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  1. That is sad. He was a Philly guy. He was a good guy even though he never wore pants. This is Phil. I haven’t posted in years. I still have my Songfacts T-shirt. Still fits. RIP Joe
  2. We need at least 8. Next year might be the answer.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm in. I think?
  4. Thanks guys. If anyone comes to San Diego, first rounds are on me!
  5. Happy New Year everyone.
  6. Crazy playoffs this year. Your right Kevin, one play turned that thing around. Good luck to Carl next week. I see a low scoring contest.
  7. phil

    Cool or Dork?

    Cool, bot Connery is my Bond. Cranberry sauce in a can.
  8. John Barleycorn Must Die - Traffic
  9. The wife bought the bird. We are hosting this year. The next poster has some vinyl lying around the house.
  10. I got my JV team in this week, and they performed accordingly.
  11. Sorry Kevin. Blue has been doing that to me all year. I was always 1 minute late. I like the playoff format. BTW; It seems like an awful amount of injuries this year. My team is different every week.
  12. I had very good pitching and I lucked out and won the baseball league. Thanks to everyone who played. But... I'm going to be 0-4 in football. I've made every bonehead call so far. My goal is to try to sneak into the playoffs somehow. Thanks again to all who played baseball. It's a long season.
  13. At least baseball is going well! I'm hoping to make a charge in the second half of the season. Good luck this week, Kevin. I'll need some unexpected points to beat you this week.
  14. Good luck everyone. It's good to have football back.
  15. Excuse me, I'm on my third Jameson and Ginger Ale, but are we doing a live draft at that time. or is it autodraft.
  16. phil

    Name a Song

    Just Dropped In ( To See What Condition My Condition Is In) in The Big Lebowski. Name a song about baseball.
  17. 1. Midnite Maniac - Krokus 2. Smooth Up In Ya - Bulletboys 3. To Hell With The Devil - Stryper 4. Beat To Death Like A Dog - Rhino Bucket 5. To Hot To Stop - The Rods 6. Rip And Tear - L.A. Guns 7. I'll Never Let You Go - Steelheart 8. House Of Pain - Faster Pussycat 9. Say What You Will - Fastway 10. All The Time In The World - Junkyard
  18. Hi Kevin. If someone starts it. I'll play.
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