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  1. I dig the funky stuff from the late '60s - "Cloud Nine," "Ball of Confusion" era.
  2. We interviewed him not too long ago! Very interesting guy: https://www.songfacts.com/blog/interviews/jesse-colin-young-of-the-youngbloods
  3. This is actually pretty cool. Back then, anything "laser" sounded state-of-the-art.
  4. Yeah, he made a lot of great music. Huge loss.
  5. Carl

    CCR @ Woodstock

    This is a weird one - it's like someone had this footage handy and just released it on YouTube. There doesn't seem to be any official release for this. Also, it shows that their performance was really good, blowing up the theory that they wouldn't let the movie or soundtrack use it because they thought they were terrible.
  6. Country is to Western as Track is to Field.
  7. Someone had to write a folk song about this. I still prefer Bowie's "Space Oddity" though.
  8. I like how it's accompanied by a suitably ersatz Dorothy.
  9. Cosmo Sheldrake may be the best name in music.
  10. "Orlando's" by Twiddle. Runs 9:35. Check it out:
  11. Was looking to see if there is video for the 1993 Triangle Ball, and found this instead.
  12. "Dirty Jobs" - British Navy edition.
  13. Wow, that took vision. Very impressive Ken.
  14. Rickie Lee Jones covers America in a video where he re-creates her classic looks:
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