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  1. Otokichi


    It was in the mid-1980's, when CBS ran TV dramas near midnight. Submitted for your approval, a 1986-88 "Spy Dramedy" featuring a one-handed secret agent assigned to "Miscellaneous Affairs," a basement department in charge of the routine and mundane. ISI's top agent is determined to return to the field, in spite of his injury and his officious boss, "Melville Greenspan." Aided by the ever-adaprable (if occasionally clumsy) "Mona Ellerby," V. H. Adderly foiled many kinds of master criminals. "Night Heat," a Police story, was in rotation with an investigative magazine crew in "Hot Shots" and "Diamonds." CBS "Crime Time After Prime Time"
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/08/11/technology/youtube-fake-view-sellers.html This is not about music, though musicians have been known to "buy fake YouTube likes." I have wondered how some very obscure or "narrow focus" Vlogs have attracted suspiciously large "Like" numbers, and it turns out that YouTube has a thorny problem on it's hands. Submitted for your approval, the "Fake YouTube Likes" merchants who "pump and dump" videos.
  3. Otokichi

    Sony FH-7 Mk. II

    Submitted for your approval, a 1980's Sony "compnent Boom Box"! This 15Kg (fully assembled) super bricks series did have a carrying handle, but only "Ahnold" could hoist it/carry it around on his shoulder. This is the first in planned series on "Boom Boxes/ Ghetto Blaster" radio/tape/EQ/phonograph all-in-ones. My old Fisher unit is more basic (no autoreverse tape p;layer) and plastic to boot, but it did the job back in the day. Did you own (or wishe you could own) such an "eater of batteries" radio/tape unit?
  4. Otokichi

    Ronal the Barbarian

    Submitted for your approval, a much-less-than-Conan-the-Barbarian tale. Here's a 2011 film for kids of all ages, "ripped with six pack" or not.;)
  5. Otokichi

    "Dusty Faces"

    Submitted for your approval, a series of short films about German soldiers in World War II. Unless you speak German, select the subtitle tab abd you too, will "get up close and in the minds" of these foot soldiers.
  6. Otokichi

    Fuji Instax SQ6

    Submitted for your approval, "Techmoan" is betting that the large, square Fuji Instax camera is better than the "portrait rectangular" original. Bonus: The "Moan family puppets" are back!;
  7. Otokichi

    We're An American Band

    I wasn't a fan of theirs back then, in fact I didn't know about them at all. Then, when college classes resumed, I saw GFR's "On Time" LP among the possessions of a senior ROTC fellow from Michigan. They sounded more interesting than Hawaii Rock faves "The Rascals" or "Led Zeppelin," but I was leaving Rock behind for Jazz. So, submitted for your approval, Grand Funk Railroad, very much "an American band.';)
  8. Otokichi

    Tailgate Jam

    A few years ago, I came across an announcment that The Hawaiian Style Band was primed for a restart. I never heard any more about that, though there were some interesting demo tracks that showed they were as sharp as ever. Now they're at "HI Sessions" in the classic lineup, doing old and new songs. Here's one for your weekend backyard BBQ gathering under the stars.;)
  9. Otokichi

    "Lost in the Pond"

    I've run across this Chicago Brit from time to time, usually when he comments on words, customs, places in these United States of America. His "Lost in the Pond" website is the master key to seeing just what a ex-UK native finds interesting about "Doohickey.";)
  10. Otokichi

    DVD+Blu-ray in "VHS"

    Do you remember the awful cardboard-and-plastic DVD cases of not-long-ago? "Techmoan" has a short vlog on UK's HMV group stuffing Blu-ray and DVD discs into (somewhat) substantial VHS-like storage boxes. Is this coming to your local swap meet or Walmart? Only the ranks of swiftly-disappearing-DVD want to know.;)
  11. Otokichi

    All Day Music

    With heat waves and brush fires making this world way too hot, here's the Lowrider Band playing a cool Summer tune.;)
  12. Otokichi

    Jay Leno's Garage

    It's late July, and CNBC is finally airing new episodes of "Jay Leno's Garage." Before the Great Analog Cable TV Shutdown by Charter Spectrum, CNBC was unavailable to this former "enhanced analog cable TV" subscriber. I waited until the final week's deadline to upgrade, so I missed earlier episodes of "JLG," and had to dodge "Shark Tank" reruns just when things were getting interesting. This past Thursday's (7/26) "Size Matters" episode feaatured Arnold Schwarzenegger's M47 tank that he drove to fulfill his civil/military obligation back in 1985, 7/8 size "road legal" classic cars, tiny post war European "shoe-sized autos," giant cruisers, and the Nash Metropolitan.
  13. Otokichi

    Fuji Rock Festival

    https://www.youtube.com/fujirockfestival Submitted for your approval, a weekend of "contemporary music" from Japan. Sorry, no subtitles for these broadcasts, just Rock of various kinds with commentary, etc. (It's all about the music, unless you "can speak/read Japanese.";)
  14. Otokichi

    Wall Radio

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM64ajfq6jM&t=17s Submitted for yoiur approval, a short vlog from "Techmoan" about a "wall mounted FM radio." This looks like a Heathkit-level electronics kit project/conversation piece or a "solution in search of a problem. Would you believe that a (somewhat) improved version arrived in the U.S. under the "AC-Delco" brand?;)
  15. Otokichi


    Dogbert: "Is it too much trouble to turn the knobs?" Welcome to the TED cartoon world of Scott Adams and "Engineer Dilbert." (By the way, I don't recall seeing this on TV.)