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  1. Hello there, you early-adopter-of-tech, how's your 1980 Sony TTPS-L2 holding up? Still playing Compact Cassette mix tapes from your youth? Great, "Techmoan" has something "designed from the ground up" as a music player, the Walkman II! Press PLAY to find out how Sony made it smaller and better...if you dare!;)
  2. Got some "ankle biters" hankering to use the SmartPhone to play music? Yoto to the rescue! "Techmoan," being a "12 plus" kid, takes an in-depth look at Yoto's "my first music player." Press PLAY if you want to know how versatile this "child's toy" really is and what it can pull off The Cloud!;)
  3. Hey there Creighton, do you want something that will impress visitors to your digs? Get out some serious cash for the Bang & Olufsen Beosound 3200. Techmoan got the CD playing unit and found some powered speakers, thinking it was time to see what this "Rich Hippie/Calvin Fischoeder"-level was like. Press PLAY to find out how Denmark confused normal people with their strange user interface.;) ("Bang & Olufsen"? Never heard of it!)
  4. OK, you're the rejuvenated macabre movie villain, Dr. Phibes. It's the 21st century and clockwork orchestras are so "last century," so what is Vincent Price to do? Found on a Japanese website, "Techmoan" explores an "animated/robot band" that plays over 20 Jazz-inflected tunes. Press PLAY to find out how entertaining this "sound and motion" thing is.;)
  5. It's 1992 again, but this time, we have a naive player, who hasn't seen any "Indiana Jones" movies. Press PLAY to see how she does with this LucasArts game...
  6. Here's a mystery package for "Techmoan" to ponder. An commercial passenger aircraft in-flight entertainment system. Open it up, and there are Compact Cassette tapes! Press PLAY to find out more about the company that made it, the airline that used it, and what's on the tapes!;)
  7. This crossed my bow while surfing YouTube. Why do the Humans have all the fun? Sign up with The Klingon Empire and take down the weak, perfidious United Federation of Planets!
  8. I was trying to find something new by playing 1980's music by Hiroshima. Then this CD Baby page comes up, and here's a mellow modern tune to shrug off the scary season. Press PLAY for a little "peace of mind."(?) From 2012: "Smiling Jack," live.
  9. Submitted for your approval, a 2009 look behind the scenes of "Galaxy Quest." It's about two days before Halloween, and I am TIRED of "monsters, warlocks and things that go bump in the night." Press PLAY if you just want to see how "Captain Starshine" became "Galaxy Quest," a homage to Space Operas in general and "Star Trek" in particular.;)
  10. "Techmoan" wanted a state-of-the-art late night movie audio experience. However, "your mileage may vary" is the key phrase for this expen$ive "Bluetooth Speaker system." Press PLAY if you want to find out how an over $300 speaker system is as good as $60 stereo headphones.
  11. A bright, cheery song that, for some odd reason, reminds me of "Weird Al" Yankovic. But it's the real deal, something that you might hum or sing in line at the grocery store checkout.;) And, for Halloween, a song about restless spirtts: "Ghosts of Pasadena"
  12. Well, the idiots "dropped the big one" and the apocalypse has arrived. What do you do for music if your guitar is now feeding a campfire? Techmoan has the answer: Crank It Up...continuously. Press PLAY if you want to know how to hear Freddie Mercury "off the grid.";)
  13. This "do 'Space Quest' tasks better than Roger Wilco" is a revelation. I had no idea that The Space Quest Olympics has been going since 2018! Got your Golden Mop handy? Time to prove how great you are in the "Space Quest" universe. Press PLAY if you're "better than Ryley Robinson" of "Subnautica...')
  14. A song for Halloween, from "Hocus Pocus" (1993). Press PLAY if you want to find out what Witches do to naive children on All Hallow Eve!;)
  15. And now for something "deep and disturbing." Here's a look at Modernism, Postmodernism and junk movies. It's a bit of a slog, but if you keep watching, "Velma" floats to the surface. Press PLAY if you want to find out why your local grade school's kids can write/make better movies than Hollyweird.
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