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  1. I feel kinda bad doing another one, but this is so much fun! Sports...let's see here... "We Went For A Ride" by Fefe Dobson (Original) We went for a ride Undercover of the twilight And the traffic on the road And there's only you and I I hope we never get back home 'Cause I'm feeling serenaded By the coming of the night And I wish we'd go forever And I wish we could just Drive away We could drive away We could drive away Into the night We went for a ride With your words of consolation And the trees of crystal white I'll be praying for a red light To extend this preci
  2. I seriously doubt that rumor is true, though it is pretty interesting to think about...
  3. What's the ketchup song? It sounds familiar but I can't put my finger on what it is... ::
  4. I think the weirdest dream I ever had was about my chemistry professor. He was trying to teach my mom how to bake pumpkin cookies. Then they gave them to the kid that sits behind me and he threw them out the window and wondered why they didn't float. ...I think I'm going insane...
  5. Have a song that you just absolutely hate to death?? It comes on the radio or something and you want to send whoever it was that thought of such and annoying and stupid song through the shredder because it drives you zonkers? Well I want to know what they are. I think it would pretty interesting to see if we all generally hate the same stuff. Some songs that I love to hate: I'll be watching you - Sting (can anyone say paranoia major?) Basically anything that Usher sings Break Away - Kelly Clarkson Sentimental - Kenny G (well, most of his songs come to think of it...) Are you ready to
  6. Court? Oooh...good luck to whoever is brave enought to try that one! Nice songs by the way you two! Now I have MetallIca stuck in my head.
  7. I wasn't sure if we were doing math or video-gaming. However, I decided to do math since I hate it so much. Sorry if the song doesn't make much sense, I'm in a computer class right now bored out of my mind... Savage Garden - A Thousand Words (Original Lyrics) We stumble in a tangled web, decaying friendships almost dead And hide behind a mask of lies We twist and turn and we avoid, all hope of salvage now devoid I see truth inside your eyes So take all this noise into your brain and send it back again I'll bear the cost, shed my skin, call you up and then... I'll sa
  8. My B-day is July 22....meaning I'm a Crabby Cancer. I find it kind of ironic though because I'm not really into the whole water thing. It describes me for the most part: the protector. I'm usually the person my friends come to when they need a good cry, someone to complain to, if they need advice, or even if they just need a smile.
  9. If you want to check out their songs, there's some sample music at Amazon.com. Just type Bloc Party in the search bar and then click on their [EP] CD. From what I can tell, they sound pretty cool.
  10. I think Slash hit it right on the head. When things get to be too much to handle or there's to much 'control', people find other ways to express themselves: the easiest and most moving being music. Let's face it, society would be in the dumps right now if it weren't for music. A musical explosion would be awesome right now! A lot of people could really benifit from it...
  11. Hee hee! That link is awesome! My dad sat there for at least 10 minutes straight just clicking over and over and over and over... Anyway, "Who wants to live forever" is by Queen but I like their dance remix version better than the original. (It drags to much for my liking)
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