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  1. im anxious to see "the family stone" with sarah jessica parker, luke wilson, and rachel mcadams...its look really good :]
  2. :] yeah...but who knows what could be stored in the hatch maybe make some christmas stuff. that'd be cool.
  4. sad episode. how do you guys do that? the link and click it and it reveals more??
  5. bought the cd yesterday...still trying to get the feel for all the songs
  6. best present: lost season one! better present: waiting for next episode...i wonder if they'll ever have a themed xmas episode...you know...but i guess they couldnt really put up lights or anything...[sigh]
  7. [shrugs] how do we put the post then have the little link that will show more of the post if you click it??
  8. i dont get it though, why is the uk telli shows delayed? i thought lost was like...national...?
  9. pffft you got that right the passion has been killed.
  10. stupid kate. and her messed emotions with blaming old bygons on why she cant feel emotions for sawyer and then she goes and just kisses jack just because she is all confused and upset. silly silly kate. i expected more from her. i didnt quite picture her as a biker either. jin & sun...make me happy. :]
  11. pishposh not all the men in there have to be hardcore heman. they have sawyer, jack, michael, sayhid, jin and locke to do all that. they have to have a normalish weakyguy like charlie.
  12. i was so amazed how they both were so strong in their beliefs that they'd find eachother and that they're other was still alive.
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