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  1. EagleEye0

    My favorite poem.

    My Favorite Poem By: Charlotte Doyle To Long: The blood scripted scroll Clots its long, colorful gash Cut of paper bleeds It really speaks to what I believe, ya know?
  2. EagleEye0

    Kickin in the Kalahari

    Thanks. I loove writing, poetry, especially poignant poetry evidenced by the poem above. Every word was carefully measured, every syallable carefully weighed.
  3. EagleEye0

    How Good Of A Drummer was Ringo?

    Didnt Jon Lennon say, supposiedly "He (Ringo) is not even the best drummer in the The Beatles." Thats rough paraphrasing though.
  4. EagleEye0

    Kickin in the Kalahari

    Kalahari So here I am One last time Alone, like the land Parched dreams Fight over the canteen of hope Bobbling it, spilling it, As I lay The wind whistles silence Though it blows all the time Dust and dismay Upon this half world Violet skies pursue a fleeing sun Colored cacophony flood my eyes A tide of lies washes a mirage of ease Upon the torched shores of my flesh
  5. EagleEye0

    Island Memories

    Good Idea. The writing seems hackneyed.
  6. EagleEye0

    I need your insight...

    A Day In The Strife
  7. My friend asked me if I could ascertain the name of this song I heard on the radio. I would have inquired on Adtunes.com, however, I seldom use that site and belive songfacts provides more insighful feedback regarding these matters. The song has been on the radio recently, and has the line, "...Red Hot Love..." It's a mid-tempo song, and really catchy. If anyone knows the name of this song, It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Again.
  8. EagleEye0

    Greatest Bass Players?

    Jaco Pastoias (Weather Report) Les Cleypool (Primus) John Wetton (King Crimson, UK) John Entwsitle (The Who) John Deacon (Queen) Tony Levin (King Crimson, solo) James Myung (Dream Theater) Holgar Czukay (CAN) Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order)
  9. This is a pleasant surpise. I have been listening to a lot of Post-rock lately mainly Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Godspeed You Black Emperor. I would like to listen to this band though, they remastereed their 2000 album. Pelican is a great band a perfect amalgamation of Post Rock and Metal.
  10. EagleEye0

    Is Styx Real Rock?

    Great Band. The have mnay good albums
  11. EagleEye0

    Iron Maiden vs. Judas Priest

    Judas Priest all the way
  12. EagleEye0

    Need help with a school report

    Joy Division had profoundly influence upon the future of music. Check Out: Touching from a Distance-Deborah Curtis, Ian Curtis' wife/widow If you have ever listened to Tool, you can tell Maynard James Keenean was influenced by Ian Curtis' vocals before he hanged himself at the age of 23. Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, said JD's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is the greatest song of alltime. i wouldnt agree with that atement, but it shows the influence they had upon bands. Moreover, there are striking similarities between Cobain's suicide and Curtis' suicide. my avatar is Ian Curtis
  13. EagleEye0

    Top 10 WORST Beatles Songs

    "I Want Her (She's so Heavy)"