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  1. Quick update and more advice.The lovely lady has succumbed to my wit and charm and we have been out four times now.Trouble now is having been married for the last 12 years and out of the game so to speak,Is it the fifth date where i try to slip my hand under her shirt or should i have done this by now.
  2. Many Thanks for all the suggestions.I went with Bruces Fire and also Ramones - I wanna be your boyfriend,seems to have done the trick as i am taking her tonight.Wish me Luck
  3. Thanks a lot guys,some great suggestions especially Sweet Jane 61,Fire is perfect.
  4. This may be a strange one but there is this girl i really like who will only go out with me if i sing her a song.I would like some ideas on which song to do.Something meaningful but not too cheesy would be ideal.Please help all suggestions welcome.
  5. Floyd the barber - Nirvana I wont ask for promises So you dont have to lie
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