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  1. Usually, DUST films run from 5-25 minutes and feature unusual science fiction tales that rival Hollyweird's best. In a grand departure, here is a Series! A lawman is unofficially sent to investigate a "where did it go?" science vessel and finds it drifting in space. What follows, in less-than-10-minute segments, is a tale of wonder/fear/impending doom. Press PLAY if you dare.
  2. In the Summer of 1983, I saw this on PBS and recorded it on Ye Olde Beta tape. I didn't own any kind of personal computer, and wondered why I'd ever need one. The premise of a "Computer Age 'Casablanca" was new to me, and looked interesting. This TV movie has been dissed by MST3K and folk who were computer programmers/gamers/hackers for decades. It would take until the 1990's before any of the computer terms used in this movie made sense to me, when I became acquainted with a photo studio's IBM XT. Take a trip down "command line" lane, when things were reckoned in Kilo- and Megabytes...
  3. Here's a YouTube recommendation surprise: freshwater fisherman/biologist Jeremy Wade looks at "reel fishing." I've read about/seen TV segments on Fly fishing, but it's "A River Runs Through It" up first.
  4. Another "Game ASMR" set for folks who want to explore the polar region of Planet 4546B without getting eaten/killed by the wildlife. Press PLAY to take an audio voyage...
  5. Jamal and other YouTube guys "get" Weird Al Yankovic, but here's a more expressive reactor. Looking at "Weird Al" Yankovic videos, YouTube suggested I look up "ScribeCash." She's frequently a ROTLMAO when Mr. Song Parody lights up her world. If you've been having a "pitch black cloud" day, "ScribeCash might just "chase the clouds away."
  6. Player "Voltron Elda" is winding down "Subnautica: Below Zero," and wakes to find himself on a strange, new world with as many questions as the grains of sand on a beach. Press PLAY to begin the adventure...
  7. The Stone Roses "Just My Imagination"
  8. What did fans of YouTube auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer call his 1994 Toyota Celica? Come and Get Your Love.
  9. Granted, oh great Mega-Godzilla. But you might get bored, since you can walk around the world in 7 steps!;) I wish that Mad magazine came back.
  10. Smoke a-puffin', tires a hummin' Burnin' up the road Countin' road signs and the miles to Baltimore One eye out for weighin' stations One for radar traps They can't stop me, 'cause my plans don't call for that "Big Wheel" - Jim Croce
  11. "Four" - Lambert, Hendicks, & Ross
  12. The Brothers Cazimero (It was a long time ago...) Name the last interesting movie/TV show you saw/streamed/binged. (I hope that's a big enough net.;)
  13. "Gotta Get Away" - Cecilio & Kapono Are you the "Roller Derby Queen?" - Jim Croce a
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