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  1. I know Metallica aren't gothic, but I can see the 'gothic' in 'Enter Sandman'. Still, im clueless and the essay is due soon.
  2. For some reason I cant post on the other board so I will post here. I'm doing an essay on how the 'gothic' genre has changed over the years, I need to select 4 texts and explain. SO far the two texts I have picked are Frankenstein and Edward Scissor Hands. I'm looking for a song and a poem to have 4 different texts. For the songs the shortlist has: 1999 - Prince (listen to the lyrics than you may see the 'gothic' in it. Enter Sandman - Metallica. Before you reccomend me any songs, please I dont want any from gothic bands, because the lyrics are meaningless and impossible to analyse. And if you can, can you please elaborate on the two texts I have mentioned previously.
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