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  1. phil

    Fantasy Football 2016

    We need at least 8. Next year might be the answer.
  2. phil

    Fantasy Football 2016

    Hi everyone. I'm in. I think?
  3. phil

    Songfactors Football 2015

    Thanks guys. If anyone comes to San Diego, first rounds are on me!
  4. phil

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone.
  5. phil

    Songfactors Football 2015

    Crazy playoffs this year. Your right Kevin, one play turned that thing around. Good luck to Carl next week. I see a low scoring contest.
  6. phil

    Cool or Dork?

    Cool, bot Connery is my Bond. Cranberry sauce in a can.
  7. phil

    Word Association IV

    John Barleycorn Must Die - Traffic
  8. phil

    Who will post next?

    The wife bought the bird. We are hosting this year. The next poster has some vinyl lying around the house.
  9. phil

    Songfactors Football 2015

    I got my JV team in this week, and they performed accordingly.
  10. phil

    What cracks you up?

    Stooges rule!
  11. phil

    Songfactors Football 2015

    Sorry Kevin. Blue has been doing that to me all year. I was always 1 minute late. I like the playoff format. BTW; It seems like an awful amount of injuries this year. My team is different every week.
  12. phil

    Songfactors Football 2015

    I had very good pitching and I lucked out and won the baseball league. Thanks to everyone who played. But... I'm going to be 0-4 in football. I've made every bonehead call so far. My goal is to try to sneak into the playoffs somehow. Thanks again to all who played baseball. It's a long season.
  13. phil

    Alphabetical Artists game

    Van Halen Goodnight Irene
  14. phil

    Songfactors Football 2015

    At least baseball is going well! I'm hoping to make a charge in the second half of the season. Good luck this week, Kevin. I'll need some unexpected points to beat you this week.
  15. phil

    Songfactors Football 2015

    Good luck everyone. It's good to have football back.