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  1. This is probably done over and over again but what the heck. It is my personal belief, or i would like to think that rock music was primarly influenced by blues music. I know it's impossible to pinpoint one genre as the sole influence of a totally other genre but in this case it proves to be true EX. Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn. I guess what i am wondering is who do you think was probably the most influencely blues artist to rock n' roll? I personally think it was robert johnson.
  2. Don't mean to bombard all of you with a ton of questions, but.......i was just wondering who was the roy harper led zeppelin was saluting in their song Hats off to Roy harper. My thoughts were maybe a blues artist.
  3. I think All along the watchtower by jimi hendrix is better than bob dylans version. but what do i know.
  4. I have heard lit up by buckcherry and it seems like i heard that they performed it at the most recent woodstock or something, and i am wondering if they have anymore good songs or were they just one-hit wonders. if so it doesn't seem like they would have performed at woodstock. I'm probably wrong about the woodstock thing
  5. thanks, i haven't been able to get on lately, i don't know why. it's been bugging me for quite sometime.
  6. Who sings in the pink floyd cover of little wing? Sid barret? i'm clueless.
  7. I Forgot "Since i been loving you"-Led Zeppelin.
  8. I'm am not really an emotional person so i wouldn't say that these songs make me cry but i think they are very emotional. haha 1. Hurt- NIN 2. Wish you were here- Pink Floyd 3. The Ballad of Curtis Lowe- Lynyrd Skynyrd 4. Little Wing- Jimi Hendrix 5. Tangerine- Led Zeppelin 6. Dream on- Aerosmith 7. Sour Girl- Stone Temple Pilots(i don't know) 8. Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana 9. Redemption Song- Bob Marley 10.Time- Pink Floyd
  9. 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Pink Floyd 3. AC/DC 4. The Doors 5. The Beatles(on Drugs) 6. The Hendrix Experiance 7. Rolling Stones 8. Aerosmith 9. Cream And not necessarly one of the greatest rock bands ever, but you have to give props to the best band of modern times Audioslave. :guitar: Not quite sure how to work this yet. so please for give a newbie.
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