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  1. just want to know any advanced fingerpicking songs. if any1 no's any please right.
  2. i love the song "bite the hand that feeds"... i had it stuck in my head for days. it sort of reminds me of the Hives for some reason.
  3. actually...no,rules are important, you just gotta remember not to follow them too strictly coz that takes away all the fun.
  4. rules shmules, just pick ur guitar and jam! :guitar:
  5. i just got the new accadacca dvd "family jewels". its got heaps of the early performances with bon scott, and heaps of brian johnson. anyone else seen it, and liked it as much as me?
  6. yeah skyhooks rock. straight in a gay world. is a great album. my dad showed me it to me, and it has some really rocking songs. did u no that there lead singer was on the show "our house" . thats strange, from rocker to handyman. awesome!
  7. thanks u guys, i can play a few SRV songs and Clapton, i started to play Victory by eric johnson, but the solo's to impossible. i find it hard to move my hands at 100k/ph
  8. i just bought face to face by the angels. definately there best work. i also been listening to australian crawl. any1 like them. Australia probably had the best rock bands in the early 70's
  9. good choices katie. do u no flash and the pan. that had harry vanda and george young in it. they rock hard, but dont take themselves seriously, there cool.
  10. u guys never heard of the angels, or men at work. the angels are my second fave band next to accadacca. they got some heavy riffs, and the lead player john brewster can really solo.
  11. anyone out there like aussie rock. if so i'd love to hear your faves.
  12. remember the chick from the 5th element movie. her album "the divine comedy" has some deep lyrics. some of the a few songs are pretty poor but the rest is gold. such an individual sound too. try thinking of nine inch nails mixed with james taylor and a bit of kate bush. awesome, one of the most underrated albums of all time. no joke. now all she's gotta do is learn to act a bit better... a lot better.
  13. 1)angus young 2)mark knoffler 3)stevie ray vaughn 4)eric johnson 5)dave gilmore they are probably the best 5. also though there is rick and john brewster. they were in an aussie rock band called the angels. in the 70's and 80's. in america they changed there name to angel city. there stuff really has some killer riffs, and the solos blow me away. (sounds heaps like accadacca)
  14. im luke, and ive gotta learn some more songs for my year 11 music exams. could any one give me ideas. ive been playing guitar for 5 years and i mainly listen to blues and rock from the 70's and 80's so anything in that style would be cool. gibson4000@hotmail.com
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