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  2. Yeah, it was pretty hard to read to read sentences that don't have a capital letter at the start and apostrophes, isn't it? Wait, it isn't.
  3. How do you know what's really happening if you only watch those two?
  4. Why would you ever give a strike for someone when they were explaining why they were given a strike? I wasn't directing that word at anybody, I was giving a summary of why. That is just absurd. What if I said I knew a kid who was mentally handicapped, would I get banned for that? You could have just answered my PT.
  5. The sycophancy is rampant here. If you don't realize that, you should not be a moderator.
  6. Are none of you mods willing to even read what he said? He has obviously just derided everyone here who happens to be below the age of thirty as if this was some sort of qualifier for intelligence and being able to post here. He calls all of us names, yet not a single one of you is willing to lift a finger to tell him to shut the hell up. You can smell the bias from a mile away. Do I post insulting entire generations? No. Yet I'm the one who's given "strikes" for using the word (removed) despite the fact that Kevin was using it first. How does that make any kind of sense? He's also const
  7. Talk to each of them privately about it, which I suppose is no longer a concern in my case, anyway.
  8. And now you're threatening a ban? It's a moderator's job to deal with issues, not issue out bans willy-nilly in an attempt to appease everybody.
  9. No, the animosity will NOT vanish. That's what I've been trying to say. Believing that it will just "blow over" is shortsighted and a terrible idea. This has "blown over" several times, yet I still find Kevin attacking me across the boards. If you don't see it, you need to look harder.
  10. Wait, you're saying I'M antagonizing Kevin? Open your eyes. Seriously.
  11. No, this is not true on this forum. Antagonizing is completely allowed here, and if you don't realize it, I can point you to many posts where it was blatantly obvious and malicious. Wait, what? Where the hell did you get that idea? Stop supplanting my statements about "people" and acting like I was referring to myself.
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