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  1. So you don't know where in the world Kolkata is? Fear not, "Techmoan" has found a "world turning" package to brighten the day of Geography-challenged folks everywhere. You DO have a SmartPhone, right? (I don't.) A trip to Amazon Japan will net you a lightly textured plastic world globe and a multi-purpose App for your Apple phoe or iPad. A virtual Political map overlay with national flags will make if possible to distinguish Albania from Zaire. Is the eight-year-old child in you mad about Dinosaurs? There's an overlay for that. Is this package worth $40 US? Can you use the App on another globe
  2. On October 19, 1987, Rick Sebak interviewed Fred Rogers in his "composer's apartment," not far from the WQED studios where "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" was produced. There are a number of interesting tidbits of information about Fred Rogers' "life before television" that shaped how he interacted with people. To quote a TV ad, "It's time well spent." Dr. Todd Grande looks at the mental health and personality of Fred Rogers
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov0ulwyv_jg Last Sunday, Turner Classic Movies showed the movies of Satyajit Ray on what would have been his 100th birthday. "Apur Sansar" is the third and final "Apu" movie that began with "Panthar Panchali" in 1955. Apu is now a young man who has to quit University studies due to a lack of money. A college friend invites him to a relative's wedding, and Apu's life changes suddenly. It's a great end to the "Apu Trilogy" and reminds me of Stayajit Ray's last movie, "The Stranger" (1991).
  4. The Wayward Wind - Gogi Grant
  5. No dialogue, just an announcement over the radio. The soldiers leave their now uneeded weapons, shedding military equipment. heading for the uncertain postwar world ahead.
  6. Your last room mate had horrible taste in music, and he left those "how to summon evil spirits anytime" discs to spite you? Get revenge and make those witchcraft CDs and DVDs drink coasters or wind chime fodder. Needless to say, DO NOT put any important/classic/IRS data discs through this unit. Zap lame CD mixes, Milli Vanilli CDs, or "Sharknado" DVDs! Make this world a better place if you can...
  7. Submitted for your amazement, "Techmoan" embarks on an epic mechanical repair odyssey! In 1970, Philips turned an otherwise ho-hum, top loading Compact Cassette deck into a unique multiple cassette player/changer. (Think LP changer.) If you dare to follow "Techmoan" into the Repair sequence, you will see a Rube-Goldberg-worthy complex mechanism that plays and records cassette tapes, and changes them. Will Matt get this mechanical marvel working? Proceed at your own risk!;) GPO Portable Boombox This"Techmoan" video was to have run last week, but, upon seeing news of the passing of "UncleJo
  8. Are you a "Browncoat"? Do you know the words to "The Ballad of Serenity"? Do you want to know about Fox TV's weird vision of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Space"? Git on the "Serenity," we're gonna pull a "Train Job.";)
  9. Submitted to start your weekend off on a bright note. The members of Pure Heart stepped in front of the HI Sessions cameras in March to record a series of songs they did in the early 2000s. If you can go out, keep the local pub/bar in business. If you're locked in, get a beer or pour some Spirit to celebrate the last day of April 2021...
  10. Submitted for your perusal, "Was that the actor's voice, or was it dubbed by someone else?" This should be in "Movies and TV," but the subject has been a Hollywood secret since "The Jazz Singer." Let us open the sound vaults to find out: "Was it Actor X or Contract Player Y?"
  11. So you're not a "Highway Star," but you love a Hard Rock driving song? Here's one for folks who drive (sorta) sensible cars... Bob's Burgers, "Bobby Driver" end
  12. I was surfing YouTube and this (possibly) radical title popped up. Intrigued, I watched the video, and came away impressed at the insight of this YouTube content creator. So, pop in that contact card Carter Burke gave you, and let's "get back on the horse, kiddo."
  13. This popped up on YouTube as I looked over the "The Oscars TV crash-and-burn." It's "Die Hard: Live Free or Die Hard" time with Detective John McClane...again.;)
  14. Submitted for your enjoyment, an actor doing voices and personalities on various talk shows. Actors have to be chameleons if they are to "suspend the audience's disbelief." See how "Hanky Panky" does it.;) Ten movies snubbed by the Oscars...
  15. What is Appspro, also known as "Passenger #00FU" going on Planet 4546B? Get out your Seaglide, put an Arctic Peeper in the Fabricator, and we'll make water with a Bladderfish...;)
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