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10 Songs that bring tears to your eyes


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1. Dust In the Wind - Kansas

2. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

3. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

4. Who Can It Be Now - Men At Work

5. Time - Pink Floyd

6. Nights In White Satin - Moody Blues

7. The Sounds of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel

8. Every little thing she does is magic - The Police

9. Hurt - Johnny Cash

10.Fools In the rain - Led Zepplin

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1. Sting - Fields of Gold

2. Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

3. Pearl Jam - Better Man

4. Bruce Springsteen - The River

5. Bob Dylan - Knockin on Heaven's Door

6. Green Day - Good Riddance

7. Jackson Browne - For a Dancer

8. John Lennon - Imagine

9. Counting Crows - Round Here

10. Blue Oyster Cult - Shooting Shark

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1) Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

2) Jealous Guy - John Lennon

3) Into My Arms - Nick Cave

4) Nightswimming - R.E.M.

5) Fool To Cry - The Rolling Stones

6) Yellow - Coldplay

7) Joey - Concrete Blonde

8) Desperado - The Eagles

9) The Weakness In Me - Joan Armatrading

10) Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins

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1) Katie Melua - The Closest Thing To Crazy

2) Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

3) Running On Faith - Eric Clapton

4) Nessun Dorma - Andrea Bocelli

5) The Pearl Fishers Duet - Andrea Bocelli

6) Big Big World - Emilia

7) Take A Bow - Madonna

8) Jealous Guy - Bryan Ferry

9) Everybody Hurts - REM

10) Don't Wanna Miss A Thing - Aerosmith

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Danny Boy - Eva Cassidy

Where or When - Frank Sinatra

In My Life - the Beatles

A Song For You - Leon Russell

Unchained Melody - the Righteous Brothers

Tenderly - Nat King Cole

Without You - Harry Nilsson

That Old Feeling - Frank Sinatra

Abraham, Martin and John - Dion

Miles From Nowhere - Cat Stevens

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1.)"It's been a while" staind

2.)" I miss you" incubus

3.) "the power of goodbye" Madonna

4.) " imagine" the Beatles

5.) "best friend" tim Mcgraw

6.) " heart shaped box" Nirvana

7.) " Stay" lisa loeb

8.)any thing by Britney

9.)anything by Christina

10.)Any thing by J Lo

the last three bring me to tear......in pain, terrible terrible pain!

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Just off of the top of my head I would say...

  • Hurt by Nine Inch Nails
  • Dust in the Wind by Kansas
  • Cemetery Gates by Pantera
  • Fade to Black by Metallica
  • Drive by Incubus
  • Amber by 311
  • The Leaving Song by AFI
  • Around Here by Counting Crows
  • Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
  • My Friends by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Everybody Hurts by REM

Most of these have some personal reason, that's why they maybe a little odd. lol And not everytime I hear these songs do I cry, they can just bring back thoughts, etc, etc.

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1. older chests - damien rice

2. what will you say - jeff buckley

3. i know we could be so happy baby (if we wanted to be) - jeff buckley

4. tears in heaven - eric clapton

5. selective memory - eels

6. the coolin - traditional irish tune my grandad used to play

7. hurt - the johnny cash version

8. what happens when the heart just stops - the frames

9. everybody hurts - rem

10. the river - joni mitchell

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more but these spring to mind! boo hoo i'm a crybaby!

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* Linkin park - Breaking a habbit

* Martina Mcbride - concrete angel

* While heaven wept - Soulsadness

* Johnny Cash - Hurt

* Good charlotte - hold on (not the most perfect band, but when I see that videoclip I instantly cry)

* Type o negative - bloody kiss

* Stonesour - Bother

* Jimmy eat world - hear you me

* Slipknot - Everything ends

* My dying bride - for my fallen angel

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wow... sure there's more than 10 and also sure i'll miss some great ones in my first post...

1. november rain - guns n roses

2. everything - lifehouse

3. how can you mend a broken heart? - bee gees

4. tears in heaven - eric clapton

5. you - stella soleil (can anyone help me find it? PLEASE!)

6. one night - the corrs

7. save me - hanson

8. i could not ask for more - edwin mccain

9. are you lonesome tonight - elvis presley

10. put your head on my shoulder - paul anka

lots more but i can't think when i'm listening to songs... :: so maybe later...

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Jim Croce - New York's Not My Home

Syd Barrett - Dark Globe (story of his life)

John Lennon - Imagine

Spiritulized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floting Through Space (please download it)

Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart (Very sad song :()

Johnny Cash - Hurt (same as above)

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing

Pink Floyd - On the Turning Away

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind (Genius)

Guided By Voice - Hold On Hope

Hollies - He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother

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Barry Manilow and Celine Dion are recording a duet soon I've heard. Also, Barry's middle name is Allan. Where did you get the F from Uncle? Jr have you heard Celine's version of John Lennon's "Happy Christmas/ War Is Over" titled "So This Is Christmas" ? I doubt if many (any?) will agree with me, but I think it's better than the original.

:) :) P.S. There are (at least) two other similar threads on this subject if our newer members would like to check those out also. :angel:

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"is there anyone else in here

feel the way i do"

'The Everlasting' The manic street preachers

'You Never Give me your money' The Beatles

'The Final Cut' Pink Floyd

'It's a Miracle' - Roger Waters

'Grow old with me' - John Lennon

'Here Today' - Paul McCartney

'Bright Eyes' Art Garfunkel

'Ghosts' The Jam

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He Ain't Heavy, He's My brother--The Hollies

Grow Old With Me --John Lennon

Beware of Darkness--George Harrison

#9 Dream--John Lennon

Free As A Bird--The Beatles

Bridge Over Troubled Water--Simon & Garfunkel

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore--The Walker Brothers

You've Lost That Loving Feeling--The Righteous Brothers

Old Red Wine--The Who

Sing This All Together--Rolling Stones

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'The Everlasting' The manic street preachers

woohoo, another manics fan! welcome welcome mausoleumrent - great name, i love the holy bible with a passion. there are three resident manics fans here - me, jillianne and danielj. and we've been working hard on converting addictedtoclassic as well. hope you'll stick around!

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