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Things and people you miss...

Uncle Joe

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Catchy, clever and original theme music and/or songs for TV programs that tied in with or just suited the show somehow .

How about this ?

" We're Lost ...lost on an Iiii -sland

a mysterious Iii-sland.

There's Jack , and Kate and Hurley, too

Careful of Sawyer , 'cause he'll steal from you.

Charlie's a junkie , and Eko's a priest,

but what we don't know yet ,

is just what is that 'beast ' .

Nothing is normal , nor ever will be

The only thing I can guess

is that Walt is the key . "

:laughing: :P

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I miss my brother. No one knows where he is, he ran away from home about four months back now.

I REALLY badly miss Jon's hugs, they were THE best, now i have no one to hug when i'm down.

I miss peace of mind and contentment with life.

I miss America. I want to go back there one day.

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Sorry, Bloof. You said "miss America" in your post. In the US the biggest yearly beauty pageant is The Miss America Pageant (dating back to the 1920's I believe). It's become quite a joke in the past several years.

I just used your words to begin the pageant's closing song after the winner has been crowned...

"There she is, Miss Americaaaaaaa"...etc.

BTW, do you mind that I address to you as Bloof? I'd happily call you Tamsin, a lovely name.

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To ask about your name.
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