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  1. Millennials and Hipsters are (sometimes) astounded that they're looking at "old" (1974 is "old"!?) movies like "Blazing Saddles" and finding Cinema Gold. With Hollyweird spending mountains of cash on dumpster fires, it any wonder that people are "going TCM"? Here is the second oldest film I've ever seen, which has the "Georges Melies look." Press PLAY for bragging rights at a social gathering when a newbie talks about an "old movie," such as "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968).;)
  2. I recall seeing and hearing about "great deal all-in-one" music systems, but I preferred separates of known quality. (I did buy a Fisher AM/FM Cassette "boomlet," which sounded OK for casual me much later on.) "Techmoan" reveals a mistake from his youth and takes us on a tour of a sub-par "music system." Press PLAY to find out if anything still works...;)
  3. Were you a "Pinball Wizard" in your little town? Do you crave the thrill of "flipping the silver ball" but don't have the room in your "8 mat dwelling" for such a huge beast? Fear not, "Techmoan" has found a way to scratch that itch. Press PLAY to find out how to be a "Bally Table King" once again in limited spaces.;)
  4. I was looking and commenting on "Die Hard" (1988), then this discussion + video came up. I watched it and thought that this forum might find it interesting. Press PLAY to find out why a "did not have a full season" TV show of more than twenty years ago has something to say in trying times.
  5. Is Science Fiction always a hard dramatic slog? Nope. Here's a short look at a town full of scientific geniuses and the (supposedly) normal Sheriff who rides herd on them. It's short look not because of a truncated season/studio cancellation, but what looks like a case of a YouTube reactor's burnout. That said, there's a new Sheriff in town, so let's go...
  6. I was watching "The Target Audience" look at the first episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" out of curiosity. In the 1990's everyone was talking about this show, but "I don't do Vampires/Werewolves/Zombies" is my mantra for movies and TV. It looked interesting, but this 2011 show was my "dive into the deep end" TV show of choice. So, get a medieval skull cracker out of Aunt May's trailer, call up Monroe the Blutbad, it's time to hunt Wesen criminals!
  7. Hello fans of Woody Allen's "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" (1966). Instead of the Heavy Adult Themes of Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, thrill to "Rick and Morty"-level dialogue. It looks like the producers of this "erase the original and schtick it up" production stopped a while ago. Oh well, press PLAY if you prefer grade school Anime...
  8. Crusing YouTube, you can find anything you want, things you don't, and things that stop you in your tracks. Here is a deep dive into the characters/places/backstory of "Cowboy Bebop.." Are you ready to board the "Bebop"? Press PLAY for a well-drawn look at "Anime's gateway drug" from the last century. Do you "carry that weight"?
  9. It has been said that the Human voice is the most expressive/hard to record since Edison's time. Can the "DCC" pull off a "PDQ Bach"-level performance? Press PLAY to find out.;)
  10. Are you ready to pick over the Christmas leftovers at the mall? How about a Flashmob concert featuring Pachelbel's "Canon in D"? Press PLAY for An Experience!;)
  11. After the local "you are there in Ukraine" battle of the deaf explosion makers on new year's eve, something to ease you into the coming week. Press PLAY for solo acoustic Heaven.;)
  12. I saw the "2001 Star Wars trailer" first and wasn't that impressed. I expect that Richard Strauss would be pleased at this pairing, Press PLAY for An audio-visual experience... "Star Wars" 2001 Trailer
  13. Got a spare hour to see/hear "Techmoan" wax poetic about 2022? You do? Take your snow boots off, pour a cup of Mulled Wine, and see what kind of Tech Matt got into this year. Press PLAY to take a trip on the Techmoan Wayback Machine. (Nothing to do with "Indiana Jane and the Wayback Machine" movie due to crash and burn next year.;)
  14. This song is a warning to record executives not to push your label artist too far. So, you want a "Christmas Album"? Here's one that can remove paint!;)
  15. It's Christmas Eve where I am, and surfing through YouTube, I came across this ensemble version of Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad." Press PLAY for a warm fuzzy.;) A Korean guitar ensmeble/orchestra!
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