 'em! ) A village of Cannibals? Use your improved spears and the emergency axe! Explore a cave and find more Cannibals? Throw a stick of dynamite at 'em! It's four hours of an off-kilter survival game.
  12. As usual, I can't find anything but movie trailers for Foreign Film Sunday on Turner Classic Movies ("The Pickpocket," 1959 and; "Mouchette" (1967). However, "The Fountain" (2006) is available on YouTube, so here it is. A movie trailer showed that there are timelines from 1500, 2000, and 2500 A.D., which look interesting.
  13. A chance meeting out on the town leads to an age old question.
  14. In the heat of Summer, can a mere drink mix satisfy an Irish "Try Channel" group? Stay tuned, our Emerald Isle imbibers will see if there's a "party in every glass" of Mexican Klass drink mix.;) Best of "Irish People Try": Alcohol
  15. Submitted for your approval, two high tech "light kits" from Germany. "Techmoan" has done it again, dragging a small tech company from obscurity to commercial success! So, here are two very interesting LED kits guaranteed to fill your "slack time" and turn the darkest night into a "druggie light show.";) The Cube "requires assembly" and common sense to turn slabs of plastic into a kinetic light sculpture that rivals a sex-starved male Cuttlefish "on the make." Next, is a four digit LED display that doesn't require electronic hobbyist skills, but has as many modes and possibilities as any humble "store bought" LCD alarm clock...and so much more. People who speak German will have a leg up on these projects, though Google! Translate will get a workout for "monolinguals."
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