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  1. Does anyone know what the new Eminem song "Like Toy Soldiers" is about? to settle a doubt
  2. wow thanks alot you guys! that Neil Young song is almost exactly a descprition of my friend!
  3. who is that by? (far behind the....) whts MLB?
  4. I've been in a band for a couple of years, and a couple of months ago our drummer died of a heroin overdose. A few months later and im kinda coming to terms with it, so i thought i'd put together a CD that deals with the loss of a friend. Thing is.. even though i thought i was quite knowledgeble about songs it turns out i can only find two!! (Gone Away, and End of the Line - both by The Offspring)Wondering if you could help me find some more! it would be really appreciated! cheers Jim
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