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  1. Hmm, so Obama is for gay marriage personally, but still believes the states should decide whether it's legal or not. That's great. That puts him at the level of Dick Cheney about a decade ago. SF Gate - Cheney Supports Gay Marriage (2004) let's keep pushing forward yall
  2. my favorites so far Miguel - "Adorn" like a sexy Peter Gabriel R. Kelly - "Share My Love" populate Grimes - "Oblivion" Big K.R.I.T. - "4eva n a Day" this guy is blowing up, and deservedly so
  3. just dropping in to say the 49ers are gonna win the super bowl. for some reason, this is the play that makes me confident about it:
  4. the funny thing about Kanye is that on his earlier songs like "All Falls Down" and "We Don't Care," he actually did protest America's economic system - or if not the specifics of the actual policies in place, at least the culture of money in general in the US. He's really gone the opposite direction now though. Compare these lyrics: "We shine because they hate us, floss cause they degrade us We trying to buy back our 40 acres And for that paper, look how low we'd stoop Even if you in a Benz, you still a n**** in a coop" "They don't see me cuz I pulled up in my other Benz Last week I was in my other other Benz"
  5. "Party" by Beyonce is the best made-for-radio pop song I've heard in a while. It sounds like it came straight from the days of the glossy 80s diva.
  6. If the new season isn't good, I think I'm going to buy a gun and shoot my TV, Elvis Presley style. I'm cautiously excited / extremely excited. "Like" the New Yorker Facebook page to watch a 90-minute panel discussion with the whole cast + Mitch Hurwitz. It's very interesting.
  7. Drive: 9.5/10 Immediately after seeing this film, I thought to myself, damn, this movie was all style and no substance, but the style was so good that it doesn't even matter, and it's actually a better movie for having no substance. But then I thought about it for a while and realized that there is actually a lot of substance to the movie, it's just not shoved in your face like you would expect an arthouse action flick to be. Much like another favorite of mine, No Country for Old Men, it is intentionally minimal in terms of character development and plot, which not only allows the audience to draw their own conclusions but also make commentary on emptiness and Hollywood. I dunno, sometimes I think I'm a little too quick to assume a movie is about movies in general, but I think I'm on the mark with this one. Anyway, I thought it was fantastic. Probably the "Taxi Driver" of our generation. Or at least the "No Country for Old Men" of Los Angeles. Or a less silly "Inglorious Basterds." Or maybe just a big cool aesthetic visual and aural feast, which I'd be ok with too. Also, I'm gonna be pretentious and create a new genre name for it: Post-superhero. Took off a half point because the gore really did get to me. I think out of the action scenes, the most effective ones had the least gore. I'm fine with violence, but let's be real, blood is gross.
  8. Batman

    Sly Stone

    I don't like that this has been in the news. He clearly wants to be left alone.
  9. I am not really an expert in the genre, but in my opinion Thundercat just put out the best jazz album of the past 30 years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlerH6Tobug
  10. picking Rangers over Phillies in 6 for the World Series. Although what I would like to happen is the Cards beat the Phillies this series, and then the Brewers/D-Backs (but actually just the Brewers, let's be realistic) beat the Cardinals. Not a huge fan of the Phillies...
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