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  1. I watched the 'Orange Playlist' with him picking his favourite music tracks over the weekend, he actually seems like a really nice bloke. http://www.johnlydon.com/itv06.html
  2. Rather you than me... Oh, thats right Good luck...when is it?
  3. I was born around the same time as EA and Rachel, and grew up in the 90's surrounded by Britpop etc, yet I still prefer the 80's!
  4. I really liked that guy - he had character....
  5. It logs you out, gets rid of the 'cookies' that store the information on your computer, and lets you start again, as far as I know. If a page isn't refreshing, or similar, sometimes clearing cookies helps!
  6. I listened to the album through the other afternoon whilst cooking, and the only songs that really stood out for me, were their releases 'When The Sun Goes Down' and 'I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor'. Didn't do anything for me. I much preferred The Editors album when I listened to it afterwards!
  7. Brad, I didn't actually think of you when I made that statement, but hey-ho, Google Fanatic. Whatever floats your boat. Thanks Rachel, I'll see if I can get it from anywhere..
  8. Yep I saw that, I'm just hoping that someone may be able to prove us wrong.
  9. The current advert in the UK for Pepsi Max Cino, features a rocked up version of Cole Porters 'Anything Goes'. This much I have managed to find out for myself. Pepsi Max Cino Advert I cannot find who is performing this song in the advert....Help please google freaks!
  10. "Fly Eddie Fly" ~ Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards Olympic *ahem* ski-jumper... Definitely not amongst my favourite one hit wonders, but had to be mentioned!
  11. Oye Mi Canto Gloria Estefan Libre... Libre para expresar Lo que siento en el corazon No tengo que callar Tienes... esa libertad tambien Que es dificil de compartir Y tu lo sabes bien Hay que buscar la solucion En vez de decir adios Alguien tiene que escuchar Oye este canto que ya va a empezar Pronto los anos pasaran Y no quiero un dia despertar Y ver que es tarde ya Algo... algo tiene que pasar Si miramos alrededor Esta por comenzar Hablamos de amor... palabra comun Y no lo ofrecemos nunca Alguien tiene que escuchar Oye este canto que ya va a empezar Someday it'll be alright Changes happen overnight Creo en el amor pero sin condiciones Oye mi canto Y en ayudarnos sin tener otras razones Oye mi canto Los celos y el odio son ya tradiciones Oye mi canto Hay que dejarlas atras No buscar explicaciones Oye mi canto Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice) Take me... only for what I am You've got a right to speak your mind You've gotta take a stand No one... has the right to say This is right or that is wrong It isn't just one way Find common ground Go in between Things aren't always what they seem Someday it'll be alright Changes happen overnight People, let's give each other room If we're gonna work it out We better make it soon Love is... love is such a common word When it's pride we mistake for love Isn't that absurd Why always take The upper hand It's better to understand Someday it'll be alright Changes happen overnight Someday it'll be alright Changes happen overnight Oye mi canto Oye mi canto Oye mi canto I believe in love but with no conditions Oye mi canto And giving in sometimes Doesn't make it submission Oye mi canto Hate is so common it's almost tradition Oye mi canto Come on let's leave it behind And make that transition Oye mi canto Oye mi canto Oye mi canto Oye mi canto Oye mi canto....
  12. ^ That's a good thing! I voted for one's I'd never heard or have heard little of, but that sound interesting.
  13. I had it in the back of my mind that Charlie Chaplin wrote the lyrics, I did a project on him when I was in Junior School, because I had an elderly neighbour who knew him at the time he had made a film, don't remember which one. It's a very moving song...
  14. Fleetwood Mac - Stevie God Gave Rock N Roll To You: KISS or Argent
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