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  1. _Laurie_

    I miss you, Fishies...

    I miss all of you fishies too.... It just isn't the same anymore, but I still do stop in from time to time. I miss talking about the music, songs, artists that we love and learning about new stuff from other fishies. The laughs, jokes, etc....I find that Facebook is starting to bore me. I try to post videos, quotes, songs etc... on Facebook and get very little response...Always could count on Songfacts for some good discussions and such..
  2. _Laurie_

    10 Concerts I've Seen - One Is A Lie

    I did see Slash. He opened for Def Leppard a few years ago. So the band I have never seen in concert is Chicago...I wish I had though... Ron, I'm going to guess Queen from your list.
  3. _Laurie_

    10 Concerts I've Seen - One Is A Lie

    Okay here's mine..one is a lie. Rainbow Slash Chicago 38 Special Blue Oyster Cult The Cars Head East John Fogerty Little Feat
  4. _Laurie_

    Trucker songs

    Always liked this song by Little Feat...Linda Ronstadt's version is also good.
  5. _Laurie_

    10 Concerts I've Seen - One Is A Lie

    Bruce Springsteen?
  6. _Laurie_


    Hi Ramona, welcome to Songfacts. Do you know if the song is an oldie, or a more recent song?
  7. _Laurie_

    Kids react to...old stuff!

    Quite a few years ago we were sorting through stuff to sell for a yard sale. While cleaning out the closet, my daughter found a box of albums that I had packed away, her response was "Wow those are really big CD's"
  8. _Laurie_

    What sweetens your coffee today II

    Awww, thank you dear Edna... <3
  9. _Laurie_

    What sweetens your coffee today II

    Thanks Carl
  10. _Laurie_

    Songs About Broken Dreams

    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams ~ Green Day
  11. _Laurie_

    Songs About Fictional Musicians

    Down On The Corner ~ CCR Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ~ Beatles
  12. _Laurie_

    What sweetens your coffee today II

    Most of my residents have family to be with on Thanksgiving, except for one....So I have invited him over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. It's a good feeling knowing that you can make someones day....
  13. _Laurie_

    Your first....

    My first pet was a cat named Smokey Your first family vacation....
  14. _Laurie_

    Who will post next?

    Nope, not me... The next poster just made a major purchase.
  15. _Laurie_

    Quest?on game....

    Over The Hills And Far Away ~ Led Zeppelin I'm going to....