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  1. PSYCHOcatholic

    So much more than Random Thoughts

    It's definitely been too long. My life just hasnt allowed me to make time for things like i used to. Im working full time, out of the Army now. I am pursuing a Career in Youth Ministry at my Church, and life seems to be looking up!
  2. PSYCHOcatholic

    So much more than Random Thoughts

    How is everybody doin?
  3. PSYCHOcatholic

    The Great Funny Images Thread

    Check out my facebook too to get a little more info! THIS IS REAL! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500028120
  4. PSYCHOcatholic

    So much more than Random Thoughts

    Hello Old Friends! I can see a whole lot has not changed! Except for the ages!
  5. PSYCHOcatholic

    Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

    Ill agree, there is not as much racing in it, but the story makes up for it. 2 semi friends going after the same thing, working on different sides of the law.
  6. PSYCHOcatholic

    Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

    The Poughkeepsie Tapes +5 for making me think it was real...-5 for it to be a mockumentary in the end. Benjamin Buttons 10/10 Yes Man 10/10 HILARIOUS! The Day the Earth Stood Still 7/10 AI Artificial Intelligence definite 10/10 Fast and Furious(2009) 9/10
  7. PSYCHOcatholic

    Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

    Strange Days :sleepy:
  8. PSYCHOcatholic

    Sopranos Mix

    Ok, so i never had HBO to catch up with the sopranos, so i borrowed most of the seasons from him, and own a couple. I absolutely love the music in this show, the selection is perfect. I know that the Sopranos has been overtalked and run into the ground, but im trying to come up with a good mix of music from the show. Any suggestions? Id really like the name of that Opera song that Carmella was always playing.
  9. PSYCHOcatholic

    What are You Watching Now ?!

    Gang Nation on Investigative Discovery
  10. PSYCHOcatholic


    Elton Longjohn!
  11. PSYCHOcatholic


    Yall this is some great advice, i can take it and run with it! Hopefully, run to California, with a plan. I just dont PLAN to be a waiter for the rest of my life! lol
  12. PSYCHOcatholic


  13. PSYCHOcatholic

    Happy Birthday, Psycho Catholic!

    Well Noted!
  14. PSYCHOcatholic


    So, right now im at a crossroads in my life. I could go 3 or 4 different ways. See, ive always wanted to be a Youth Minister, which i have a chance of doing if i stay here in Bama, but it could take 2 years. Then my sister, she lives about 20 minutes from LA, she said that i could possibly live out there for awhile, and try to get a movie career started. Cause, i know one day you guys will see me on the big screen, its another one of my dreams. Im unemployed like alot of the country, and need to figure out what to do. Is it hard to make it in Hollywood?
  15. PSYCHOcatholic

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Champagne Supernova - Oasis Now, Push - Matchbox 20 and then i think Kid Rocks All Summer Long