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  1. 'crimshawding approval' Googlewhack! Now, that was a poem!
  2. Reminds me of a poem I once wrote about a pair of golfing socks...and how I had to throw them away...because I had a hole in one. jx
  3. My guess is, from seeing the videos, that Pammy hasn't given up meat for Tommy... Call me intuitious. I'd love you to, I'm not even sure it's a word? If it isn't...it should be!
  4. Lazybones, sleepin in the sun....how you spect to get your days work done? You cant get your days work done......sleepin in the noon day sun Lazybones, layin in the shade....how you gonna get your cornmeal made? You cant get no cornmeal made....sleepin in that evening shade When taters need sprayin, I bet you keep prayin The bugsll fall off of the vine And when you go fishin I bet you keep wishin Them fish dont grab your line Lazybones, loafin all the day.....how you spect to make a dime that way? You wont make no dime that way.....loafin in the shade all day ? Lazy Bones. Never heard it done by a woman before though.
  5. US band found their way to a gig in sleepy Teddington (London UK)...middle son fancied going so I took him. Bloody awesome! They have a good website if you want to hear their particular brand of....whatever it is? Pretty fast and very technical rock of some sort. Rather impressive.
  6. I understand the humour in the riposte...my adolescent children use the same phrase all the time, and it can be very amusing when used in the correct context, unfortunately, it is also true. So, forgive me if I don't laugh this time. On a brighter note...written anything else we can tear the arse out of? Post it, post it.... I think you have taken this all very well and in the spirit it was intended. I am impressed. You are far braver than I am. Mind you, to write like that, you have to be!
  7. It certainly was for us...how was it for you?
  8. You're the best poet here...by a long way. Jx
  9. If Namahage Doesn't rhyme with Damage It Surely rhymes with Carnahage Which is another form of Damahage I think. If you spell it wrong. EJ Thribb
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaW-uj0Ta14&feature=related Well, it made me laugh! and so did this...call me insensitive...go on! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg1LEsSeYJw&feature=related Someone's having fun.
  11. Indeed, I am not. I feel debased and ashamed. It has moved me to verse. My eyes are shattered by the shards of mirrors broken in the bathroom of my parent's condo Ghosts parade their sympathies around patterns of iridescent alchemy and I bleed...dripping along the blunted edge of the switchblade that I call life...and they call real life. My soul is tormented...by their souls. I look across the void and all I can see is my soul pursued by their souls but wait...a crowd is forming of my souls...and their souls... and now I am pursued by a bunch of our souls. I am in hell.
  12. So, even his supporters can't spell. What hope have we of a critical appraisal of the piece on its poetic merits? It's adolescent drivel. I am too sensitive for this world, no-one understands me and I rail at their insensitive disdain whilst retreating under my duvet to plan unspeakable revenge upon them and their shallow lives (whilst my folks pay for my education)...then I grow up (hopefully). Or something.
  13. We don't respect rubbish...it's just hard to tell sometimes. You really do have to read and re-read, and think about stuff from time to time, just in case you are missing something. I've re-read it a thousand times...and it's still rubbish. But, I defend, to the death, the right to post rubbish on here...Lord knows, I've done it enough myself. Jx
  14. Namahage...rhymes with damage? I've thrown hissy fits on here too and threatened to leave...but they've always been slightly, no; majorly, 'ironic' hissy fits. Your poem was rubbish. Accept it. Unless, of course you are having a bit of 'ironic' fun with us...in which case, it was brilliant! Which means it was 'brilliant rubbish'....and, there's nothing wrong with that! BF does it all the time.
  15. 'What in the world ever became of Sweet Jane? She lost her sparkle, you know she isn't the same Livin' on reds, Vitamin C, and cocaine, All a friend can say is, "Ain't it a shame?"'
  16. The inhabitants of Homos are planning a similar action.
  17. It certainly was...try this! http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=eG2pwxWVHCo&feature=related
  18. What if they wrote Stairway to Heaven? http://www.dvorak.org/blog/?p=15165
  19. Just seen them supporting Ben's Brother. A travesty. Ben's Brother are the most derivitive and pedestrian band you will ever see....A Fine Frenzy, on the other hand.,..were brill!
  20. Probably my favourite artiste sold next to no albums when he was alive and it was 30 years after he topped himself before he gained any recognition...but he was a helluva lot more influential in the long run than Kiss ever were. The 'eat poop....70 000 flies can't be wrong' argument is just a vacuous nod to power of mass hysteria. I'm sure they all had a good time listening to the anodyne, derivitive second hand drivel that bunch of poodle haired (literally in one case, wasn't one of them meant to be a dog?) tossers provided. Ace Frehely was an OK guitarist and one of them had a long tongue. I think that might have been their biggest contribution to rock history. Nerve Rack were cool live! (and I'm off to see Wallis Bird the first opportunity I get! )
  21. I suspect that G 'n' R and Velvet Revolver fans are not all in touch with their own sexuality. If they could just relax and become 'as one' with their feminine side, they could accept Lisa as their own true godess and express themselves in a less obviously homophobic way. I think she could, at last, make them feel....mighty real. JMHO
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