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  1. My friend gave me a loan of his iPod, I would like to put some of the songs of his onto my iPod..How can I do this?
  2. Meh..He's Hot.. I like his earlier, more creative stuff..Although I love til I collapse ::
  3. The new lacoste ad for men..Is the backround song by KT Tunstall? Kinda sounds like her..?
  4. Here is meh over in Northern Ireland last week, I had just finished an Audition and myself and my fellow dancers went out clubbing that night! click random pic... Here I am (the girl shivering with cold) over in Mallorca about 5 weeks ago, I was over doing Irish Dancing show cases! The water was freeeezing! clicky Do ya like the new hair?
  5. The manics have a pretty long song title.. "If white America told the truth for one day it's world would fall apart"
  6. Hmm... Grunge-_- Nirvana, Pearl jam, sound garden, the verve Alt. rock- The Manics, Smashing Pumpkins, Feeder, Kings of leon, foo fighters, Franz Ferdinand, tenacious D.. Hard rock- Ac/dc, metallica, Zeppelin, GnR Irish Rock- The Cranberries, Clannad, U2, Damein Rice, Paddy Casey 60's rock- Thin lizzy, the beatles Metal/Heavy rock- Dead kennedys, kitte, marylin manson Dance/Trance- Fragma, Faithless, Ultrabeat
  7. Hey Mat, I'm from Ireland! We've had no snow! So you're 6 huh? Are you in big school? :happybanana:
  8. Yeah its all about that thing between 50cent a Ja rule.. Its pretty obvious when you look at the lyrics too..Good song, its all over the clubs over here.. Like toy soldiers [step by step, heart to heart, left right left We all fall down like toy soldiers] [Chorus] Step by step, heart to heart, left right left We all fall down like toy soldiers Piece by piece, torn apart, we never win But the battle wages on for toy soldiers [Verse 1] I'm supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders I am ne
  9. The Manics- life blood.. Kings of Leon- Youth and young manhood.. Franz Ferdinand.. Keane- Hopes and Fears..
  10. Yeha I'm def a leo, my ma is def a capricorn and my best friend is def a gemini...I don't belive in this stuff really, but it is kinda true!
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