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    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Y'all thought you'd got rid of me But my life is meaningless without my Fin and Farin. Coming back here reminds me of all our time together, and makes me a bit sad. I don't know where they are (or even if they're still alive???) but I hope they're happy. (Joined at 17, now 32 and living a life i never imagined for myself !)
  2. Levis

    Cave in Hall of Fame

    [big]Cave enters Aria Hall of Fame on his own terms[/big] [smallest]October 29, 2007[/smallest] [smaller]Source [/smaller] SINGER Nick Cave has accepted his induction into the Aria Hall of Fame, but it was on his own terms. The Australia-born songwriter last week said he was "dreading" tonight's induction during the annual music awards. But on the night, he was gracious in accepting the honour. However, there were a couple of conditions - that his band mates from The Bad Seeds and his former band The Birthday Party be inducted as well. "I cannot really accept this until we get a few things straight," Cave told the crowd at Sydney's Acer Arena. "What I can't figure out is why I am up here and The Bad Seeds aren't? "I would like to do a bit of inducting myself." Cave then thanked the members of The Band Seeds and The Birthday Party, the 1970s Melbourne gothic rock band which launched his career, for all their work with him over the years. "I would like to, by the power vested in me, induct these people also into the Aria Hall of Fame." Cave also thanked his mother, his wife Susie Bick and four sons. Later, he told reporters there were a few other Australians artists he would like to see join him in the select club. "Is Kylie in there?"asked Cave, who recorded the duet Where The Wild Roses Grow with Kylie Minogue in 1996. "She f---ing well should be!" AAP And there's a slightly older article on his reluctance . (I wanted to make the title something to do with "Cave" and "Hall", but I'm not as good as RJ at these things. Any suggestions?)
  3. Levis

    I miss you, Fishies...

    It's unfortunate that FB has swallowed the BB system whole - this version of the forums is definitely superior to the one we spent time on (tho of course nothing will replace the excitement of the little flashing folder we used to have), but there aren't many folks here to appreciate it.
  4. Levis

    I miss you, Fishies...

    I guess forums are old-skool now, but a facebook thread is no place to have a conversation. And not to forget, Facebook is evil. My gosh where are those simple days of staying up till 3 AM as a teenager to play games with my friends from around the world on a message board. There's been a lot that's happened since then, and life is very different, but I think those were some of the deepest, truest connections I made.
  5. Levis

    I miss you, Fishies...

    I was just thinking the same, 'lena. I miss when the internet was our little secret.
  6. Levis

    Happy New Year 2017...

    Happy new year (tho it's february). I've just turned 30! Do you remember when I joined as a young cherub of 17 or 18? Them days...
  7. Levis

    Songs with Twist Endings

    Surely 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' is the mother of all twist endings?
  8. Levis

    Six Degrees

    Just like that Kevin Bacon game. Name any two people... musicians, celebrities, Songfactors... and try to link them together within six degrees of people, places, habits...etc. Fair enough? We all know it? Need an example? Okay... Halle Berry and the Red Hot Chili Peppers Halle Berry - Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) - Michael J. Fox (Mars Attacks) - Flea (appearance in Back to the future II and II) - Red Hot Chili Peppers You get the idea, si? Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts
  9. I dropped by to suggest this very song and, as one of its most frequent listeners, clarify that at no point during the song is a phone and/or booth mentioned.
  10. Levis

    2014 In Music

    I think I'll keep coming back just to keep track of this thread, so KEEP IT ALIVE GUYS. In other news, wrong thread, but I just discovered I missed out on listening to the Black Angels last year and I'm kicking myself about it.
  11. Levis

    2014 In Music

    DEAD THREAD? fear not - I will bring it back to life. My favourite album of the year is, without doubt, the new Nothing (Guilty of Everything). Mmm, that noise, those waves, that distortion, the hooks, the intros, the closes - it's the closest I've got to a flawless new, non-clone shoegaze album. Obviously, this will drop to second place once Flies on You is out. Everyone else's album of the year is Real Estate's Atlas. It took me a few weeks to see why because I'm STILL mesmerised by the Nothing record, and not much else is registering. I don't know if it was because I had to write about it or what but the Notwist's Close to the Glass was not really my cup of chai. New Pure X (Angel) sounds great, great, great, though I'm still fonder of Heavy Air. My beloved mainstream shoegazers Ringo Deathstarr came out with their third album - God's Dream - this year. It's good, though I have to say they lost something when they took up the more pop/twee Imagine Hearts sound and abandoned the darker Sparkler vibes. Alcest's 'Shelter' was super disappointing on account of the fact that they're getting soft and losing the black metal influence that made them worth listening to. Balthazar, who I don't really listen to, have a great song called 'Leipzig' that you might like if you're into old-fashioned harmonies. It's also a lovely song on its own, but the harmonies are hyper old-school. Off the top of my head, that's my List of Notable Listens of 2014. Well, there are more, but I can't be bothered listing them.
  12. Levis

    2013 In Music

    Oh yeah and I have got my MBV fix obvs. I was most non-excited for this.
  13. Levis

    2013 In Music

    I'm really upset I missed this so I couldn't lol at the appropriate time (because this deserves several lols)
  14. All About Satellites and Spaceships - 7% Solution
  15. Levis

    Ask a Songfactor

    Not at all - It's easier for me to split a bill in my head than take the time to get a calculator to do it. Is more fun too (ever played the game where you figure out all the prime factors of a license plate number on long car trips?). I don't really like relying on technology - it undermines my perfectly capable brain.
  16. I bravely foray into the much feared album reviews section to review stuff. Here we have my interpretation of [color:navy]Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space by [color:navy]Spiritualized. [color:navy] "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" – 3:40 "Come Together" – 4:40 "I Think I'm in Love" – 8:09 "All of My Thoughts" – 4:36 "Stay With Me" – 5:08 "Electricity" – 3:46 "Home of the Brave" – 2:22 "The Individual" – 4:15 "Broken Heart" – 6:38 "No God Only Religion" – 4:21 "Cool Waves" – 5:05 "Cop Shoot Cop..." – 17:13 I'm not too good with musical imagery. I wish I was, because that's really what this album needs. Spiritualized specialises in dream pop (not so shoegaze, imo)- it's all very spacey and psychedelic. So you have these swirly, loopy riffs through all the songs. You have orchestras and choirs. You have delicate intros and chaotic outros. You have horn sections and harmonicas. It's a pretty marvellous album. The title track is understandably the most popular. It starts softly and sadly and builds up to culminate in this 'mess' of layers and noise and music and voice. The second track I knew before I got the album was [color:navy]I Think I'm In Love. I just looked and I see it's 8 minutes long. Wow. I don't even realise it while listening. I think it's just mesmerising. Same with [color:navy]Cop Shoot Cop.... At 17:14 probably the only song over ten minutes that I can listen to without getting bored. [color:navy]Broken Heart is - honestly - heartbreaking. With its gradual orchestral intro and the shaky voice that sings about broken hearts and broken dreams. Words cannot express how pitifully, beautifully sad this song is. It breaks your heart. The songs have a very slow, dreamy (hence the genre name) rhythm. But the loud-soft contrast is so great, they're not something you could fall asleep listening to. Not at all. Not that you'd want to, either... The gist is - they start cautiously and end in a wall of sound. Right, I hope the Spiritualized-fans approve of what I say. Any corrections in facts or description are welcomed.
  17. What's one mass shooting that has been prevented by a 'good guy with a gun'? Actually hang on - how many other countries have mass shootings? The last time we had one was when the British opened fire on an unarmed peaceful protest in Amritsar. That was in 1919. We had a school shooting in 2007 (in my city, in fact - couple of kilometres away from my house) - one kid nicked his father's gun and shot a classmate. That was about it. Of course, since I'm not American and not talking about America, I doubt this is of interest to anyone (India? Isn't that where curry comes from?)
  18. THE POINT IS they don't need guns to do it.
  19. Can I just say: 1. For every study forming a correlation (not causation) between media violence and real life violence violence, there's a study that finds no correlation or causation between the two. I can find you the studies if you like, I did come across all this during le psych degree as well as le media degree. (a). All this reliance on 'studies' and 'research' is obviously coming from people who have never conducted any studies or done any research because then things like intervening variables, levels of significance, sampling methods, experimental design etc. would be what's being debated. (. Research isn't conducted in a vacuum, and researchers are subject to the same societal forces as you and me. ©. Furthermore, even the most rigorous study is not immune to biases and, of course, the perennial problem of finding a representative sample. Smaller samples are easier to observe, obvs, but hardly likely to be representative - most studies are conducted within a limited geographic area, and use the same demographic (usually college students), often with an incentive attached which itself is an intervening variable - not to mention that the kids may be from the same college or course etc. 2. Surprised no one brought this up. FYI, America, there are other countries out there. (a). "America had 11,000 gun-related homicides in 2008. Japan had 11. Does anyone know if they play video games in Japan?" (. "Surely, if video games caused mass shootings, Korea's population would be down to about 12 by now." [thanks, Twitter] 3. Finally - guns are for the weak. If you want to kill someone you should be able to do it without hiding behind a prop. Look at the rest of the animal kingdom - they use nothing but their own strength. And they never kill their own kind. Human beings are an embarrassment to nature.
  20. Levis

    2012 In Music

    Oh plz, almost everyone on SF could write for Rolling Stone, it's not exactly a cutting edge publication. It's well aware its income comes from baby boomers so obvs will cater to oldies. It's like how NME had its heyday back in Britpop times so only covers excruciatingly 'british' groups.
  21. Levis

    2012 In Music

    OH! And I didn't mention - I couldn't stop listening to AraabMUZIK's Electronic Dream 2. Purity Ring's Shrines really grabbed me as well, though mostly on the strength of Belispeak. Dead Can Dance's Anastasis is so otherworldly that I don't think it qualifies for a best-of list. Alcest's newie hasn't done anything for me yet, but I guess there must be something there, since Souvenirs and Ecailles were such jaw-droppers. And finally (?) I've just finished listening to a band called The Dandelion War who've had me totes mesmerised especially by a song called Drifters. I haven't found the time/ambience in which to listen to GY!BE, but I'm guessing that'll be right up there too!
  22. Levis

    2012 In Music

    Man most albums this year have disappointed me - APTBS, SSPU, Memory tapes - all the bands that blew me away in 2010 have been damp this year (to think APTBS had two releases and I'm this tepid about the fact). I did love Airiel's Kid Games - just as addictive as ever. Also //orangenoise (remember my friend from PK who was on here some time ago? his band) has matured like nobody's business and their 'A Journey to the Heart of Matter' is AMAZN. Ringo Deathstarr's Color Trip is good, sure, but too twee for me - I much preferred their Sparkler days. BIG UPS to Flies On You for going with a sound no one else is or has in their obsession for glitch and scratch - so unique you can't label them, and I love the lyrics and the stories behind them. I'm not a lyrics person in the least so that's saying something.
  23. Levis

    2012 In Music

  24. Thin Air - Anathema Started the album over because my scrobbler was turned off
  25. Thin Air - Anathema I'm really enjoying this