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  1. oh! and i forgot iris by the goo goo dolls. i used to hate that song when i was a kid, but when i grew older, i actually heard the song, listened to the lyrics and now i think it's a really great song. i think it has some of the best lyrics of any song, ever.
  2. well i'm new here.. thought it was interesting so i joined. i have a lot of songs that i... feel for actually. sometimes i cry, sometimes i don't but i'm touched, sometimes tears just come to my eyes. well i'll just name the songs that i feel for that i remember. Titanic - Rose - it's the background music in the end i think. well i really like it, it's made me cry a lot actually. before i used to think it was like the souls communicating. Damien Rice - Cannonball - i really love the way he writes... this song makes me think and wonder about my soulmate, WHERE IS HE!!! and it makes me sa
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