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  1. I miss you, Fishies...

    I miss all of you fishies too.... It just isn't the same anymore, but I still do stop in from time to time. I miss talking about the music, songs, artists that we love and learning about new stuff from other fishies. The laughs, jokes, etc....I find that Facebook is starting to bore me. I try to post videos, quotes, songs etc... on Facebook and get very little response...Always could count on Songfacts for some good discussions and such..
  2. 10 Concerts I've Seen - One Is A Lie

    I did see Slash. He opened for Def Leppard a few years ago. So the band I have never seen in concert is Chicago...I wish I had though... Ron, I'm going to guess Queen from your list.
  3. 10 Concerts I've Seen - One Is A Lie

    Okay here's mine..one is a lie. Rainbow Slash Chicago 38 Special Blue Oyster Cult The Cars Head East John Fogerty Little Feat
  4. Trucker songs

    Always liked this song by Little Feat...Linda Ronstadt's version is also good.
  5. 10 Concerts I've Seen - One Is A Lie

    Bruce Springsteen?

    Hi Ramona, welcome to Songfacts. Do you know if the song is an oldie, or a more recent song?
  7. Kids react to...old stuff!

    Quite a few years ago we were sorting through stuff to sell for a yard sale. While cleaning out the closet, my daughter found a box of albums that I had packed away, her response was "Wow those are really big CD's"
  8. What sweetens your coffee today II

    Awww, thank you dear Edna... <3
  9. What sweetens your coffee today II

    Thanks Carl
  10. Songs About Broken Dreams

    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams ~ Green Day
  11. Songs About Fictional Musicians

    Down On The Corner ~ CCR Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ~ Beatles
  12. What sweetens your coffee today II

    Most of my residents have family to be with on Thanksgiving, except for one....So I have invited him over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. It's a good feeling knowing that you can make someones day....
  13. Your first....

    My first pet was a cat named Smokey Your first family vacation....
  14. Who will post next?

    Nope, not me... The next poster just made a major purchase.
  15. Quest?on game....

    Over The Hills And Far Away ~ Led Zeppelin I'm going to....