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  1. It's definitely been too long. My life just hasnt allowed me to make time for things like i used to. Im working full time, out of the Army now. I am pursuing a Career in Youth Ministry at my Church, and life seems to be looking up!
  2. Check out my facebook too to get a little more info! THIS IS REAL! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500028120
  3. Hello Old Friends! I can see a whole lot has not changed! Except for the ages!
  4. Ill agree, there is not as much racing in it, but the story makes up for it. 2 semi friends going after the same thing, working on different sides of the law.
  5. The Poughkeepsie Tapes +5 for making me think it was real...-5 for it to be a mockumentary in the end. Benjamin Buttons 10/10 Yes Man 10/10 HILARIOUS! The Day the Earth Stood Still 7/10 AI Artificial Intelligence definite 10/10 Fast and Furious(2009) 9/10
  6. Ok, so i never had HBO to catch up with the sopranos, so i borrowed most of the seasons from him, and own a couple. I absolutely love the music in this show, the selection is perfect. I know that the Sopranos has been overtalked and run into the ground, but im trying to come up with a good mix of music from the show. Any suggestions? Id really like the name of that Opera song that Carmella was always playing.
  7. Gang Nation on Investigative Discovery
  8. Yall this is some great advice, i can take it and run with it! Hopefully, run to California, with a plan. I just dont PLAN to be a waiter for the rest of my life! lol
  9. So, right now im at a crossroads in my life. I could go 3 or 4 different ways. See, ive always wanted to be a Youth Minister, which i have a chance of doing if i stay here in Bama, but it could take 2 years. Then my sister, she lives about 20 minutes from LA, she said that i could possibly live out there for awhile, and try to get a movie career started. Cause, i know one day you guys will see me on the big screen, its another one of my dreams. Im unemployed like alot of the country, and need to figure out what to do. Is it hard to make it in Hollywood?
  10. Champagne Supernova - Oasis Now, Push - Matchbox 20 and then i think Kid Rocks All Summer Long
  11. Gears of War 2 was a great game, not so much a normal first person shooter, but an awesome game with great graphics.
  12. to this day, i feel left out, i havent gotten to see it yet...and considering what my friends do, its crazy. Im watching it ASAP!
  13. Oh, edna! Those brownies look AMAZING!
  14. yeah...23 and still kickin! Thankyou everybody for the Birthday Wishes! Ive missed my long lost family, although i have been the long lost one. Life changes, and things happen, and i couldnt even find time to check my email, let alone get on here. Shameful, i know. lol. I had a dream last night that i was on songfacts, so i finally got it fixed. Ive tried getting on a few times, and it just wouldnt let me on, using the same password and everything, so i thought i was being punished, but, i guess it was all just technical, i wrote carl and asked for help, and then tried it one more time and it worked, i was able to log in! So, truthfully its the best birthday present that i was given this year. That, and seasons 2 and 3 of the sopranos. lol. Im so glad to be back! "I once was lost, but now i am found, was blind but now i see! "
  15. It was a great game Peaches...for Bama. LOL You know im just messing with ya! But, nobody thought Bama could do it this year, we are now Number 2, ahead of LSU, our most feared game.
  16. Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!!! Now that your old enough, you can be a greeter at wal-mart! Have a great Birthday!
  17. Also...did yall know that you can drink almost everywhere down there, even in the Riverwalk Mall! They even have liquor in Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, all the gas stations. It may be that im so excited cause i live in Alabama, the Belt Buckle of the Bible Belt here in the south. They dont even sell 40 oz beers here. But in New Orleans, everythings bigger, and cheaper, no holds barred. I thought everything was bigger in texas
  18. Its a great show Im glad they finally have a show where people can show there awkward talents and sing whatever they want. American Idol cant offer that to them.
  19. The Food...Oh My BUDDY CHRIST THE FOOD was SO good! I thought food on Boston Harbor was the best ive had...nope...New Orleans has topped it. Those frech donuts in powdered sugar, not sure of the spelling but the pronunciation is ben-yay They should also play the music on radio stations across America, if people dont get a chance to hear it, they are definitely missing out! I remember everybody's spirit was just amazing, Hurricanes(the drinks) were so cheap as to say, Hurricanes are nothing to us! The spirit of New Orleans after a hurricane is that of The United States as a whole after 9/11. I remember this T-Shirt i saw that i will always remember. It said in Big White letters FEMA's Plan for Katrina: Plan #1: RUN YOU MOTHER%!@$* RUN! LOL All in All, if you havent had a chance to Visit the city, its a great place for party people and non party people. Not only can you have a great time there, you can explore a whole new world of History. Just Think, Bourbon St. has been there since the 1800's The Canal St. Ferry. Andrew Jackson Square. I Love New Orleans!
  20. True. I remember when teams were scared of the Cowboys Defense.
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