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  1. windy1

    60's POP CLASSICS!

    I'm with you!!!
  2. windy1

    Rod Stewart

    I actually liked most of the Great American Songbook series. I like the raspy voice applied to those great standards, and he gives them a twist.
  3. windy1

    Grossest Experience

    Oh God yes!
  4. windy1

    concert date STONES

    I've got my income tax check. By sept I'll need a break. I'm thinking driving to Chicago and spending the weekend and paying i49.00 for tickets is still worth it. If I can swing it I will!
  5. windy1

    The 50's

    Pat Boone doing Tutti Frutti!! Maynard G. Krebs!! Thanks for the memories Unc! I just barely remember the Dobie Gillis show but remember it I do! ::
  6. windy1

    The 50's

    I love listening to 50's stuff. It's mostly all "feel good" music. I think part of that is that there was a little bit of rebelliousness in it, and you can feel the joy of the artists in playing and singing the way they want to.
  7. windy1

    Rod Stewart

    Gotta go with Bluesy here. I like Rod Stewart...early Rod Stewart. One of my first albums was Rod Stewart with Faces. And Maggie May will always be a classic, even if it is overplayed.
  8. windy1

    Best & favourite Cover Songs

    Sorry Stocky, not laughing at you, just at how some topics just go in circles! We have not met..I'm Windy, welcome to the best little fish pond I know!
  9. windy1

    Supertramp - Bloody Well Right

    You know, I don't know anything about Supertramp, the individuals, or the band as a whole. But I like most of thier music.
  10. windy1

    concert date STONES

    So Sammy are we happy yet? Fenway Park is a lock. The closest they are coming to me is Chicago. But it's Sept.10 in Chicago, just in time for my birthday! Presents anyone?
  11. windy1

    ...and now...without further delay....

    I thought I was the only one who loves puppy smell! Adorable puppy, perfect name! I want a puppy.... I would suggest at least a half in half out dog...I'm the proud owner of an inside horse (rottie) I have to beg him to go out!!
  12. windy1

    The Edmund Fitzgerald

    That's really pretty interesting jr. I never realized that it was such recent history. So when the song was released, it was a fairly recent happening? Never knew that. The kind of stuff I enjoy learning.
  13. windy1

    Does Anyone Know....

    I can hear Alfalfa now! ::
  14. windy1

    The Beach Boys

    There is a "rockumentary" on HBO about the writing, recording and release of Smile, also kind of a life history of Brian Wilson. It's definately worth watching, and learning a little something.
  15. windy1


    these guys are going to some lengths to make sure this concert is available price wise to everyone. Tickets go on sale this Saturday for us in St Louis. Besides reasonable ticket prices, for the first week of sales there is no service fee for ticket sales at the box office. It was announced on the radio that Mellencamp is covering the service fees. Cool huh? ::