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  1. cold chisel ! followed by ac/dc (with bon) skyhooks rose tattoo midnight oil aussie crawl i even enjoyed hush for a few months quoirboys and the church
  2. crap show,but they had to audition a new singer anyway so why not make a few dollars along the way and it hasn't hurt record sales by either
  3. ok shoot me down if you must but i think lindsey buckingham of fleetwood mac is very underated
  4. stocky


    who's the better frontman bon or brian? and if bon had lived do you think ac/dc would still be as big today? me i say bon and yes
  5. whats yours? mine would be zappa's "watermelon in easter hay" followed by pink floyds "comtably numb" on the live at knebworth set then thin lizzy's "whiskey in the jar"
  6. my first thread and its one thats been done to death lol oh well s**t happens
  7. ok i saw the bad covers thread so what about good ones? Any covers out there that sound better than the original? I cant think of any at the moment
  8. and then we have kiss's take on "and then she kissed me" eewwwwwwww or garth brooks doing "hard luck woman"
  9. joan jett's version of dirty deeds done dirt cheap sucks as well
  10. I can beat ya all Rolf Harris's version of stairway to heaven
  11. fav 'hooks songs toorak cowboy bawlin callin smut ego tall timber in fact i kike most of 'em dint like them when red left tho bob spencer was a dick
  12. i used to like (still do) skyhooks chisel the angels, ac/dc hush and a lot of one hit wonders like rabbit and supernaught oh and i forgot mental as anything and jimmy and the boys
  13. demons and wizards uriah heep
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