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  1. try zeppelin's "heartbreaker." the main riff isn't that tough (it's exceedingly cool, however.) but the bridge/solo is another story.
  2. i really do need to get 'smile,' but 'pet sounds' i agree is an amazing piece of musicianship. honestly, one of my favorite sounds ever is the theremin on 'good vibrations.' brian wilson did an amazing job of song arrangement and production there ... the beautiful vocal harmonies, the strings/ horns ... all of it ... lovely.
  3. can someone explain to me what makes radiohead so great? i dont see it. i really don't know how anyone can reasonably say Hendrix is overrated. he got sounds out of his instrument that had never been made before. rotary speaker? uni-vibe? all hendrix. nirvana, i could see. i'm a nirvana partisan, but basically they ripped off the pixies very, very well. it's too bad that pop-punk as a genre these days is a force of evil, not interesting music as it was a decade ago. i used to think pink floyd was terribly overrated, then i started listening to them again recently, especially some of dave gilmour's guitar work, and now i'm not so sure ...
  4. 1. Daisy, Stone Temple Pilots -- two minutes of one of the saddest guitar riffs i've *ever* heard ... the way it's played with a slide ... powerful 2. Let Me In, R.E.M -- i've heard this is sort of a tribute to kurt cobain ... it's this distortion-soaked melancholy ... hard to explain, but quite sad 3. Something In The Way, Nirvana -- the way kurt almost whispers strikes me as being some of the saddest vocals i've ever heard 4. "god only knows," beach boys -- "life could show nothing to me / so what good would living do me" ... that's a pretty intense line ... i just love the whole mood of the song 5. "sick of myself," matthew sweet -- just look at what the song is called. those are the songs that really stand out for me as "cry" worthy
  5. the oldest stuff i like is buddy holly ... so i guess that's mid-late 50s ... but my favorite stuff probably falls from 1965-1969 or 1970, that time period ... two of my favorite songs -- the yardbirds "over under sideways down," the who "i can't explain," came in '65 / '66, and then the beach boys Pet Sounds album ... woah. so, yeh, long story short, i love the mid-60s.
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