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  1. Weekend music... Grady Martin - Pork Chop Stomp (1954) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glvALynQOy8
  2. bazooka, I would like to extend an olive branch toward hopefully our continued cordiality and wish yours the best hunker down year ever. I mean that in all sincerity. Tony Rice - Church Street Blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JFgC3Ub10E&list=RDbKgFB4V5wtE&index=6 Bill Frisell - Tired of Waiting for You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPAiPDISp7U Janis... Frankfurt 12/4/69 Maybe
  3. Carole and I should check in more often! I'll make a new years resolution for us. I mean we 're spending a lot of time at home.
  4. Either solo or pickin' in a group, Tony Rice will be remembered with the likes of Doc Watson and Norman Blake. And such a sweet voice. R.I.P. Tony.
  5. Here's a parody for something different.
  6. White Line Fever - Merle Haggard
  7. Here's a whole album of politically incorrect songs... David Allan Coe's 1982 Underground Album
  8. Today starts our Anniversary Celebration Week !! for Lucky and I. Culminating into the Zenith Wednesday January 27th and subsiding into saturday... 9 Glorious years together.
  9. Congratulations Phil ! I guess we missed the victory parade and party at your house in San Diego.
  10. The "In" Crowd - Dobie Gray (Dec 1964) and later the next year covered by The Ramsey Lewis Trio
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