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  1. My brother works around the corner from the place where he crashed in Hampstead. Someone took a black permanent marker and, on the dent where the car made impact, wrote 'Wham!'. Nice.
  2. Well jeez, it took you long enough! Love that soundtrack!
  3. Announcement: There have been 38,858 posts in the Random Thoughts forum since my last login... Hi you guys!
  4. i absolutely agree with your observations about women, b-f. women have to work sooo hard to do well on the show! in all those kinds of talent shows really, it's much harder for women to excel. i'm not sure why that is! maybe because they're harder to 'sell' as a product in the end if they're not the whole package?? it's unfair!
  5. aaaaaawwww i feel bad about this! i was a disaster in CA, i was meant to meet loads of different people but just kept getting distracted or not getting around to it. i loved it though so i may be back!!!
  6. aaaaaawwww i do love him adoringly!
  7. hahaha good one sammy! unfortunately that wasn't me, although one of my friends knows her mum! hey sammy, hey MT, nice to see you guys again!
  8. it's been the most talentless american idol yet! i didn't follow it much, mainly because there was no-one who made me go wow. the irish girl was the best singer and i'm not saying that out of bias!!
  9. she used to star in neighbours and used it as a mechanism to launch her pop career. she was just taking off a few years ago when she got sick with cancer but is now in remission. most famous in ireland for being the woman bryan mcfadden (of westlife) had an affair with, leaving his wife kerry katona (of atomic kitten) and two small daughters for. she has a nice voice but i think she's boooooring! no offence!
  10. oh guys, i've just found all these posts looking for me and i feel so embarrassed my cheeks are burning! peachy, marc, sue, edna, RG, jane, shawna... all of you guys, i am so sorry for just disapearing like that for ages and not checking in with you all. i guess after five weeks in CA i was just outta the habit and then time passed me by. i moved to a new city and was craaazy busy and then it just felt like too much time had passed! argh! i've missed you guys! i hope everyone is well! xoxoxoxox
  11. edna! s2v! great to see you guys are still here and thanks for the welcome and update! glad i caught the tail-end of martin's birthday - happy birthday martin!!!
  12. there have been approximately 50,000 new posts since i was last here. anyone care to fill me in??? i've missed you guys
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