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  1. I really, really like "Black Vincent Lightning 1952" or somesuch title by Richard Thompson. Great song.
  2. I like Johnny Cash pretty well. I like Marty Robbins too. But in general, I hate country.
  3. Is it just me or are music genres getting way too complicated? I was talking to someone, and they kept going off on hardcore, emocore, indie, and all these different things...What the hell? I thought indie was being a independant band, I didn't know it was a music type...
  4. I'm probably glad I've never heard of them.
  5. I hate every single cookie-cutter blonde bimbo pop star that I've ever heard. I also can't stand rap. When some rap guys stole the riff from "Crazy Train" for one of their songs, it pissed me off to no end. Also can't stand Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and fluffy punk in general.
  6. I love the opening riff from "Kashmir" by Led Zepplein.
  7. Yeah, I love this group. DKs own for laughs though.
  8. It is far too hard for me to vote on this one. Both of these countries have contributed so much to music...I think it is a sin to go one way or the other.
  9. You know, I might have misread, but I don't think anyone has mentioned Richard Thompson yet. Great guitarist. Has anyone heard "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" or "I Feel So Good"?
  10. I don't still have the review, sorry...Its really great though. Best SOAD album yet, in my opinion. I love their style, so schitzophrenic. They juxtapose really heavy, fast stuff with these melodic, sing-along choruses. And the choruses aren't just melodic, they are powerful. Daron Malakian is a genius.
  11. Has anyone heard the latest from System of a Down? I wrote a review on it, but I don't want to put you to sleep, so just share your thougts
  12. Hmm...Goth. How about Joy Division?
  13. Which band do you think is best at putting political satire into their music? For me, the Dead Kennedys maybe.
  14. I'm wondering the same thing that scott is...Do you play an instrument? I disagree about as much as one can that it is speed that determines skill. You can have your Van Halen; in my opinion, a song can be really fast and make you go "Wow, cool!" but it just doesn't have a soul...Doesn't have anything you can really latch on to. I'll probably take some heat for saying that, but oh well. Speed is a trend, but it isn't what music should be about.
  15. Yeah, thats what I meant. The remaining originals. Sorry.
  16. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was the complete reformed group. On their website they're listing concert dates, so I guess they're on tour. Here is a review of their performance by "Shannon" from the New York Dolls message board. "After I drove up the Philly and saw the great show on Friday night, I came back to DC (slept a few hours) and headed up to Baltimore where the Dolls were playing the annual HFSestival. (The tour T-shirts list this show as "Washington, DC" but they definitely should say "Baltimore"). Anyway, this was one of those all day long, three stages, in and around a stadiu
  17. OH! How could I forget... The riff from Kashmir by Led Zepplein.
  18. I just bought it...Listening to it right now. Its a little bit too techno-y for my taste, but it is still good.
  19. Yeah, you're right. It seems they've resigned themselves to little clubs lately. They even said that during their performance, that they were not used to playing stadium sized crowds.
  20. I can play guitar...I've got an Epiphone beginner guitar that came with a little amp right now, but I'm saving up to get a better setup. Reccomendations for amps would be appreciated...I know nothing about them.
  21. There are lots..But maybe Slash's rendition of the theme from The Godfather.
  22. I'm not sure, sorry. The frontman was pretty old though, so he mighta been an original. :: Here are some pictures from the event that people have uploaded. No NY Dolls yet though. Sorry that I'm not much help. http://www.hfstival.com/gallery/index.php?cat=8
  23. Ah yes. There were two stages. The "Main Stage" and the "Street Stage". The venue was the stadium that the Baltimore Ravens play in. I was in the pit about 10 feet from the main stage. The main stage show opened up with a band who had won a contest to open, called Gold Mind Squad. They weren't spectacular, but they were pretty damn good. The first big band was The Bravery. They really were awesome. It was cool how the singer used his mic...He didn't have a cordless or anything, he just picked up the whole damn stand and swung it around like a battleaxe. Next was Louis XIV. They were good t
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