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  1. Submitted for your approval, an RPG about a robot-like character that has been dumped out of the city. Starting in the refuse heap, our "non-speaking" protagonist must solve puzzles and use logic to get back into the city, rescue another, and beat the occupying gang that runs the city. How's that for a change-of-pace/genre game?
  2. Submitted for your approval, an iteration of a unfamiliar (to me) game about an alternative future, long after a nuclear war has left pockets of humanity scattered across a "Road Warrior" world. Nothing like starting a game that's been going on for years, kinda like starting "Game of Thrones" in the last season with no idea of "who/what/when/where/why" is going on. Time to explore a "Twelve Monkeys"-like city scape... What is "Fallout"?
  3. Do you have LPs that may hold Satanic messages if played backward? If so, this is the turntable for you! Step right up and beat back Satan as you screen your young-un's LP collection! Ain't technology wunnerful? Seriously, though, "auto reverse" in this case means "plays both sides of the LP." ("Techmoan" would never steer you wrong, right?) A "Techmoan" video is usually a fresh look at decrepit, er, old tech. Indeed, our Brit Tech Master has something to say about the elusive/legendary/Audiophiles only "Laser turntable." Does this 1985 Sansui "auto reverse" turntable cut the mustard? Stay tuned for the "thrilling conclusion."
  4. Otokichi


    Speaking of "first person shooters," here's a trip through the Old West for those who "hanker for revenge" after the bad guys "drygulch" you. I looked at this game, but I passed on it for "space battles." (Just what "Sheriff Woody" feared/hated when "Buzz Lightyear" of "Toy Story" sashayed into theaters.) Git your trusty Colt Single Action Army revolver ready, you're gonna need it...
  5. Otokichi


    I recall hearing about the game, but I preferred "Indiana Jones"/"Their Finest Hour"/"Sam and Max" over this deep dive into a fantasy world. These days, "video games" are "first person shooters" or "bad boy with a car" action-above-discovery tales. Ready to find out what's wrong in this world?, saunter forward, if you dare...
  6. Submitted for your approval, the tale of a small town girl/prom queen who left for The Big City. Life in the fast lane isn't working out for her, and a chance announcement from back home triggers a fateful quest. Some adults don't grow up, and "Wendy" is just as capable of "I won't grow up!" as "Peter Pan."
  7. Ein, Zwei, Drei, Bier! It's time to learn "The Chicken Dance" that Fry and Leela (eventually) danced in "Futurama's" season 9, episode 8, "Fun on a Bum." (Here's an excuse to "get hammered " at an Oktoberfest barf-o-rama.;)
  8. Submitted for your approval, a 'Ukulele instrumentalist presents a "Lord of the Rings"-level war theme. Shredded 'Ukulele, anyone? This week, "Hi Sessions" had other virtuosos on tap. Aidan James - "Don't" Jeremt Cheng - "Brown Sugar"
  9. Step right up folks, see this miracle of the age! Hot from "Techmoan," here's a "Laser" light projector to enliven your parties after dark. Yessir, similar merchandise was sold at The Sharper Image for $200, but we're putting into your hands for less than that! How many do you want for Holiday season gift giving? Is it "I'll take eight," which is Dr. Zoiberg;s line? Here is something that will light up the Internet when your friends get it for Christmas! (Sorry, no puppets.)
  10. Friends. Some dependable, with the right work or action to brighten up your day. Then, there's the problem friend, who you might have known all your life, who has a challenging life. Do you have a "Roger" in your life?
  11. Did you ever wonder where the song, "Forever Autumn" came from? Here's a tale spun by Justin Hayward on this "Fall love song/lament."
  12. Submitted for your approval, a digital music player! You remember those, don't you, "iPod" and all that? "The Smartphone can do EVERYTHING, so why do I need this thing?" As one of the "Moan Family" puppets will say: Some things are better left Separate. (Yes, they're Back!) Find out what nefarious uses "Techmoan" puts to this Sega Saturn Edition, which will handle most of the disparate digital audio file formats on the Interweb. Did you know that Sony dares to celebrate Ye Olde Walkman? Enter if you dare...
  13. It is "sometime in the near future," and an astronomer has discovered a huge asteroid on course to hit planet Earth. "Armageddon"? Nope. "Deep Impact"? Nope. It's Lucasarts' "The Dig," where you and your team are headed into space to "nuke" the asteroid, now called "Atilla," out of existence. You arrive on the space rock and search for a spot to place the nuclear bomb. Suddenly, things go very hazy and you're...somewhere else. Welcome to "The Dig," a 1995 video game that will (would have) tested the "wits" of "Indiana Jones." Get out your tools, physical and intellectual, and take a fantastic journey through space and time!
  14. "Techmoan" hasn't posted a new/interesting video about decrepit, er, forgotten tech, so here's a look at the notorious Crosley Cruiser, reviled across the Interweb as the "four plays and it's destroyed!" portable record player. The American "seeker of overlooked tech," the equally famous "VWestlife," takes an in-depth look at ths "modern Fisher-Price record player." Is this a "groove lathe," spitting out vinyl shavings and turning "vintage/rare records" into "skeet targets"? Proceed at your own risk, you have nothing to lose but your "Audiophile" standing in the LP world...
  15. Turner Classic Movies ushers out September with a movie adaptation of a classic 1901 novel and the "bonnie and clyde"-like "Mrs. Soffel." (Roger Ebert's assessment of the "Warden's wife and the Death Row convict on the lam" film.) Given the choice between Judy Davis or Mel Gibson, presented for your approval, the tale of an Australian Outback teen caught between marriage or working as a maid. I don't remember seeing either movie, but the 1979 "My Brilliant Career" film was subjected to digital restoration to "bring back the color" of this "long ago" tale. If you don't mind the "swirling stars" background, here's "Sybylla Melvyn" telling her tale...
  16. As Summer slips away with Halloween is just around the corner, here's a simple love song to start your day...
  17. Submitted for your approval, a subtle torture device aimed at store staff, or "loungers" who spend more time than money in the shop.;) It's "Techmoan" again, showing off decrepit, er, "classic" electronics of the past, in this early (1960's?) tape cassette baclground music player from Rediffusion of Jersey. First appearing in 1957, this early "endless loop" tape player ran at 3.75 inches/second, resulting in frequent cassette changes at the business. Good news! The mighty "Techmoan Family Puppets" show up...in the middle of the video!? There's a "further developments" segment that runs after the main video, which would interest mainly tech geeks tracking the company, which started as a "wired speaker subscription radio program rebroadcaster" to non-electric-power homes in 1927 and faded out in the 1980's. It's definitely NOT your grand dad's 4- or 8-track tape player...
  18. This week's Turner Classic Movies featured movies from Hong Kong and The Philippines. The Hong Kong movie, "Days of Being Wild" (1990) is a series of tales revolving around a Lothario, his "mother," and the short time loves of the less-than-heroic protagonist. The Filipino movie, "Manila In The Claws of Light" (1975) is a classic worth your attention. The protagonist (a fisherman) has left his remote village in search of his beloved-from-childhood sweetheart who was taken by the rotund "Mrs. Cruz" to Manila for work and school. He hasn't heard from her in a long time, and roams the streets in search of her. He's a construction laborer by day, eking out a living at 2.50 Pesos a day, among saavy coworkers who are trying to keep afloat on meager pay. 1960's Manila is a grim place, but the characters are unforgettable. "Days of Being Wild" Trailer
  19. You're a "not-quite-Astronaut" who has been selected to find out what happened at the power-transmitting station orbiting the Moon. Things are hot, dusty, and civilization is about to crash on Earth, so you get a welcome change of pace. As in an episode of the "Twilight Zone," it's a case of "Where is Everybody?" The launch base looks deserted, but you're in contact with...someone. Get cracking mister, the fate of the world is on your shoulders!
  20. The traditional people of the village are caught "between two elephants." The chief is trying to establish Islam, forcing people to take Islamic names, while the French colonial government pushes Christianity. This "battle of beliefs" turns deadly, with the survivors left with "Hobson's choice, " ("Ceddo"). This is the second Senegalese movie on Turner Classic Movies' "Foreign Film Sunday." The first film, "Emitai," (1971) deals with "the white man's war," World War II, as the Vichy French regime attempts to conscript military-age men and seize the village's rice for taxes. Both films have attracted controversy, from the government of Senegal and France, respectively.
  21. Planet 4556B has more than one Biome, and there are other regions to explore. Uh, is this a good day to stay in bed? Watch out for the overly-spirited-gamer, who might drive you back to the less jerky Canadian...
  22. Submitted for your approval, "Techmoan" the Human, takes on the dastardly AI of "Automated Chess"! Who will win this battle of brains and eerily moving Chess pieces? (Rod Serling is kibitzing for all the good it will do.)
  23. Turner Classic Movies is back in the "Silent+Foreign film" schedule at last! Submitted for your approval, a distinguished looking man shows up at your door, claiming to be a famous film director, and says that the house and it's occupants fit the bill for his new movie. (Yep, Hollyweird has arrived!) What would you do if this "Super Allen Funt" showed up and "charmed the pants off everybody"? So the tale unwinds...with the people who were taken in by this bogus "Cecil B. DeMille."
  24. Good morning, Poland continues to resist the combined invasions by Nazi German and Russia, but things are looking bad. (According to "Indy Neidell" and the "Time Ghost Army") But here is another singer-songwriter who has something to say about September. Stop the shooting and bombing, already! Let's have"peace in our time" for a few minutes.;) World War II, Week #1 with Indy Neidell
  25. Kazakhstan for real! ("Borat"? What is that?) An epic (2 hour+) movie about horse-borne warriors struggling to survive against a determined enemy. Some folk complain if a movie runs more than 120 minutes, so put another Jiffy Pop "stove top expander" on. Once again, Turner Classic Movies is showing "Hollywood Studio System Classics" instead of Silents plus foreign films. It took a while to find an interesting movie, but if your like "Neo Nazi Skin Head Modern Germany," then "Combat Girls" (2011) is your shot of Schnapps. How about The Eighty Years War on the Spanish side? Keep your powder dry with "Alatriste." (2006) Do murderous French schoolboys interest you? "Fever" (2014) is your Leopold & Loeb kinda movie. "Combat Girls" (2011) "Alatriste" (2006) "Fever" (2014)
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