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  1. Yes yes yes, that is it. However I found out lastnight that it's not guns going off, something else I can't remember. thank you!
  2. Can anyone tell me the name of the song where in the chorus there is kids singing and then there's like POW POW POW (guns going off)...??
  3. Ok, so I heard this song the other day and the only lyrics I remember are "sleeping in the midday sun" Now it's not John Cale or The Kinks, it was a very soft beautiful female voice..she keeps repeating that with smoothe instruments in the back ground..such a pretty song..any idea?? HELP! It could be Sitting in the midday sun now that I think about it.
  4. I heard a song tonight, and it might be a long shot in finding it but goes something like "baby I'm craaaaazy..baby I'm craaaaaazy" and he says that 400 times, and he a high pitched voice, it's a newer popish song, and there's a catchy beat that keeps going on in the background. anyone have any ideas?? (i was too stoned to remember anymore of the lyrics....)
  5. there has to be a different meaning..it's such a different song. Like either he's coked up, or like he's found the biggest discovery of his life.
  6. This very interesting song by alice cooper..I would like to see what people interpret the meaning to be...
  7. THE KINKS - A WELL RESPECTED MAN! You guys RULE..this page rules!
  8. OK..I heard a song today at lunch..I know it was an older song..let's say the 70's. And they were singing about a man. I know that sounds pretty vague, HOWEVER.. it was like "He was a happy man" "He was a generous man" They talked about this man. It SORTA sounded like possibly the BeatlesISH. More of an upbeat tempo. Any ideas??
  9. The singer is a male..I don't have any other "clues" about the song. I keep hearing it playing though...
  10. There is a song out there, something about "Sintaluta" I have tried typing that word in every search engine and nothing comes up, which surprises me because it's mentioned numerous times in the song. It's a newer song..almost kinda sorta sounds reggae but it's not. any ideas??
  11. It doesn't matter what the songs are about, but just chill out songs..I only have two..maybe three. I want these three songs on CD so bad..but I need like 15 more! HELP! 1. The Shins - New Slang (any other good Shins songs???) 2. Groove Armada - Hands Of Time (sweet song) 3. Ben Harper - Diamonds On The Inside
  12. Does anyone know what song it is when they are like sitting in a float or something, and it's black and white, and they are flashing back to all of their old songs like "enid" and so on so forth..any idea?
  13. Thanks a bunch for all the suggestions and kind words. Everything helps:-)
  14. "This bed is on fire with passion of love The neighbors complain about the noises above She only **** when she's on top My therapist says not to see her no more Your like a disease without any cure ahh you think your so pretty.... it has such a fun beat to it......
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