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  1. I'll do my best... trouble is, the older I get the more my elbows hurt and 300 miles on a bike should finish them off... I'll probably end up sucking Guinness through a straw!
  2. Here it is - the racing. We will be staying at a friend's father's hotel in the south about 1 hour from the event itself... http://www.northwest200.org/
  3. MT - did we ever properly fall out, you great big girl's blouse? lol Hi Marc, I am off to Ireland with some mates in a couple of weeks on the Triumph to (allegedly) watch some racing... really it is an excuse for 6 old mates to drink the black stuff whilst admiring the celtic totty! Have had to sort the bike for that as I will be two-up in the company of a Mille thou, two ZX10s and a 996SPS... No worries!!! lol
  4. Alreet MT, The rash went along with my fear of the creaking bunk above... Rehabilitation is proving to be a slow process....
  5. If you've got it.... or not, ahem!
  6. DiggsUK

    Who is that?

    The woman at the back looks like Liv Tyler...
  7. Tax returns... I'd rather stick pins in my eyes, except I did that already and now I can't find any more pins... Tennis elbow... Means I have to limit all repetitive activities involving use of my right arm... Clay... Our garden subsoil is clay, and having recently dug out for a patio exposing the nasty sticky stuff, the kids and pooch insist on trailing it into the house...
  8. DiggsUK

    Who is that?

    Taking a dump perhaps...
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