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  1. Back to The Wall. The movie is ok. Some parts convey the album, perfectly, others kind of suck. All in all, it didn't come off as great as the album did. But as far as Roger Waters goes, I can't listen to his music for pleasure. Syd Barrett is genius. I'd rather be in a state of euphoria than a state of isolation.
  2. What do you think that was?
  3. Dear Lord. I leave this thread alone for two days, and when I come back, Benita's hormones have flooded the place and Kevin is speaking in gibberish again.
  4. This gun's only legal in two states. This isn't one of em.
  5. Just the cutest little things? What are you, Bob Ross?
  6. If he's anything like you, it will be a shame.
  7. No, I feel sorry for him.
  8. I know someone who was pretty good friends with Bob Moog. That sucks. And you can never get bored with a Moog synthesizer! Modular synthesizers are just the coolest. Any Envelope or Modulator can Modulate virtually any parameter. The possibilities are seemingly endless.
  9. Because there was that movie, Three Faces Of Eve. That's one of the few old movies I like.
  10. My uncle was the stupid with the flare gun.
  11. "I have never, ever heard anyone say "Queen sucks". " Neither have I. Because I'm deaf. It's true.
  12. "Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. First off, you cannot compare the two. They are apples and oranges." Truer words were never spoken. It's just nature that you can only compare two identical things. Honestly, what would be the point in comparing two things with different characteristics. Unheard of! But while we're venturing into forbidden depths of poetic devices, here's a nice little comparison: Pink Floyd is good while Led Zepplin for the most part eats sh*t. Apples are red and curvy and taste sweet. Oranges are sperical and taste citricy. Also, Pink Floyd. As far as I'm concerned, they beat Led Zeppelin on creativity. And no, Led Zeppelin isn't that bad, I just needed the effect. I like them a lot, but they don't measure up at all to Pink Floyd. Queen is very good too though, and some times Queen and Pink Floyd tend to sound very similar (In those theatrical sounding songs, like The Trial, or The Show Must Go On). Plus, Pink Floyd has played in a lot of different style variations, but all with the same string running through. They always have some rich sound, where you can just tell it's them. It's very close between them and The Big Q, but Teh Floyd goes deeper on a personal level for me, so they've got my vote.
  13. Jerry Seinfeld: "Did you ever notice your life is just an significant insect on societies windshield? I mean, you could die tonight, and the world would go on, unfazed" Bill Engvall: "Heeeeere's your death certificate" Dave Chappelle: "I don't know where I belong. I'm too hypocritical to be a black, but I'm not enough of a cracker to be white. My life is a constant struggle. I'm a man without a country" Jeff Foxworthy: "Boy, my wife has me so whipped, she's completely ruined my life. I honestly couldn't be farther from the goals I set early on in life. I've completely lost my purpose and freedom." Bill Cosby: "Ooooooh, ya got da teens, and when they talk, it's like 'zop skop diddly dop" because you don't know whhhhat they're saying. Grammar today is so bad, and I seem to be the only one who cares. This nation is going to hell, and I alooooooone can't stop it." And instead of laughing, the audience cries. Go ahead and add yours.
  14. I said "rubbish", but I was joking. This is an awesome line.
  15. So? Anyone can be nonsensical. He wasn't clever. Montana. Oh, hahaha he's talking about horses and dental floss in a goofy voice, and there's some xylophone. Bravo, Mr. Zappa, Bravo.
  16. It's a wonder we haven't a had a run in yet.
  17. Yes, but can you sleep on your toes? And what about when your'e in the street?
  18. The Pistons do the same thing, they call it 70s night, and if you come to the game, you are supposed to dress up in 70s clothing.
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