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  1. Ken

    Old posts

    This place was *way* ahead of it's time. Songfacts was a kind of facebook before facebook was facebook, but for music freaks. Then a few things happened. We had a server change and the format of our beloved Songfacts boards changed. They weren't like what you see here. Then facebook came along, and with it a songfacts facebook thing. I think the posts became fewer and farther in between. I still come here, I don't always "officially" sign in, but I am usually here once a day. There was a tight vibe for quite some time. A tribal vibe, kind of a family type deal.
  2. Ken

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    https://ibb.co/hDBcznR I became a Bubba in the last year. They tell me I'm kind of a big deal.........
  3. Ken

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Still here. 16 years and running. Just had my anniversary 2 nights ago, Dec. 31/02. Still my favorite website ever. This place was *so* ahead of it's time....
  4. Ken

    Greta Van Fleet

    Check these guys out. This guy sounds like vintage Plant. 17 years old from Frankenmueth, Michigan. I do believe these guys will be going places..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJg4OJxp-co
  5. Ken

    I miss you, Fishies...

    I'm still here. Still come on and browse all the time. And every time I come back, it still feels like home to me. I did the mental math, 16+ years of Songfacts for me. Some marriages don't last that long....
  6. Ken

    RIP Chuck Berry.

    This one hurt plenty, age be damned. Chuck was my first love, my first idol. My Dad bought me my first record, Chuck's "Reelin' 'n Rockin". I was 5 years old. I heard the opening riff of "Johnny B. Goode" and it was all over for me. I felt like I had been plugged in. My parents record collection included Harry Belafonte, and growing up around the Windsor Detroit area, the Big 8, CKLW played the greatest music. At 4 to 5 years old, I knew a couple things. Somehow I knew Otis Redding and Booker T were connected (same band), and Black people made the music I liked. I grew up in the *whitest* Canadian suburb imaginable. I didn't know any black people outside of what I saw on record albums or what I heard on the radio. And Chuck Berry was a *GOD* to me. In school, Kindergarden to grade 1 and 2, the other kids were pretty fast and loose with the "N-word". And it always conflicted me. I wanted to fit in, but the comments were that "they" like fried chicken. It was my favorite meal. "They" liked watermelon. Me too. And I couldn't understand (I was 5, think like a 5 year old) "don't these guys get it? That music is...... I dunno. The best music I've ever heard". Still, to this day. Like Seger says, "All Chuck's children are out there, playin' his licks". I credit my parents for making me who I am. And Chuck Berry. Thanks for the music Chuck. I will love you forever.
  7. Ken

    The Edmund Fitzgerald

    41 Years ago tonight, at 7:10 PM. A prayer for the men who perished. Offer a prayer to all men and women killed doing their jobs....
  8. A warm Sunday night, and a completely awesome show. One of my co-worker's sister is the vice president of the Caesars Casino here, we had front-row centre stage. Off the hook!
  9. Ken

    Any concerts coming up?

    Jimmy Buffett last Saturday night at Detroit's DTE Music Theatre. It's officially summer. A sea of Hawaiian shirts, cheeseburgers, shark fins, salt shakers, pirates, margarita glass sunglasses, 80-year old women in thong bikinis, fruitcakes, etc. What a complete, total blast. Fins UP!
  10. Ken

    song needed

    99.99999999% sure the phrase "Brain Salad Surgery" does NOT refer to brain surgery. Strike that. I KNOW that's not what it means. I'm 100% sure I DO know what it means. And knowing RonJon , HE knows what it means,
  11. Ken

    Prince Passes Away

    Heavy on the heart. I'm 52 now. I was 22 in August of 1986 when Kelly and I moved in together. A small 1 bedroom apartment in a 3 story apartment building. Landlord came down and asked us to turn down the stereo, and it was Prince, "I Would Die 4 U". This one hurts so damn much.
  12. Ken

    Prince Passes Away

    2016. The worst year ever in music. Ever. The Purple One gone. Died at his home in Minnesota. I'm rattled to the foundations.
  13. Since his death in July of 1971, the world has elevated Jim Morrison to a Godlike status. The man is a legend, every lyric parsed, every performance gone over ten thousand times. We, being people, there are certain elements of life that are common to us all. Both the performer and fan. Like driving in cars and listening to music. I was out on the road last week, singing along with The Doors "Roadhouse Blues". Just before the solo, Morrison yells "Do it, Robbie, do it!"..... I am sure Robbie Krieger has been in his car just driving somewhere and this has happened. If not his car, anywhere, and unexpectedly the song comes on. How cool would that be to say to anyone who cared to listen, "Hey... That's Jim Morrison.... Talking to ME!".... I can only imagine the sense of satisfaction that must bring, the nostalgia of going back to that day in the studio and recording the song, the memories that must flood back.,
  14. This is the end of my love affair with my beloved band. I've been a fan since 1977. Purchased everything they recorded, cheerfully bought the DVD'S, reveled at the quality of the Blu-Rays, and now I am heartbroken. Axl Rose. I guess I will keep my memories, and say thanks for all the great music. Damn....
  15. Ken

    The greatest politically incorrect songs

    "Layin' Up With Linda" -Originally by gg allin later covered by the Lemonheads. Pretty much anything by gg allin was off-the-charts nuts, and if you've never heard of him, well, a Google Image search should show you the direction he went. A friend of mine, Gil, took me to see him back in the late '80's. When the feces started flying I heartily laughed, and left. Truth be told, he was light years better than a Bieber, Swift, Gaga, or the like.