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    Flies On You

    FLIES ON YOU is a band I formed with a fella I know, about a year ago. We are based in Leeds, in the north of England. For simplicity's sake, we describe ourselves as a DIY post-punk duo. I won't bore you with a list of musical interests and influences just now. I am vocalist / lyricist / visionary, and also play guitar on some tracks. We have an album, "Nothing To Write Home About", coming out in September 2012. In the meantime,interested parties can sample some of our wares on our MySpace or Soundcloud pages: http://www.myspace.com/fliesonyou NO LONGER APPLICABLE (see subsequent post) There are some vaguely interesting tales to tell about some of our songs, which may well be revealed in time. There will be videos to accompany several of the album tracks, which I will bring to your attention, when the moment is right. Later!
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    Flies On You

    The new FLIES ON YOU album has been released!!! :happybanana: It has already received some fantastic reviews, which I really must share with you all at some point. :partytime1: Competitively priced at £5. You can download "etcetera" here: Flies On You "etcetera" download If you want the album on CD, no problem; although the shipping costs may be alarming if you're outside the UK. Flies On You "etcetera" CD
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    Carol T'Pau

    Carol Decker is an absolute horror.
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    Flies On You

    Flies On You have a new video for the song "Hang-Dog", which is the opening track on the new album. Flies On You - "Hang-Dog" Caution: the video contains strobe-lighting and other potentially-distressing visual effects. Album entitled "Etcetera" is finally released later this week, on Friday 6th March.
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    80's Band Stump

    I love Stump, and have quite a few of their records. I've posted Stump tracks a few times on SongFacts in the past, when i used to be a much more regular contributor here. My favourite Stump tracks are (in no particular order): "Down On The Kitchen Table", "Tupperware Stripper"and "Buffalo". I saw Stump at Leeds Warehouse in 1987. or was it 86, even ? (supported by The Close Lobsters, as I recall) I have had a similar hairstyle to Mick Lynch on and off for the last 27 years, but whether this is coincidence or not,I wouldnt like to say. All this being said, I think the "Get The Word Out" forum is ostensibly for drawing attention to upcoming (i.e. current / recent bands) we feel worthy of a wider audience, rather than relatively obscure bands from 30 years ago. :-)
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    Flies On You

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks to all for your positive, enthusiastic comments. :-) Katie Hopkins is... she has somehow managed to carve herself a niche on TV morning chat shows as the token "all opinion, no intellect" snobby cow, and has a regular opinion column in the Daily Mail. She's a total viper but with neither the wit, charm nor intellectual substance to carry it off. She is a mouthpiece for spite, effectively. To be honest, the song isnt really about her as such; but by adding the "Katie Hopkins in a human form" refrain towards the end, I can see how it gives that impression. The lyric is more an observation of how the right-wing establishment media contemptuously views we ordinary people - "the great unwashed" - when we have the audacity to express any sort of opinion / discontent, as if we were guilty of having ideas above our station. Maybe its a peculiarly British thing?
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    Flies On You

    This week we have launched a video of another track from the forthcoming album. The track is called "Katie Hopkins In Human Form"
  8. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "Red Frame, White Light"
  9. blind-fitter

    2014 In Music

    My favourite album of the year so far is Angel Olsen- "Burn Your Fire For No Witness". Really excellent.
  10. blind-fitter

    Flies On You

    In anticipation of the new album, slated for release on September 19th and entitled "etcetera", we have released one of the new songs as a free download from our bandcamp site. Here is the video for "Can You Smell That Burning Noise?" It's already getting some really positive feedback, been played on the BBC... :sing1: Have fixed link, I hope. Thanks, Edna
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    St Vincent

    Annie Clark is a hugely-talented multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who performs under the name St. Vincent. (She named herself after a line in the TV show Arrested Development, fact fans). Annie Clark has previously worked as a member of The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens' touring band, before branching out on her own as St Vincent. She has also worked in collaborations with Amanda Palmer , Bon Iver and The National, amongst others, and has opened shows for the likes of Television, Arcade Fire, Midlake,Death Cab for Cutie, Grizzly Bear, etc. Pitchfork described St Vincent's 2007 debut album as "an art-rock album at times redolent of prime Kate Bush and Lodger-era David Bowie",(and who am I to argue?), praising "its brilliant production flourishes and impeccably left-field arrangements". Whilst the Pitchfork review for the 2009 follow-up album, "Actor", is well worth reading for a better idea of what St Vincent is about: Link to Pitchfork Review I find both albums make quite compelling listening. This is recognisably "pop-music", yet it strikes a fine balance of (superbly-crafted) slightly avant-garde instrumentation, elements of potentially discomforting challenge to pop's natural order, with a definite accessibilty which draws the listener in. From a purely personal perspective, it doesn't doesn't hinder matters that St Vincent is utterly gorgeous and enunciates beautifully. However, I'm loathe to cheapen this review by dwelling too much on the baser issues of sexual attraction. Here are some clips to whet your appetite: "Actor Out Of Work" "The Strangers" "Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood" "Marry Me, John" "Marrow" "Jesus Saves, I Spend" Great stuff!
  12. blind-fitter

    2014 In Music

    Keep your eyes peeled for the new FLIES ON YOU album, which is due for release sometime this summer.
  13. blind-fitter

    Non - logical lyrics

    I checked the lyric insert in the Dare gatefold sleeve. And they are the correct lyrics as quoted. I've just misheard them all this time. My favourite track on the album, too. It is definitely about hair and make-up, getting yourself ready to go out on the town looking "Wow!". i think they've used a lyrical device, whereby you write lyrics that make fairly banal sense, before twisting them round, substituting particular words for virtual homonyms, etc. to generate a more surreal outcome.
  14. blind-fitter

    Non - logical lyrics

    I've always heard it as "Put your hair in a parting wave", i.e. encouraging somebody to style their hair in a particular way, which adds some sense to the next line, with its reference to back-combing and "shrouds" (not an unreasonable metaphor for the post-punk glam-pop crowd approach to coiffure; everybody back-combed at some time or another, without necessarily achieving a shroud.) As for the rest; no idea. Are they definitely the correct words?
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    2013 In Music

    My Top 5 albums of the year. Future Of The Left - How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident Savages - Silence Yourself Chelsea Wolfe - Pain Is Beauty Neko Case - The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You Thee Oh Sees - Floating Coffins
  16. blind-fitter

    Songs That Say it Twice

    "Jimmy Jimmy" ~ The Undertones "Baby Baby" ~ The Vibrators "Talk Talk Talk" ~ The Psychedelic Furs "Drip Drip Drip" ~ Chumbawamba "Beng Beng Beng" ~ Femi Kuti "Soley Soley" ~ Middle Of The Road "Tart Tart" ~ Happy Mondays "No No No" ~ Dawn Penn "Ha Ha Ha" ~ Flipper "Johnny Johnny" ~ Edith Nylon "Never Never" ~ The Assembly "Shiny Shiny" ~ Haysi Fantayzee
  17. blind-fitter

    Shawna's Personal Top 10

    1) Delilah ~ the Dresden Dolls (2006) 2) Oasis ~ Amanda Palmer (2008) 3) He Thinks He'll Keep Her ~ Mary Chapin Carpenter (1992) 4) Right Back to Where We Started From ~ Maxine Nightingale (1975) 5) You Oughta Know (Live Grammy Version) ~ Alanis Morrisette (1996) 6) Young Americans ~ David Bowie (1975) 7) Six Teens, The ~ Sweet (1974) 8) Randy Scouse Git ~ Monkees (1967) 9) I Can't Get Next to You ~ Temptations (1969) 10) Total Eclipse of the Heart ~ Bonnie Tyler (1983)
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    Flies On You

    Spacehog just offered us a couple of support slots, but we didn't think it was quite right for us.
  19. blind-fitter

    Flies On You

    Well, here's the next best thing, until we get the whole filmed gig edited and fit for broadcast: a 5 minute promo vid we have made using footage of last week's gig. Link
  20. blind-fitter

    Flies On You

    Due for a spot of AirPlay on the BBC in about 3 hours time. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0072lbw Even if you can't tune in live, the show should be available to listen to for a week afterwards. Lets hear what Tom Robinson has to say about. Flies On You, shall we? :-) Link
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    Flies On You

    Who remembers Tom Robinson, of the Tom Robinson Band? He had some quite big hits back in the day: most notably "2,4,6,8 Motorway". Well that Tom Robinson is now a presenter on BBC Radio 6Music channel. And he contacted us today, to tell us he's featuring one of our tracks on a forthcoming show. :-)
  22. blind-fitter

    Flies On You

    Been a while since I popped up with a FLIES ON YOU update. The session on Mark Whitby's Dandelion Radio Show was such a success, we decided to release the four tracks as an EP, so that's available from the FOY bandcamp page We have recruited musicians to enable live performance and have our debut gig next month supporting a popular combo called The Lovely Eggs. (Friday July 19th Hebden Bridge Trades Club) We will be filming the show. From 3 angles, apparently. :cuttie:
  23. blind-fitter

    What were the 80s really like?

    I'd suggest that pretty much every one of these "best American bands of the 80s" was influenced to some reasonable degree by the punk rock which the Sex Pistols "exploited and killed". But then, what do I know? Also: I'd have put the Dead Kennedys in there, probably instead of The Replacements. And I'd try and find room for Big Black. :-)
  24. blind-fitter

    Have you seen me? II

    Does any SFer of long standing keep in touch with DiggsUK at all? Or have any details that might help me get in touch with him? My band FLIES ON YOU are due to play in a town a couple of miles down the road from his home town, and I'd like to let him know about it, if possible.
  25. blind-fitter

    did the sex pistols kill punk rock?

    Welcome back, PEW; SongFacts has really missed you. :partytime2: