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  1. I like having defensive players in Kevin, for exactly the reason you mentioned, it's just kind of fun to move them around and see how many extra points you can garnish.. I'd missed that. I'm ready to go, hopefully my football team is slightly better than my baseball team this year. Good luck everybody!!
  2. I asked "yahoo answers" and found a question/answer from last year - it said that you must join via email or url. When I click the link above I get the option of sending a reminder to the commish of last years team, creating a new league, or joining an existing one (this is where I would need the url, there are thousands to search through), or to join an exsisting on demand league (not what we want to do). Kevin, on the join an existing option .... if you first click on "get another team" you are searching through thousands of custom leagues - you can narrow these down by various search criter
  3. Hi guys, how is everybody? I am in...... woops, except I'm not. I can't figure out where to join either, even going through the link. I'm in another Yahoo league and we joined via email invite. Maybe there is another link?
  4. Great! If not, we'll have to figure it out, it is what it is. There must be something beneficial about it or it wouldn't be a default setting. Danged if I can see it though!
  5. CanAm - I found this ..... From "Help". Are we a Weekly league? It appears all weekly leagues may be set up this way. Under "scoring and settings" on our league page it says: Weekly Deadline: Weekly on Monday - maybe you can change it from there? Find out which settings your league uses -- click Scoring & Settings from your league's homepage. Lineup changes (active and bench) In all public leagues and custom leagues with default settings, you can move any player between bench and active positions until the scheduled start time of their game. Once their game is scheduled to beg
  6. Ok may I just say ..... "Desdemona" Great to see all you guys - Bluesy and I are doing great, and after a year and a half living with my dad and getting him well, we've just moved back into our own home. Still in Bakersfield but our own home!
  7. Hey hey hey! Something new this year - or am I crazy? We have to set a weekly lineup? We are unable to edit our lineup on a daily basis? Eek!
  8. Yes Ray, he's right ..... both your pitchers are better, which is why I didn't send you a trade offer, lol - we have to do a 1 for 1 trade, and I'd have to throw in a sweetener for that deal. I'm fairly weak in the relief spot as well, but otherwise I'm please with my team.
  9. Aw man, you guys are doing PTT's! And chutz has a good one too. I can't get involved, I know I won't have time to keep it up, but I'm gonna listen to a few playlists, if y'all don't mind. Starting with this one! So how's everybody doing?
  10. Ray - I have your beloved Verlander. I like Atlanta pitchers. Just sayin' ...
  11. Ok, Carole's Choice Team is in(I've got to do something about that name though). Thank you for making room for me! I'll try to be online for the draft - I'm PST also, so it shouldn't be a problem. I've never done a live draft for baseball, this should be interesting.
  12. Hey guys and gals! Do y'all still need another player? My PT thingy didn't flash, nor is my email notification working (humpf!)or I'd have been here sooner! I know it's last minute and all, but if you need 1 more, I'm your girl! If not, it's ok - I should have checked sooner ... my own fault.
  13. Sounds good to me Rocky. Hockey? I know nothink!
  14. Hey Rocky. Weekends anytime after 7am is fine. Weekdays, anytime after 3pm. Pacific.
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