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  1. Here's a seldom seen video of theirs. I wonder what Simon Cowell would've made of them. First time I ever heard them was on the John Peel show on Radio 1: Link
  2. 'Hacking & Jones' is the name of the band who sing 'Dancing in the Street', which is used in this recent ad: Link Has anybody ever heard of Hacking & Jones before?
  3. This band never enjoyed the same chart-topping success as their fellow Irishmen U2, Nolan Sisters, Thin Lizzy, B*Witched, Boyzone or Boomtown Rats. The furthest they ever managed to get was number 72 in the singles chart with a comedic little ditty called 'Charlton Heston'. This is a song called 'The Rats'. https:// Stump-The Rats
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