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10 Songs that bring tears to your eyes


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Since this has been bumped, I'll add my 2 cents!

Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce

Ordinary World - Duran Duran

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain - Willie Nelson

Say Hello to Heaven - Temple of the Dog

He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones

Nobody Knows - Tony Rich Project

I Am a Rock - Simon & Garfunkel

It Hurt So Bad - Susan Tedeschi

Wasted Time - Eagles

Changes - Black Sabbath

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I don't know if I can think of 10, but I'll try. These are in no particular order:

In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride

Dance With my Father - Luther Vandross

Bui Doi - From the musical "Miss Saigon"

In The Ghetto - Elvis Presley

Castle on A Cloud - from the musical "Les Miserables"

When She Loved Me - Sarah MacLachlan (From Toy Story 2)

Beautiful - Cristina Aguilera - more touched than sad tears

True Colors - Cyndi Lauper - same reason as above

Okay, there are only 8. I'm not really a crier, what can I say.

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1. Moody Blues- New Horizons

2. Simon and Garfunkle- Bookends

3. Green Day- Good Riddence

4. Andrea Bochelli- Con Te Partido

5. Godspell- By my Side

6. Eric Clapton- Tears in Heaven

7. Glen Miller- Moonlight Serenade

8. Rod Stewart- Tom Traubert's Blues

9. Beatles- In My Life

10. Beaver Brown Band- tender Years

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1."What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted" by Jimmy Ruffin

2."The Tracks Of My Tears" by The Miracles

3."What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye

4."10,000 Miles" by Mary Chapin Carpenter

5."Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg

6."Ashokan Farewell" by Jay Unger (Main theme for Ken Burns'"The Civil War")*That goes double for "Ashokan Farewell/Sullivan Ballou Letter"

7."(And) I Remember Her" by Jim Croce

8."Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World" performed by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

9."We Will Find A Way" by Oleta Adams & Brenda Russell (Opening song from "Corrina, Corrina.")

10."Fields of Gold" performed by Eva Cassidy :P

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Theres alot of songs that i feel in my heart...but theres only three songs that make me really cry.

I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me and there new song Homesick.


Shine Your Light - Robbie Robertson from Ladder 49...tearjerker.

Im a big Christian Music fan, i just dont advertise it lol.

Songs That Take in your Heart! SOME of you elders might remember this post...this was one from awhile ago. CHECK IT OUT!

and this one is even before my time!

Sad Songs

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(1)Does Anyone Care - The Cranberries

(2)Let it Be - The Beatles

(3)Where Are You Going? - The Dave Matthews Band

(4)Faithfully - Journey

(5)On the Turning Away - Pink Floyd

(6)Hold On - Kansas

(7)In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

(8)My City of Ruins - Bruce Springsteen

(9)Disarm - The Smashing Pumpkins

(10)Simple Man - Lynard Skynard

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1. Daisy, Stone Temple Pilots -- two minutes of one of the saddest guitar riffs i've *ever* heard ... the way it's played with a slide ... powerful

2. Let Me In, R.E.M -- i've heard this is sort of a tribute to kurt cobain ... it's this distortion-soaked melancholy ... hard to explain, but quite sad

3. Something In The Way, Nirvana -- the way kurt almost whispers strikes me as being some of the saddest vocals i've ever heard

4. "god only knows," beach boys -- "life could show nothing to me / so what good would living do me" ... that's a pretty intense line ... i just love the whole mood of the song

5. "sick of myself," matthew sweet -- just look at what the song is called.

those are the songs that really stand out for me as "cry" worthy

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remember the chick from the 5th element movie.

her album "the divine comedy" has some deep lyrics.

some of the a few songs are pretty poor but the rest is gold. such an individual sound too.

try thinking of nine inch nails mixed with james taylor and a bit of kate bush. awesome, one of the most underrated albums of all time. no joke. now all she's gotta do is learn to act a bit better... a lot better.

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Hazey Jane I


Dave Pegg, bass

Dave Mattacks, drums

Do you curse where you come from,

Do you swear in the night

Will it mean much to you

If I treat you right.

Do you like what you're doing,

Would you do it some more

Or will you stop once and wonder

What you're doing it for.

Hey slow Jane, make sense

Slow, slow, Jane, cross the fence.

Do you feel like a remnant

Of something that's past

Do you find things are moving

Just a little too fast.

Do you hope to find new ways

Of quenching your thirst,

Do you hope to find new ways

Of doing better than your worst.

Hey slow Jane, let me prove

Slow, slow Jane, we're on the move.

Do it for you,

Sure that you would do the same for me one day.

So try to be true,

Even if it's only in your hazey way.

Can you tell if you're moving

With no mirror to see,

If you're just riding a new man

Looks a little like me.

Is it all so confusing,

Is it hard to believe

When the winter is coming

Can you sign up and leave.

Hey slow Jane, live your lie

Slow, slow jane, fly on by.

Makes me cry every time. So Sad

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i've been reminded today of a song which never fails to make me sad. it's one of the lesser known jeff buckley songs which appeared on disc two of 'sketches for my sweetheart the drunk'. a very close friend of mine and i share the same birthday (our mothers knew each other while pregnant and years later we met and became friends by chance without knowing this). on our seventeenth birthday he gave me a gift of this album and told me he was in love with me. i didn't feel the same way and had to tell him so and our friendship inevitably suffered. he sent me an email in which he quoted this song but altered the lyrics to read:

we had a birthdate in common

we have separate bed and lives

since then, whenever i hear this song it makes me cry.

I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)

There?s no easy answer

None to blame or forgive

Two cripples dancing

To the end we live

I?m not with you, not of you

Not with you, not of you

You are soft and young to me

I am the ghost who comes and goes

And I hope I?ll catch you

In the throws of one last look at the wonder

One last look at the wonder

Oh, God, I love you

And all the past we once knew

Some other love becomes you

Whatever else we come to

I know we could be so happy, baby

If we wanted to be

You are soft and young to me

I am the ghost who comes and goes

I'm hoping that I?ll catch you in the throws

Of one last look at joy that we?ve become

But there?s no easy answer, none to blame or forgive

We were two cripples dancing

To the bitter end we live

I?m not with you, but of you

I?m not with you, but of you

Oh, God, I loved you

And all the past we once knew

Some other love becomes you

Whatever else it comes to

I know we could be so happy, baby

If we wanted to be

We had a birthplace in common

We had separate beds and lives

I?ll just sit here and glow

Break out the oldest pictures

Hang your ruined letters out to dry

We had a birthplace in common

And separate beds and lives

And lives, and lives

I know that we could be so happy, baby

If we wanted to be

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Well, I haven't cried to them, but seven (I can't think of ten) that really "get to me" are...

Crown of Thorns by Social Distortion

Angel's Wings by Social Distortion

Ball and Chain by Social Distortion

Instead Laugh by Onesidezero

The Nobodies by Marilyn Manson

Coma White by Marilyn Manson

Coma Black by Marilyn Manson

Odd...There are only three bands there...

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I only picked the songs that have made me cry (I Promise) If you've never seen the Touched by an Angel episode called The 151st Psalm (it's the 100th episode) I highly recommend you watch it cuz I cry every time I watch it and this movie even makes touch boys cry.

1. Testify to Love - Wynonna Judd (if you've ever seen the 151st Psalm, Touched by an Angel, you'd know why this one was sad

2. You Were Loved - Wynonna Judd

3. There You'll Be - Faith Hill (this one was played at Andrew, Bryan, and Kyle's funeral, three of my friends that died in a wreck)

4. Friends - Micheal W. Smith (this one was played at my uncle's funeral and it's a very touching song)

5. Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton (it's a classic)

6. There's a tie between Concrete angel - Martina McBride and Don't take the Girl - Tim McGraw

7. It's Your Song - Garth Brooks (if you listen to the live version you can hear him getting all choked up in the end)

8. Teddy Bear - Red Sovine (there's a sequel to this song and there both sad. My mom made me listen to them and they both brought a tear to my eye)

9. I Wish You Still Loved Me - Jo Dee Messina (this is definitely a break up song

10. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam (you just have to listen to this one and it kinda has personal meaning)

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shooting star, isn't that the episode of touched by an angel where the little boy with leukaemia dies. he's winona judd's son in the show i think, and at the end the whole town sing this song and he dies on the porch - is that right?! i've seen about four episodes of that show all put together put this one came on german tv just a few weeks ago (dubbed into german of course). it was very touching, i must say!

p.s. welcome to songfacts!!! :)

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well i'm new here.. thought it was interesting so i joined. i have a lot of songs that i... feel for actually. sometimes i cry, sometimes i don't but i'm touched, sometimes tears just come to my eyes. well i'll just name the songs that i feel for that i remember.

Titanic - Rose - it's the background music in the end i think. well i really like it, it's made me cry a lot actually. before i used to think it was like the souls communicating.

Damien Rice - Cannonball - i really love the way he writes... this song makes me think and wonder about my soulmate, WHERE IS HE!!! and it makes me sad too because i don't have him (though the song isn't really about that).

Ben Folds Five - Brick - the whole alone and she's a brick and i'm drowning slowly thing gets to me.

Teddy Thompson - Love Her For That - it's a... romantic song.. yeah and i just like it a lot, the lyrics and how it sounds and all. "no matter how long, i will always come back" (i'm listening to it right now..)

Shania Twain - From This Moment On - haha okay. so i'm a total sap. well i just imagine experiencing something like that..

Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale - it just makes me feel, the whole mood of the song.

Switchfoot - On Fire - it's very intense and well, emotional.

Switchfoot - Let That Be Enough - nice song. i like the line "let me know that you love me, let that be enough". i'm actually not religious, but i like the band.

Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses - because i wish my dad was like that with me.. yeah and i just think it's really sweet. how can a father love his daughter so much.. it's so.. wonderful.

Les Miserables - On My Own - yup. this song.. haha. well i like it a lot. i like the way they put it too, though it's dramatic.

well those are 10. u know, people think i'm not emotional at all (they say i don't have feelings), which is actually the total opposite of what i really am. ::

i was looking through the whole post, and i really wanted to hear all the songs. wish i could download it all, i barely know most of them, especially the old songs. i'm on dial-up though so. AHHH!!! slow slow internet!!

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oh! and i forgot iris by the goo goo dolls. i used to hate that song when i was a kid, but when i grew older, i actually heard the song, listened to the lyrics and now i think it's a really great song. i think it has some of the best lyrics of any song, ever.

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I'm am not really an emotional person so i wouldn't say that these songs make me cry but i think they are very emotional. haha

1. Hurt- NIN

2. Wish you were here- Pink Floyd

3. The Ballad of Curtis Lowe- Lynyrd Skynyrd

4. Little Wing- Jimi Hendrix

5. Tangerine- Led Zeppelin

6. Dream on- Aerosmith

7. Sour Girl- Stone Temple Pilots(i don't know)

8. Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana

9. Redemption Song- Bob Marley

10.Time- Pink Floyd

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