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  1. Hi All, Worth checking out if you are into blues, country or punk. Besides his 30 years he has a raspy, worn out voice which would make you think he’s been around for decades. With influences ranging from blues, folk & country makes it hard to categorize his style. Especially when you see some of the bands he has performed with: The Pogues, Lucero, Clutch, Street Dogs, Converge, Murder by Death & Against Me! His latest album “Animals in the Dark†will be released February 17th on ANTI-. Check out his MySpace, he will be touring Europe with Alela Diane. http://www.myspace.com/williamewhitmore Cheers!
  2. Hi All, Does anyone else love the soundtrack for Gears of War 2? I feel “How It Ends†was the perfect song they could’ve picked for the trailer. Try annihilating some locust while listening to the whole album! http://www.itunes.com/devotchka/howitends You can also get the single along with a cool booklet with images from the game and the trailer. http://www.itunes.com/devotchka/howitends-ep Cheers!
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