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  1. Yup I agree,they sound nothing like Blur,and I'm also disappointed with Oasis's new single,guess I was just expecting more,Liam is always critising people,in the same interview that he said The Kaiser Chiefs were like a bad Blue he also said Franz Ferdinands's lead singer Alex looked like the guy from Right Said Fred on a diet only with hair..you whit? Alex is HOT! and he also said that he didn't like weird,quirky music like Franz. Gah he just annoys me,Franz rock!
  2. Sliding Doors! starring John Hannah and Gwineth Paltrow! *loves that film*
  3. Liam Gallagher described them as a bad Blur,Blur rocked! but not as much as the Kaiser Chiefs! there album is great! also love their new video for "Everyday I love you less and less"
  4. Hmm...i'll look out for them! I might just like them! and the guy without the glasses is hot!
  5. Ooo righty!!! lol..I got it! *slaps self* I done a test not too long ago (was yesterday actually) and it came back that I'm 5% chav,just because I've been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach! I resent that 5%! Chavs are called Neds over here in bonnie Scotland.
  6. Don't worry,your not alone..I don't get it either.. It wasn't directed to me was it? cause by burberry that means chavs...and yeah...*is confuzzled*
  7. Urgh like you Johnny I just know people will disagree me with me,but alas..I reckon U2 are sooooooooooooo overrated,I dunno why buit they just bore me,their music doesn't excite me. I also think..The Bravery are kinda...bland, umm who else? Yep that will do for now *nods*
  8. Oo let's see..."Run"-Snow Patrol "15 minutes old"-Snow Patrol "Imagine"-John Lennon "Nothing compares to you"-Shinead O'Connor (I've most likely spelt her name wrong but och well..the thoughts there eh?) But they songs bring tears to my eyes in a good way,it's good to cry..even if you don't do it a lot like me.
  9. Oo yeah...Franz RoCK! there definatly my 2nd fave album of last year,I love it!it's one of those albums like Snow Patrol's that ya just never get tired of hearing. I got the pleasure of seeing Franz,Idlewild,Travis AND Gary Lightbody play an acoustic version of "Run" at the Tsunami bennefit concert at the SECC!! twas AMAZING!
  10. I like them,I also have the album,I think i got it not too long after hearing "Everybody's Changing" but I don't think they deserved best album which the won,for me the besat album of last year HAS to be Snow Patrol's 3rd album "Final Straw" it is amazing! I'm in love with Gary Lightbody's voice. But yup..there a good band,Keane!
  11. I have heard soOoooo much about this show from my american friends and yet it still aint being shown over here in Britain,I mean..how long does it take! or..what if it isn't shown? I don't see why not,they show other amerirican series's. I feel I NEED to see it now! lol
  12. Oo yeah the Dr Who series is being shown in Britain first (obviously since it's british) I believe according to my Canadian friend that it's being shown on CBS very soon,so look out for it! it's great! I love it,specifically because Saturday tv was crap before lol,DR Who is befor my time,so I've never seen it till now. I also like Sex & the City,Friends,Only Fools & Horses,Charmed! Ooo..and Smallville. Faulty Towers is excellent too!
  13. YAY!! and no probylemo! If you don't like it,..then i'll...eat my socks..& I'm talking nice,spiffy looking,fluffy red socks too so hopefully ya should like it!
  14. Oo that's deep Aisha..I like it! but yes..your both right,it's the reason why people choose certain songs for certain occasions..whether it be a funeral or a wedding.. You can relate to it!
  15. "El Capitan" by Idlewild! tis from their new album "Warnings/Promises" and it's about a place that was famous in the 80s,twas a mountain in California and it became a glamourous place to kill yourself in the 70's,Roddy Woomble wrote the song because he always wondered what people were thinking when the climbed the hill to go and jump off, "Stand up,stand up and i'll climb El Capitan and jump of to cheers from the crowd" I like it because it's something most people tend to wonder "why do it?" it's just a really great,deep song! and it isn't even an unhappy song either..it just makes ya think!
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