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  1. Two of my best friends from college (who have been dating for a couple years now) are visiting the Bay Area this weekend and I'm going to play God Only Knows on my violin while he proposes to her. I never fully appreciated how complex Brian Wilson's melodies are until trying to teach myself one.
  2. How many Ty Segall projects am I expected to know about?!?
  3. ^ Yup. Also I didn't think the Sleigh Bells album was bad, it's just not as good as their past stuff.
  4. I'm a Hawks fan too! It's an exciting time!
  5. Correction: Make that 4 perfect Arcade Fire albums in a row.
  6. I would call it album of the year. No question.
  7. Devastating. I was at the Bridge School Benefit on Sunday (Amazing. More on that later.) and My Morning Jacket played Oh Sweet Nuthin' in tribute with Neil Young, Elvis Costello, and Jenny Lewis. I broke down.
  8. Haim is the real deal. This record is as catchy as it gets.
  9. Your Cheatin' Heart - Hank Williams (1953) Devil's Dance Floor - Flogging Molly (2000) Better Not Look Down - B.B. King (1979)
  10. 1. Sherry Darling – Bruce Springsteen (1980) 2. When You Dance I Can Really Love – Neil Young (1970) 3. Animal – Pearl Jam (1993) 4. Givin' Em What They Love – Janelle Monae feat. Prince (2013) 5. Heart of the City – Jay–Z (2001) 6. By–Tor and the Snow Dog – Rush (1975) 7. Strutter – Kiss (1974) 8. Fallin' – Alicia Keys (2001) 9. Nadine – Chuck Berry (1964) 10. Elevation – U2 (2000)
  11. I voted for Paul Butterfield, Deep Purple, Nirvana, NWA, and Yes.
  12. My first thought. Also The Doors' debut. As for modern bands, I think the case can be made that Arcade Fire has done this three times in a row.
  13. Givin' Em What They Love - Janelle Monae feat. Prince (2013) Heart of the City - Jay-Z (2001) By-Tor and the Snow Dog - Rush (1975)
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