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  1. Aunt_Acid

    The Wall movie, Pink Floyd.

    Back to The Wall. The movie is ok. Some parts convey the album, perfectly, others kind of suck. All in all, it didn't come off as great as the album did. But as far as Roger Waters goes, I can't listen to his music for pleasure. Syd Barrett is genius. I'd rather be in a state of euphoria than a state of isolation.
  2. Aunt_Acid

    Your Photograph

    What do you think that was?
  3. Aunt_Acid

    Your Photograph

    Dear Lord. I leave this thread alone for two days, and when I come back, Benita's hormones have flooded the place and Kevin is speaking in gibberish again.
  4. Aunt_Acid

    Most repeated film quotes

    This gun's only legal in two states. This isn't one of em.
  5. Aunt_Acid

    Your Name

    Oh, come on.
  6. Aunt_Acid

    Your Name

    Just the cutest little things? What are you, Bob Ross?
  7. Aunt_Acid

    Your Name

    Thank you, I try.
  8. Aunt_Acid

    Your Name

    If he's anything like you, it will be a shame.
  9. Aunt_Acid

    Your Name

    No, I feel sorry for him.
  10. Aunt_Acid

    Robert Moog Dies

    I know someone who was pretty good friends with Bob Moog. That sucks. And you can never get bored with a Moog synthesizer! Modular synthesizers are just the coolest. Any Envelope or Modulator can Modulate virtually any parameter. The possibilities are seemingly endless.
  11. Aunt_Acid

    Random Movie Thoughts

    Because there was that movie, Three Faces Of Eve. That's one of the few old movies I like.
  12. Aunt_Acid

    Change the Lyrics!.

  13. Aunt_Acid

    Random Movie Thoughts

    What's all about eve?
  14. Aunt_Acid

    Smoke On The Water

    My uncle was the stupid with the flare gun.
  15. "I have never, ever heard anyone say "Queen sucks". " Neither have I. Because I'm deaf. It's true.