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Things and people you miss...

Uncle Joe

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Aww , Jane , I was going to blast you with some salty pirate talk but that was sweet ... :crazy:

The excitement of receiving the Christmas catalogs from department stores like (Simpson ) Sears about now and slowly paging through all the new toys on offer for the coming Christmas .

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I was just thinking the other day how much I miss John Peel (R.I.P).

Even though I'd got to the point of no longer being a regular listener to his legendary late-night music shows, he was like a reassuring "always there" figure. You'd hear his distinctive voice on day-time radio-shows (Radio 4), TV voice-overs, etc. I miss that. :(

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I miss the days of riding my bike with my friends at sunset down the street, playing baseball at the park nearby, going to the swimming pool. Never having to worry of money, or bills or anything. Life was so simple back then. I skinned my knee and had a band aid put on it. I would build clubhouses with my friends and stay up late with them causing trouble in the neighborhood. Which, by the end of the night ended up in running from blue flashing lights. But...those days were awesome.

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Sorry to throw a dampener on the thread..

I miss being in full control of my emotions

I miss being able to do nothing without the fear of my mind wandering off to somwhere I dont want it to be.

I miss being content with my existence

I miss saying "I love you babe" and hearing "I love you too"

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I miss my teenage room. Laying on the floor with my headphones on, you know the big ones, and listening to my albums, smoking and just hazing-out. I would do that for hours and be so content and not have a care in the world.

Oh, who doesn´t? I think those were the happiest days of my life... :laughing:

Oh, just like UncleJoe, no smoking neither... (or maybe some green stuff, with the windows wide open and the incense burning ;) )

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