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  1. Was the Christopher Cross album really any good though?
  2. Thank you Blind-fitter, its good to be back. But can someone tell me how I can get an avatar? Yes boredom Carl. But what I often wonder is where did the boredom come from? Is boredom hieghtened somehow during the teenagers/young adult's experience? Or was their brand of boredom something unique to 80s culture? Or was the boredom generated from something else? Personally I think if someone is bored then its their own damn fault.
  3. The TOP TEN Best American bands of the 80s: Pixies The Replacements Minutemen R.E.M. Butthole Surfers Sonic Youth Cmaper Van Bethoven Husker Du Jane's Addiction Dinosaur jr. this is off the top of my head...who am I missing?
  4. When the 1980s began basketball players wore their shorts in a tight-fitting manner, with their socks up to their kneecaps. High school boys wore mullets in a non-ironic style. There was no AIDS then, no HIV, no al qaida, no jihad, no hole in the ozone, no genetically engineered animals, no Savings and Loan scandal. There was also no Mtv, no CNN, no ESPN, no HBO, no celebrity televangelists, no millionaire athletes, no personal home computers, no Nintendo, no Playstations, no cell phones, no gangsta rap/hip hop, no ‘sampling’, no grunge, no emo, no “alternative rock”, no compact discs, no digital music, no Prozac, and no artificial heart transplants. The one thing we did have was Classic Rock...But by the end of the decade all of that had changed.
  5. Don't believe me? Then read this: http://generation-add.blogspot.com/2012/04/why-everything-you-think-you-know-about.html
  6. Yeah, I think you were right. My wife filed for divorce in spring of 2007. Two months after filing for divorce she told me she was pregnant with our daughter... http://generation-add.blogspot.com/2012/04/why-everything-you-think-you-know-about.html
  7. i'm gonna add hinson brothers from the replacements and then sean and julian lennon... then ofcourse the Bacon Brothers--goes without saying...
  8. who do you pick? alex and eddie? ray and dave davies? Johnny and edgar? Ann and nancy wilson? Donnie and marie? You Tell Me!
  9. Thanks for the compliments. I actually like alot of so-called 'punk' albums to. But my point was simply that the album format is not the best way to experience punk...but I could be wrong...
  10. Well, like I say in the article, I dont think albums do punk rock justice...so I've never put a top then list together... BTW, I've missed you all too...been kicking around the last few months and havent had time to hang out on the internet much...
  11. All right, here's my latest entry, its titled "Why Everything You Think You Know About Punk Is COmpletely Wrong"...I think you'll like it: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=66316956&blogID=306694278&Mytoken=25A27CFE-BBE0-4196-ABA1C61BC489D04C11865396 BTW, the blog answers the question of what the ten best punk rock albums of all-time are...
  12. Which one is your favorite? Here's the complete scorecard: Ex-Beatles Ex-wives and Widows
  13. Are there any famous Rock stars or big Rock events that ever happened in your hometown? Famous Rock moments from your hometown
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